Cavite-Manila-Laguna Visita Iglesia

After experiencing it for the first time last year, I made a commitment to myself that it will be my yearly devotion from then on. And I am very happy that this year I was able to fulfill it again.

Walking the Way of the Cross is such a humbling experience for me. Knowing how Jesus walked and carried the cross to Calvary is a testament of how He really loved us to do it in such a way. My Visita Iglesia experience this year which took me from Cavite to Manila and all the way to my very own Laguna cannot be compared to what Jesus experienced in His time. Although the travel that I took was long and tiring it was still incomparable with the pain and hardships that He experienced. And the fulfillment and the experience of somehow imitating His journey with the cross is very spiritually rewarding.

So here’s my Visita Iglesia journey this year that took me to the 3 provinces of Cavite, Metro Manila and my own Laguna.

1st and 2nd station :

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish (Rosario Church)
Rosario, Cavite

3rd and 4th station :

St. Mary Magdalene Parish (Kawit Church)
Kawit, Cavite

5th and 6th station :

Shrine of Jesus The Way The Truth and The Life (MOA Church)
Pasay City, Metro Manila

7th and 8th station :

Nuestra Senora de Remedios Parish (Malate Church)
Malate, Manila

9th and 10th station :

St. Paul the Hermit Cathedral (San Pablo Cathedral)
San Pablo City, Laguna

11th and 12th station :

St. Bartholomew the Apostle Parish (Nagcarlang Church)
Nagcarlan, Laguna

13th and 14th station :

St. Gregory the Great Parish (Majayjay Church)
Majayjay, Laguna


“The Way of the Cross is the same way to Resurrection”