Jessica Sanchez’ Top 4 performance gets standing ovation anew

Jessica Sanchez’ latest performance became another revelation of the talent she really has. Singing in the Top 4 of American Idol Season 11, she again proved the judges and the American audience that indeed she’s the girl to beat in this competition.

The 2 rounds of singing this Wednesday evening (Thursday morning in the Philippines) showcased her vocal ability and exemplary singing prowess. Singing “Steal Away” by Etta James, Sanchez got great reviews from the 3 idol judges who can’t help but praise her great singing voice.

But it was her second song that blows it all away. Her rendition of Jeniffer Holiday’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” gave her another standing ovation from the idol judges. If you can remember, her last standing ovation performance was the duet with Joshua Ledet for Aretha Franklin and George Michael’s “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)” at the Top 8 Since then the judges have yet to stand again on their feet until tonight. It was a powerful performance for Jessica that the judges felt compelled to stand after her number.

Judge Steven Tyler again was all praises for Sanchez saying that is over the top performance for the 16 year old San Diego native. Jeniffer Lopez on the other hand said “It was a real moment” for her, and she was again wowed by Jessica’s powerful vocal ability. And lastly, Randy Jackson said that, again she slayed the song which is among the hardest songs in the world.

It was indeed another shining moment for Jessica Sanchez. Tomorrow will be the judgement day where Top 3 will be revealed. If she made it again, she will tie Jasmin Trias’ (another Filipino-American idol contestant) feat of being part of American Idol Top 3. And with her performance tonight I think Jessica can shout “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going…To Be Eliminated”.

Corona to sit at the Witness Stand

The much awaited part of the Corona Trial will now come to realization as the Chief Justice’s lawyer confirmed that he will be testifying in the ongoing impeachment trial. Defense lawyer Atty. Jose Roy said they will present Chief Justice Renato Corona as their witness in the condition that several hostile witnesses, including Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales will also be presented in relation to Corona’s alleged million dollar bank deposits.

This is a welcome development in the seemingly lame presentation of the defense panel in the ongoing impeachment of the chief magistrate. In the several weeks that they’ve presented witnesses in defense to the accusations of the prosecution, there have been no solid arguments that will debunk his improper disclosure of his Statement of Assets, Liabities and Net Worth (SALN). It is very evident that the Senator Judges are getting impatient with the “peripherals” and “immaterial” witnesses being presented on the witness stand.

Now that the accused himself will testify, it will be a great chance for the defense to answer all the accusations, because there’s no more credible defense witness but the accused himself. Since the case is all about the CJ’s SALN there will be no more perfect person to answer about its discrepancies but he himself. Should they’ve presented him earlier, I think the trial will be on its final part now.

I don’t want to insinuate but I think the defense is loosing cards at this point and they can no longer find any valid and clear defense with regards to the Article 2 so they don’t have any choice but to present the Chief Justice. But I think it’s a good tactic to have him testify because he has the direct knowledge of it. If he will be able to explain anything about his SALN and its discrepancies and it will be that convincing, that will definitely sway the tempo of the trial. I just hope that indeed he has that bullet to fire-out all those accusations leveled against him, because as of now his defense wasn’t able to totally counter the charges being laid by the prosecution panel.


“There is no better defense than the main accuse personally defending himself”

Erap to run as Manila Mayor in 2013

After his publicized transfer of residency from San Juan to Manila riding his Jeep ni Erap, former President Joseph ERAP Estrada declared his intention to run for the Mayoral post of Manila.

Addressing the media and some Manila residents in his new house in the spacious compound at 589 Manga Avenue in Sta. Mesa, Manila he confirmed his plans of running for Mayor of Manila in the coming 2013 midterm election. Together with him in his jeep was incumbent Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno who was said to be considered as his running mate after he joined Erap’s Partido ng Masang Pilipino party.

Long before his confirmation, several news reports have already floated about Erap’s plans for Manila Mayorship because of his frequent visit in the city doing some charity works.

Now that Erap annouced his planned candidacy in Manila, it will be a duel between him and the current Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim who was then a political ally until their falling out. In a statement Lim said “Good Luck” to Erap on his plans to run against him in the coming election.

As for me the result of this election in Manila will gauge how mature and educated Manila voters are.