2011 in Pictures: A Lens Talk Year-Ender

Year 2011 has been a year full of unforgettable events for the Philippines and the world. Tragedies and Triumphs, Mourning and Celebrations, Deaths and Unions, and many other events that shocked, amazed, amused and captured our eyes. Let us look back the passing year and listen to what the lenses have to say for 2011.

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Every year passes but the lessons should always be carried to the future

Nite Writer’s 2011: A Look Back

Before we hug 2012, let me give you a rundown of the Nite Writer’s 2011. This year has been very fruitful for me and this blog space. It was this year that Nite Writer found its new home with WordPress from its silent residence in Blogspot. With the encouragement of a blogger and twitter friend, I was convinced to transfer home. And from then on, it was a year of excitement for this nocturnal scribe.

I must say this is a year of Fellowship. A year when I gained a lot of new friends from the blogging world, from Twitter world and Facebook community pages. I never expected my network would grow like that in a just a year, now I can really say I am friendly (What The Fun. LOL).

It was also a year of blogger events, as I have attended 2 great blog awards nights. The first was the Globe TATT Awards, which is very meaningful as it is my debut to the blogging/social media world. That was very memorable not only because I am with my twitter friend slash loveteam (from #quiztionatics and #teamaquarius) Angel (I’m thinking if I should change my name to Phil, LOL), but because I have met personally, friends from social network which I never expected I would. Sharing a room with the icons of social media and blogging was such an honor and a great achievement. Who would not be proud meeting THE Maria Ressa, who is an icon and idol in journalism. The event also facilitated my personal encounter with my idol in blogging, the man behind the name Professional Heckler, Loi Reyes Landicho and other social media personalities like Tonyo Cruz, Beth Angsioco, and THE Divine Lee. Indeed Globe TATT Awards was one of the highlights of my 2011.

Few weeks before 2011 bid goodbye, I was also lucky to be part of another prestigious blog awards which according to Otep Zablan, is one of the top 3 major-major blog awards in the country, the Saranggola Blog Awards. More than fielding my entries in 4 categories and hoping for a “debut-luck” win, getting to know new blogger friends and being part of it’s advocacy to promote Filipino writings is more than enough. The experience of my first SBA is all worthwhile and it also led me to become part of the U-Blog family.

This year also was marked by different Twitter and FB contests that I joined and won. Because of Close-up Philippines FB community, I was able to gain new friends and just before Christmas they gave me 2 movie passes (what a nice Christmas gift). And because also of this community, I was able to know other twitter and FB pages that runs online contest which I all joined like the Binalot contest which I won 2 free meals, the Samsung White Christmas wishlist contest and others. Because of this I can really say, I Love Social Networking.

All in all this year has been very good for me in terms of being connected to people. I may not be a fan of Nokia phone but I would barrow their phrase Connecting People, because this year I know part of Nite Writer’s goal which is To Write to Connect and Re-Connect with People is somehow achieved. From the previous average of 2-3 views per day on Nite Writer’s previous home, it now averages 30-35 views per day, which is not bad for a small blogger like me. And for 2012, I will continue to write stories and commentaries which are close to my heart. Stories that will not only inform but will inspire (I hope so, hehe) and anything that comes to my mind regardless if it’s popular or not. As a friend say, Write to Express not to Impress.

Thank you to all who have passed by this small space (I just hope whenever you pass by, you can leave any comments, violent or non-violent) and to all who have been part of my 2011. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate you all (Why am I sounding cheesy now? haha) and Nite Writer will continue till the next and the next and the next years to come.

“Every NOW is Tomorrow’s History, so I will Never get Tired of Telling a Story”

Ang Pasko Noon

Tatlong araw na lang pasko na. Itong mga panahon na ito yung nakakatamad nang magtrabaho kasi halos lahat ay naka-vacation mode na. Pero dahil alipin lang ako ng isang korporasyon kailangan pumasok para naman may pera sa Bagong Taon. Ang masaya lang nito medyo relax ang mood kasi nakabakasyon na ang mga bossing, so walang masyadong pressure kaya petik petiks lang sa office. Kinig ng music, twitter, facebook at kung ano-ano pang aktibidad na animo’y wala ka sa opisina.

At ngayong araw na ito, dahil natapos ko naman agad mga trabaho ko, nag sound trip nlng ako. Hanap ng mga music sa youtube na pede mapakinggan hanggang uwian. Habang nakatutok sa youtube biglang kong naalala ang mga lumang kanta na pamasko. Bihira ko na kasi marinig yung mga kantang pumapaimbulog sa airwaves nung mga lumang panahon ng pasko eh (pero di pa ko super tanda ah hehe). Kakaiba kasi yung mga classic na kantang pamaskong eh at wala na yatang musikero ang nagpatuloy sa ganoong klaseng mga himig pamasko.

Dahil sa pagnanais ko na marinig yung mga lumang pamasko na aking kinalakihan, nagsearch ako youtube. At totoo ngang malalim ang baul ni youtube dahil sakto merong syang available na mga classic pinoy xmas carols, at eto ang ilan sa mga nakuha ko.

Masarap talga balikan yung mga nagdaang pasko. Lalo na nung mga bata pa tayo na walang alam kundi humingi nang regalo at aginaldo. Sa paglipas nang panahon, hindi man tayo kasing excited nang mga bata pag dumadating ang ganitong panahon pero kahit papano may mga “bata” parin sa bawat isa saten na nagsasabing Pasko na Naman panahon na naman para magbigayan. Hindi man sa mga materyal na bagay ngunit sa mga mumunting kilos na makapagbigay tayo nang saya at tuwa sa bawat isa, ay maituturing na bilang isang angkop na regalo sa kapwa naten tao.

Maligayang Pasko sa ating Lahat. Ipagpatuloy ang pagbibigay ngiti at pag-asa sa bawat isa, dahil walang katumbas ang isang ngiti sa pagpawi ng kalungkutan ng ating mga kababayan.


The Jamba Juice Experience

A friend who works and lives in Taguig likes to explore what her place has to offer. On her road to her self imposed “healthy living” commitment she discovered a store which offers refreshing and healthy juice drinks which one can definitely enjoy. Here’s her story about her first encounter with Jamba Juice.


The Jamba Juice

I was on the YM with a friend and we were discussing healthy living. He mentioned that he needed to drink fruit shakes and head down to Jamba Juice. I said “there is one here in Manila that has just opened but I haven’t gone yet, though some friends were at the opening several weeks ago”. He said, “its a good juice bar” and that I should check it out. Well, I did and here is my Jamba Juice experience.BHSBonifacio High Street, the main street retail complex in The Fort has expanded. It is called BHS Central.

read more of her experience via The Jamba Juice Experience.


My First SBA Experience

Last Saturday (Dec 10, 2011) I had the chance to be part of the 3rd Saranggola Blog Awards. It was my first time to be part of this annual event aimed at honoring bloggers who share the advocacy of promoting Filipino writings (so ironic I’m writing now in English, LOL). Held at the Skylounge of Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong City, the event went great in spite of heavy rains brought by typhoon Sendong. And because of the rain also, the event wasn’t able to start as scheduled. But after it was started the night went all the way fun and great.

I was able to meet new blogger friends like Lei of ForbiddenLei, Mar C of Taympers, Cuteberl of Simpleng Inhinyero, Nina of Word from a Princess, Zyra of Blessed Zyra, and the “Famous” PBA Blogger’s Choice Awardee Otep Zablan of Libre Lang Mangarap plus other bloggers who are also part of the event.

The main program was opened by a prayer, followed by welcome remarks from SBA main man Bernard Umali. But the fun really started all out with the performance of stand-up comedian Bullet, who got the audience all laughing out loud. After his “historic and acrobatic” performance then came the announcement of winners. First awards were given to BlogSikat Categories followed by the BlogGaling. Most of the winners were not present to receive their awards but some were able to send their written and video speeches.

All in all the event went so fun and great. I may not be one those trophy recipients but having part of the event was enough for my first time. The experience is worth like the trophies and cash prizes plus meeting new blogger friends is priceless. Will be looking forwards to future events like the Saranggola Blog Awards 2012. And I will continue to chase that Saranggola until it landed on my hands.

“Dream your dreams, work on your dreams, chase your dreams”

Erap’s Logic

This past few days our country is clouded by different political dramas and fiasco. From the arrest of former President GMA, the surrender of former COMELEC Chair Benjamin Abalos to Pasay Court and the impeachment of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. Although it seemed like watching another teleserye, this political issues are more stressful than entertaining. So to lighten up the mood a bit, let me share a text joke a receive from a friend, which I intentionally added some twist. Here it goes.

Erap and Cory

One day Erap saw Cory reading a Book on Logic.

Erap: Mahirap yata yang binabasa mo ah.
Cory: hindi, logic lang ito madali lang.
Erap: Ano ba yang logic na yan? Di ko yata alam yan.
Cory: Ganito lang yan, may aquarium ka ba?
Erap: Oo
Cory: Kung may aquarium ka, eh di mahilig ka sa isda
Erap: Oo
Cory: Kung mahilig ka sa isda, eh di mahilig ka sa dagat?
Erap: Oo
Cory: Kung mahilig ka sa dagat, gusto mo sa beach?
Erap: Oo
Cory: At kung mahilig ka sa beach, mahilig ka din sa mga sexing babae na naka swimsuit?
Erap: Oo naman
Cory: Kung mahilig ka sa babaeng nakaswimsuit, lalakeng lalaki ka?
Erap: Syempre naman
Cory: At kung lalakeng lalaki ka, eh di macho ka.
Erap: Oo
Cory: Kita mo na, ganyan ang logic.

Erap and Piolo

The next day Erap saw Piolo.

Erap: Piolo subukan ko lang tong logic na tinuro saken ni Cory.
Piolo: Ok sige lang sir.
Erap: May aquarium ka ba?
Piolo: Wala sir eh.
Erap: Bakla ka nga. *Toinks* LOL

Erap and Midas

After that Erap went to a coffe shop and there he saw SC Spokeperson Midas Marquez

Erap: (hmmm eto abogado, masubukan nga rin ang logic dito). Midas subukan ko lang itong logic na tinuro saken ni Cory.
Midas: Sige lang ex-con, este ex-president pala
Erap: Ganito lang yan, may aquarium ka ba?
Midas: Opo sir
Erap: Kung may aquarium ka, eh di mahilig ka sa isda
Midas: Oo naman sir, pati mga anak ko.
Erap: Kung mahilig ka sa isda, eh di mahilig ka sa dagat?
Midas: Opo sir
Erap: Kung mahilig ka sa dagat, gusto mo sa beach?
Midas: Opo, madalas kame ng misis ko magbakasyon sa beach
Erap: At kung mahilig ka sa beach, mahilig ka din sa mga sexing babae na naka swimsuit?
Midas: Opo sir, pero syempre sa misis ko lang ako nakatingin *ngisi*
Erap: (hmmm lalake nga to) Kung mahilig ka sa babaeng nakaswimsuit, lalakeng lalaki ka?
Midas: Syempre naman sir
Erap: At kung lalakeng lalaki ka, eh di macho ka.
Midas: Opo sir

A friend of Erap suddenly called him which prompted Erap to turn his body and head and accidentally stumbled his cup of coffee.

Midas: Ayyyyyyyyyyy ang kape ang kapeeeeee.

Erap: Langya kala ko macho ka.
Mahirap pala talaga tong logic na to hindi consistent, ayoko na nga. *toinks* LOL

“When you cannot take the heat of politics, make some joke to have a relief”

New Archbishop of Manila

Today is another historic day for the Philippine Catholic Church as the new Archbishop of Manila was formally installed. Former Bishop of Imus, Most Reverend Luis Antonio Tagle formally took his seat of the most powerful Catholic official of the Archdiocese of Manila. The 54 year-old bishop, took the place of retired Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales (who reached the mandatory retirement age of 75) to be the 32nd Archbishop of Manila.

I knew Bishop Tagle from his former television show in ABS-CBN. His very humble, and very simple yet his charisma is radiating. When he do his talks on that show, one can easily understood what he wants to implore. Being a graduate of Ateneo Seminary, I believe he embodies the Jesuit nature of being “liberally faithful” to the Catholic Christian teachings. And with that I know he can revitalize and renew the seemingly “tainted” image of the current Catholic Church in the country.

With different issues pressing the leadership of the Philippine RCC concerning it’s own ranks and different social and political concerns, Most Reverend Tagle will have a hand full of duties needed to address. But I believe with his character that I see, he can make or transform the now gloomy Catholic Church into a more vibrant and more energized church. Considering also his young age, he will have a long way of shepherding the 3rd largest Catholic community in the world. And I also believe this new leadership will equate to a new hope for the Philippine Catholic Community in addressing issues not only concerning socio political matters.

“It is rather by being a humble disciple content with the love of Jesus that I would see the advent of him whose love propels us to mission. Love makes one a true shepherd, not position” – Most Reverend Luis Antonio Tagle


Last Monday, during the Criminal and Justice Summit, President Benigno Aquino III publicly lambasted Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. In his speech he enumerated several situations where the SC “seemingly” favored the past administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The President’s tirade against the Chief Justice surprised the members of the summit since it was a “face to face” attack on Corona which was unexpected. Although it’s public knowledge about the squabble between the Executive and Judiciary, last Monday’s incident still shocked many spectators because it was the first time that the President “fired his bullets” in front of (or beside) the Chief Justice.

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