I Am A Catholic and I support RH Bill

As a family of Catholic Christian, it’s a norm for us to attend mass every sunday as means of practicing our christian faith. We usually attend the 2nd mass since it’s not that early and not too late. Last sunday was an experience for me, because of the way the mass was conducted.  I felt like I was in a political rally and not on a church attending mass, ok i may be exaggerated on that, but I was really dismayed by the instance that they inserted politics during the mass particularly their stand against RH Bill. Ngayon alam ko na yung naging feeling ni Carlos Celdran nung nagattend sya ng mass sa Manila Cathedral and hinuli sya afterwards. At one point gusto ko na rin sana tumayo at sumigaw ng stop the misinformation aginst RH Bill, but I realized I should control my temper and remain respectful to the occasion. I know it’s the right of the church to lead their flock, to teach them, to preach them, but to force something on them and categorically denounce those who do not agree with their opinion is I think too much.

Isa pa, the priest forcefully related the homily with the RH Bill, eh marami pa sana syang subject nairalate sa gospel na mas maipapaintindi sa mga tao. He kept on saying na RH is a crime bill, that it will violate the sanctity of life. Pero hindi naman idinetalye pano sya naging ganun, puro vague claims at puro generic statements ang kanyang binanggit. Na pag daw naipasa ang RH Bill it will permit abortion, it will permit killing innocent lives, it will permit premarital sex. My question is, have they read the provisions of the bill on its entirety? Cause based on my reading I don’t see any provisions that will allow or legalize abortion. He also kept on comparing  it to the laws in other countries, but hey, this is Philippines we are a sovereign country and we cannot be governed by the laws of other nations. Our own legislators will craft the law and not lawmakers of US, Australia or others. You cannot say that just because abortion is legal in US, it will also be legal here. I cannot see why they are so afraid to make this law be passed, because it seemed that they’re creating an RH bill module on their heads which are not present on the real bill. Drafting of a law cannot be implied, it should all be directly written because implementing it will be so much hard if it will be based on assumptions.

My disappointment climaxed when a pastoral letter was read with the content tagging RH Bill proponents and supporters as “criminals” and “evil”. Dito na ko napa-iling, kasi feeling ko kasali ako sa mga kriminal na binabanggit nya because of my stand for the bill. To collectively tag supporters of the bill as criminals and evil is I think an irresponsible statement. I believe we have the right to choose our own beliefs and it is not their right to impose anything on us and what we should believe in. Yes it is the church moral obligation to teach and lead their flock but to forcefully impose their beliefs or stand on a political issue is a think over board. It brings us back to the days when Jose Rizal fought and rage against the friars who intentionally meddled in the affairs of state dictating what should be the law that will prevail. But were already in the 21st century, even the Pope allowed the use of condoms as a health precaution measure. Are they saying the Pope is also criminal and evil? I understand their stand on the sanctity of life, I am also Pro Life and believer of the bible verse to go and multiply.  Ngunit ang rule ng pagpaparami ay hindi lamang nangangahulugan nang basta basta pagpaparami ng mga supling bagkus ay responsableng pagpaparami. Kung pinapayagan nga ng simbahan ang ilang method ng family planning, bakit napakatindi ng pagtutol nito sa ibang pamamaraan gayung iisa rin naman ang hangarin ng mga ito, ang tamang pagpaplano ng pamilya at pagiwas sa pagbubuntis. Why would they go for the calendar and rhythm methods and assail the use of contraceptives and condoms? Hindi ba pareho lang naman ang layunin ng mga ito, ang makaiwas sa hindi planadong pagbubuntis? In the realms of morality, I think it is but moral to have a little family with good life rather than having huge one with no lives at all. 90+ million Filipinos and a large rate of birth per year is definitely a problem to be solved. Economic gains will surely not reach the poor if the population rises bigger percentage than the rise of the economy. Even if corruption will be lessened , if the birth rate will double or triple, the rise in our economy will be useless, because the distribution of our country’s wealth will still not be proportionate. So I believe this is the right time to start curving solution for this problem and having a good reproductive health and population development program will certainly helpin solving this problem that is facing us now. Imbes na utusan at pilitin ang mga estudyante ng mga catholic school na magrally against RH Bill at iflood ng anti-RH remarks ang facebook account ng mga proponents nito, bakit hindi nila hayaan na pagaralan ng mga ito ang totoong essense ng panukalang batas.

No one will ever win the hearts of the people by mere forceful imposition of what they should stand, so better for them to just teach the people on careful examining of their conscience and whatever decision and stand they come out, reciprocate with respect and acceptance. Anyways religion is not about the building you attend every sunday, or the name of the congregation you’re in, it’s your personal relationship with God whom who are accountable with. I am a catholic and I will always will, but I will retain my stand for the RH Bill.

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“To impose something attracts resistance, to allow freedom of choice attracts assistance”