Biglang Gising

Nagulantang sa isang maingay na umaga
Inuulinigan kung saan nagmumula
Boses ng babae at lalaking nagsisigawan
Kasabay ng kalabog sa buong kabahayan

Singhal ng lalaki’y galit na akusa
Sa diumano’y kasalanan ng kanyang asawa
Panaghoy at pagtangis ang tugon ng Eba
Nagsusumamong pakinggan ang kanyang apela

Di alintana ang palahaw ng anak
Na di malaman kung may muwang sa nagaganap
Nakapinid na pintuan at bintanang walang siwang
Ngunit sa lakas ng sigawan animoy kita ang laman

Pangamba at takot ang sa aki’y bumalot
Sa maaaring mangyari sa kanilang sigalot
Aawat ba ako o tatawag ng tulong
Ngunit nag-aalinlangang mapagbalingan ng sumpong

Matamang nakinig at nagobserba
Sabay bukas sa telebisyon upang mag-iba ang timpla
Biglang natahimik at nawala ang ingay
Natapos na pala ang kanilang away

Lights and Day Light

Who would never love seeing different colors of light flickering our eyes and delighting our senses during night time. And who would never awe the greatness of sights during day light.

Here are collections of photos I took during our trip to Hongkong and Macau. Enjoy!

Victoria Harbour Hongkong at NightWynn Hotel and Casino, Macau

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Sunday TV Mass

As a practicing Catholic Christian, attending mass has always been part of our family’s Sunday morning. Whenever I’m on our family home in Majayjay, Laguna, Sunday is family’s church day.

But ever since the church we used to go, turned into an anti-RH stage, I opted not to join my family in attending mass there.

Instead I just remain home and join a virtual mass on  the television. This concept of Sunday service is not new to me, having been introduced to it by my lola eversince I’m elementary when there is still no form of transportation to our town where the church resides. With that, whenever I cannot (or I don’t feel leaving the house to) go to church, I just sit infront of the TV and join the whole community in  celebrating the Eucharist.

Of all the TV Mass Ministries, the one that I really loved joining is Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite’s Rivers of the Living Water Ministry shown on Studio 23 from the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord in SM Megamall.

I like how this priest handles his homilies, very light yet insipiring, simple yet entertaining. He doesn’t involve politics in discussing the liturgy and in giving sermon. He uses stories and examples that people can easily identify to, and words that are not very hard to comprehend. He makes it so simple and entertaining so the people won’t get bored. While it is usual for many people (including me sometimes) to fall asleep during the homily, Fr. Mario can keep the congregation awake and alive with his witty stories and commentaries about the subject. I think if he pursued entertainment career over priesthood, he can do good in comedy.

He is one example of what church authority should be. Instead of defying his flock because of difference in opinion, he welcomed everyone with wide arms. He is not an imposing pastor but and inspiring shepherd to his flock. And this is what other bishops and priest should emulate. A priest who draws Catholics closer and not pushing them further.

I love what he said on last Sunday’s homily, that the Church belongs to God and not to the priests, bishops or pope. That should remind those anti-RH priests and bishops to be the pastor they ought to be and mentor its flock not not just leaders who imposes their people on everything they want.

“As priests uphold their people in prayer, so their people are to uphold them with prayer and love, for he cannot work without his people.” – Arthur Middleton


You put me high into the clouds
You let me fall into a solid ground
You paddled me across the sea
You left me there in solitary

You revived my soul and gave me breathe
You stab me with a dagger and let me bleed
You gave the beat into my drums
You strum the strings and cut it down

You warmed my skin with the light of sun
You burned it then after it’s gone
You quenched my thirst on a summertime
You drowned me then on a stormy nights

You are the song that made me sing
You are the sickness that made me ill
You are the light that guides my way
You are the wind that blew it away

The Knock

Staring on the Wall
Reminiscing our past
Can’t help but smile of the good things
That we had

Whispered by a music
Makes my heart jump and  dance
Pushing a precious water
To roll down my eyes

Hearing the roaring silence
Covering the entire room
A freezing fire inside a ball
A burning ice around the floor

Door has been closed
But was left unlocked
Hoping and waiting
For a sound of knock

Let’s Vote In

Warning : The next post you are going to read contains campaign materials. Reader participation is highly advised.

“And the TATT goes to…”

With the rise of social media and the popularity of different social networking sites, Globe Telecom has come up with its first ever Globe TATT Awards.

Geared towards recognizing greatness and excellence in social media, the award is divided into different categories such as, The One, Ballbreaker, Stylisimo, Indie Rocker, Wordslayer, Artiste, Techie Junkie, Thought Mover, Video Slinger and The Advocate. Each finalists on the said categories were screened and will be judged by the TATT council composed of people in the likes of Gang Badoy and Maria Ressa, which will comprise the 70% of the finalist’s score. The remaining 30% will come from the people and their followers (20% online popularity, and 10% for public votes done on the Tattoo website).

After looking at all the finalists I’ve chosen to vote for finalists from 3 categories; The Advocate, Thought Mover and Wordslayer for the reason that these are people I’m following on twitter and for my belief on their convictions, causes and endeavors.

For THE ADVOCATE it’s Elizabeth Angsioco (@bethangsioco) of the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines. I first knew her through her stint in Boy Abunda’s The Bottomline, and from there I was able to know how passionate she is with her advocacy specifically the RH Bill. Her intelligence, eloquence, passion and energy have convinced me to vote and campaign for her.

For the #THOUGHT-MOVER it’s Tonyo Cruz (@tonyocruz) of and He is one blogger that I idolize because of his great writing skills. No wonder he became finalist because of his famous ideas such as #sentisabado and #tonyoasks. He also carries with him great passion for his causes and advocacy that is why although my crush Bianca Gonzales is one of the contender for thIS award I’m giving my vote and conviction to him.

Lastly for the WORDSLAYER is no other than the Heckler himself Loi Reyes Landicho (@hecklerforever) of the famous and award winning First time I’ve read his blog I already subscribed to it. His humor is so infectious that you cannot resist to look forward to his upcoming post. I think much has been said and written about him, and I believe the twitterverse and online community will agree with me that he really deserved all the awards and accolades he has achieved and will be achieving. His really a friend of the words and twin of humor, and for that I’m giving him my vote.

Now it’s up to you to exercise your rights. But I would encourage you to vote for these people as I believe they embody the true social media greatness. So what are you waiting for, vote now. Just go to and look for their names on their corresponding categories.

*Credits to the owners of the photo
“I only campaign for causes, advocacies and people I truly believe in”

Nothing: (Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank)

It was my first time to watch a movie in solitary. At first it was a lonely idea having been used to watch with company of friends, family or special someone. But with my interest to the film I was able to convinced myself, why not make a try. And that film who got me ‘de-virginized’ is the Eugene Domingo starrer “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” directed by Marlon Rivera and written by Chris Martinez.

Viewed last Saturday in SM Megamall Cinema, I was lucky not to experience what other early watchers have. Although the balcony was full packed, I was able to find nice seat on the lower area. As I seated and waited for the film to start several thoughts came out of my mind. Will my expectations with this movie be achieved? Is this film really worth it for me to watch it alone? What are those people in the back doing? Will the cinema became SRO later?

The movie came out late for some couple of minutes as it was scheduled at 3:30 but it didn’t start on that. At the onset, I got disappointed because the picture is kinda blurred. In fact I overheard someone saying “3D ba yan”. I couldn’t laugh out loud cause I don’t want to get into trouble so I just smiled and agreed with his thought. I don’t know if it’s with the film or just the screen of the cinema that it came out somewhat not clear. But as the movie progresses the resolution gets better and it started to fill in my expectations.

Originally slated in Cinemalaya Film Festival which features and honors Indie Film productions, Ang Babae sa Septic Tank is an escape from the usual Indie film genre. Although it still showed the signature indie shots of poverty stricken area in the metro having an opening shot of a child doing her thing on the street and people walking on filthy alleys of slum areas, the main theme of the film is a spoof to indie film makers who capitalizes on poverty as their ticket to international film festivals and recognitions.

Helmed by the seasoned comedienne Eugene Domingo with the bankable newcomers JM De Guzman and Kean Cipriano and support of Cai Cortes, the film tackled how Director Rainier (Cipriano) and producer Bingbong (De Guzman) with their PA Jocelyn (Cortes) handled the pressure of coming-up with a film that will take them to Cannes, Brussels and even to the Oscars. Their film project “Walang-Wala” tells the story of Mila who have 7 kids and are only fed by a single pack of noodles. Their plight will lead Mila to trade one of her child into white slavery. And that is where the story of this film repeatedly evolved.

The best about this film is that it is not boring. The writer and director brilliantly executed the story to bring in different concepts that kept the viewer entertained. I loved how they managed to abuse the specific “crucial” scenes of Walang-Wala and tackled it in different approaches as immortalized in the movie thru daydreams of Jocelyn. From heavy drama, to semi-documentary/action type and then musical. The musical concept  for me is so wonderful it kept everyone laughing. Can you image people in the slums dancing, and belting out songs about poverty and their situation. That for me is one of the best scenes in the entire movie. Another part of the film that made me laugh is the contract signing scene at the house of Eugene, it really showed how brilliant an actress she is especially when she did the 3 levels of acting;The Elevator acting, The TV Patrol acting and As Is Where Is acting. It also showed the quality of actors Cipriano and De Guzman are because they were able to carry the scene well opposite Domingo.But still the highlight of the whole story is the septic tank scene wherein Eugene, instead of her double, accidentally dropped on the septic tank. And without any dialogue with just scoring on the background and her facial expression, it marked.

After watching it I never doubt why it was given the recognitions and accolades on the Cinemalaya Film Festival. The sounds are good, the music is also nice, the acting of course is remarkable especially Eugene who really deserved the Best Actress trophy and the story is just awesome. Although I didn’t like the lighting cause there are scenes that are too dark, still the movie is worth it. As I’ve said earlier it’s an escape to the usual indie genre and the film makers did great in coming up with this concept. And I will not doubt if it will reap recognitions also in international festivals and live up to the dreams of Rainier, Bingbong and Jocelyn’s for “Walang-Wala”.

*Credits to the owner of the photo
“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built ark; professionals built Titanic” – Anonymous

Aba Ginoong Garci

Dahil sa muling paglutang ni dating Commission on Election (COMELEC) Supervisor Lintang Bedol at sa mga akusasyong binitiwan ni suspended Autonomous Region on Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Governor Zaldy Ampatuan hinggil sa mga di umanoy dayaan noong 2007 election hindi maiiwasang mabanggit at hanapin ang dating COMELEC official Virgilio Garcillano na di umano’y isa sa mga utak sa naturang dayaan sa halalan.Si Garci ang itinuturong kinausap ng dating Pangulong Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo sa isang wire-tapped audio recording kung saan pinagusapan ang planong pandaray.

Ilang beses na rin na nabalita ang di umanoy pakikipagugnayan ni Garci sa palasyo para magsiwalat ng mga umanoy anomalya sa eleksyon. Ngunit sa kanyang muling paglabas sa telebisyon ay tahasan nitong itinanggi muli ang mga akusasyon at sinabing wala syang kinalaman at malinis ang kanyang kunsesya.

At dahil sa muling paglutang na ito ni Garci at sa pakikipagkulitan sa twitter with one of my twitter friends na si @tianrhoy ay nabuo ang isang dasal para sa kanya at sa mga taong may kinalaman sa kanya. At narito nga ang Aba Ginoong Garci, ang panalangin ng mga sinungaling.

Aba Ginoong GARCI napupuno ka nang grasya
Ang BALOTA ay sumasaiyo
Bukod kang PINAGPALA sa lalaking lahat
At pinagpala ka naman ng iyong mga AMO

Madame GLORIA Ina ng Daya
Ipanalangin mo kayong MAKASALANAN
Ngayon at kung kayo’y MAMAMATAY

“Ang Sinungaling ay Kakampi ng Magnanakaw” – Susan Roces