Want to travel the World? Visit the Philippines

Who would not want to travel the world and see the beautiful spots each country has to offer? I know everyone of us wants to go places and experience the beauty and wonders of other countries. But what if you can find it in one place or one country?

I was happy to find this pictures in Facebook showing different tourism sites in the world which are akin to what we have here in the Philippines.

Not only are the great places compared to the rest of the world but also Catholic Churches. Churches that boasts great architectural works of art and are considered heritage sites.

Because of the sudden popularity of this campaigns which was also  imitated by other Asian Countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, I took time to make my own version. And this is my contribution to our campaign #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines.

Philippines is really rich in wonders and beautiful tourist spots that are just there to be discovered. So if you want to travel the world consider visiting the Philippines and experience what fun really means. People, places, foods and many others, Its More Fun In the Philippines.

Apple iTunes now in the Philippines

Because of the popularity of Apple products in the Asian region, Apple Inc. announces its launched of its iTune online media store in 12 Asian countries including the Philippines. Due to this, Philippine iPhone, iPod and iPad users can now easily download music and videos to their devices.

Currently Apple product users are able to download different applications but are unable to buy songs and movies. It was only Australia, Japan and New Zealand among the countries in the Asia-Pacific region which has the capability to buy music and movies in iTunes.

Other Asian countries where iTunes will also be available are Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Apple users from this countries can now buy songs and movies also using their credit cards.

Meanwhile China and India has yet to be included in the list but people from Apple said they are always working to bring the iTunes Store to more customers around the world, as conditions permit.

Apple launches iTunes in HK, Singapore, Philippines
Apple launches iTunes Store in 12 new Asia markets

Who Wants to be the Next Chief Justice?

Following the approval of JBC for the live coverage of the interviews for the Chief Justice nominees, many have claimed it as a victory for transparency. Yes, having it covered live will enable people to view the full selection process for next Chief Justice of the country, but it is really healthy to do that?

I would like to think that indeed we need a new Chief Justice that is transparent and has nothing to hide. Someone who have the integrity and untainted character. But can we get it by merely televising the proceedings of their interviews? On that point I would like to differ.

I don’t think beaming it live to every household will ensure an independent, credible and transparent head of the judiciary. In fact, I would think it will cause another damage to the system. Imagine an aspiring Chief Justice being interviewed live in national television, do you think they will give the most sincere and most truthful answers to the questions? I doubt they fully will, because once they know there are cameras they will project their best so that public opinion will go their side. They will just look like politicians campaigning in-font of the camera for people’s vote which is not good for the judiciary. Yes, I agree that people should know better the next Chief Justice but doing it live I think is unnecessary, because the pressure will be different that may cause unsincere answers.

If we want to have a glimpse or full knowledge on the selection process, why not just record the interviews and play it on new programs or upload it on the SC website for people to view. But doing it live would be like choosing a Chief Justice from a reality game contest.

Choosing the next Chief Justice should be done in the most serious way, because this is a chance for us to have a renewal of the justice system. And transparent as it may look like, live coverage of its selection process would tend to jeopardize the selection of the best judiciary head we could have. Because I will always believe that anything done in front of a camera will tend to have a certain drama.

Miami Heat won its 2nd NBA Championship Title (NBA Finals 2012)

LeBron James made it, an NBA championship ring on his finger.

After their frustrating loss in last year’s NBA Finals, Miami Heat finally got what they want and they’ve got it big this time. Winning today’s game 5 in a whopping 121-106 score debunks all hesitations and doubts to their ability to win a title. This is the 2nd NBA title of the Miami Heat in its entire NBA history.

The Heat led in almost all aspect of the game edging the Thunder in terms of field goals, 3 point shooting and rebounding. Heat averaged 51.9% field goals inside the paint and 53.8% in the 3-point line while OKC got only 41.4% and 39.3% respectively. In terms of rebounding Heat had a total of 41 rebound compared to Thunder’s 38. They also outnumbered OKC in the assist department getting 25 against 19 of the latter. The only stats that Thunder won was in the free throw line, they got 88.5% as opposed to Heat’s 81.8%.

Miami’s win was led by James’ triple double production. He had 26 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists which was considered as an exemplary performance giving him the MVP title of the this Finals Season. The other 2 of the big 3 also scored big points this game which helped to boost they’re commanding lead. D. Wade scored 20 points while Chris Bosch got 24 points. But it was the lucky Mike Miller that gave them tonight’s fortune. Miller hits 7 out of 8, 3 point shots which also gave him post-season high of 23 points off the bench.

Meanwhile for the Thunder, it was again Kevin Durant who led the team with his 32 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists followed by his tag team Russel Westbrook with 19 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists. The Thunder seemed overpowered from the very start. Although there are some stops that they did to close the gap there are wasted opportunities that gave way for the Heat to again pull away. Maybe it was really not yet time for their team to get the title this time considering they are still a young team with no prior championship experience. But with what they have showed, they are still a force to recon with in the future NBA finals game if ever.

“It hurts. It hard, man. We’re all brothers on this team, and it just hurt to go out like this. We made it to the Finals, which was cool for us but we didn’t just want to make it there. Unfortunately, we lost, so it’s tough.” — said Kevin Durant

I think it was a case of who wants it more and who’s more hungry for the ring and the title and maybe it’s the Heat. With their experience last year, loosing the championship in front of their home crowd was a humbling experience that teaches them to work hard and reverse what had happened. And finally they have it.

With this win, Heat’s head coach Erik Spoelstra made a history to be the first Filipino-American to win an NBA title. He was also at this moment last year but felt short, but now it finally fall into place.

“We remember last year, we wanted to make up for last year. We had confidence in what we could do.” – Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra

Miami 1 win away from the Championship (NBA Finals)

It looks like LeBron James will finally capture that elusive NBA championship ring this time. After winning their game 4 in their home court in Miami, the Heat is now 1 win away in winning this years title. It was another trailing game for Miami as OKC led by double digits on the 1st half. Heat bounced back in the latter part of the 4th to finish the game at 104-98.

Oklahoma slightly led in field goals at 48.8% compared to Heat’s 48.1%. They also led in terms of free throw shooting with 93.8 % and Heat only at 72.0%. But Miami beats the Thunder in the 3-point area, shooting 38.5% compared to 18.8 %.

LeBron James again led the Heat with his 26 points, 12 assists and 9 rebounds. Other 3 first fives who also scored in doubles are Mario Chalmers with 25, Dwayne Wade also with 25 and Chris Bosch with 13. It was a stellar game for Chalmers capping his post-season high.

Meanwhile it should have been a great opportunity for Thunder to tie the series only if Russel Westbrook gets the help he needs. Westbrook was too hot to handle in this game getiing his game high scoring at 43 points with 7 rebounds and 5 assists. Among the first 5 it was only Kevin Durant who also scored in doubles at 28 points while others remained in below 10 scores.

“It’s not disappointing, it just happens that way. Russell had a great game. We were going. We were going with him and he was making terrific plays at the basket. … Like I said, unfortunately we didn’t make a couple plays down the stretch that we could have won the game.” – Thunder coach Scott Brooks

Now that Miami leads the series 3-1 and game 5 is still scheduled to be in their home court in American Airlines Arena on Thursday, June 21 (Friday morning in Manila), it is expected that LeBron and the rest of Heat will finish it off. But with the caliber of Durant and Westbrook expect a total war on Thursday because I’m sure they will work double time to win that game and extend the series to least one more game.

Let’s Get Socialized at Manila Social Media Day 2012

Fellow bloggers, Facebook and Twitter addicts, and other social media fanatics, please come and celebrate with us at the Manila Social Media Day on June 30, 2012 in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. This will be a fun event to meet people we usually interact on social media.

Below is the official press release from the organizer of Manila Social Media Day 2012.

16 June 2012

Celebrate Social Media Day 2012 at Tomas Morato, QC this June 30!

The Social Media Day is a worldwide event spearheaded by Mashable.com, which celebrates the connected generation around the world on June 30, 2012. In the Philippines, several key cities would take part in the celebration, which is very appropriate because the country is hailed as the social media capital of the world.

One of these events will be a networking event for social media citizens, bloggers, and digital personalities at Tea 101 Taiwan’s No. 1 Drink located at Scout Bayoran corner Tomas Morato Extension, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City. The venue is in front Hotel Rembrandt and IL Terrazzo Mall. The event starts at 7 PM on Saturday. Manila Social Media Day 2012 in particular aims to provide an appropriate venue for the community to mingle and meet-up offline, which can support better camaraderie afterwards through various social media and digital platforms.

The first 100 pre-registered participants at the venue will receive unlimited tea drinks and loot bags. In order to pre-register, just simply e-mail your contact information, social media accounts, and your answer to “What makes you interesting?”

Acclaimed director, producer, writer, & blogger Jose Javier Reyes (@DirekJoey) will share his insights about the new aspects of socialization on the Internet. Manila Social Media Day 2012 is brought to you by Flawless Face & Body Clinic, Smart Communications, the genuine Thermos brand, Wild Ones Tattoo, and Dentiste Toothpaste.

Like our Official Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/ManilaSMDay
Follow our Official Twitter Account: http://www.twitter.com/ManilaSMDay
RSVP via Meetup.com: http://www.meetup.com/Mashable/Quezon-City/711752/

International Hashtag: #SMDay
Localized Hashtag: #ManilaSMDay


King del Rosario
Volunteer Organizer
Manila Social Media Day 2012

So to those interested, register now and let’s get socialized.

Miami Heat edges the Thunder, leads the series 2-1 (NBA Finals)

Miami Heat now sealed half of their assignment to win this year’s NBA Finals as they won the Game 3 against Oklahoma City Thunder in American Airlines Arena in Miami. LeBron James led again the Heat to win this game 91-85 and gaining the series lead 2-1.

It may not be a great night for the Heat main man James but it was also an unlucky night for Kevin Durant. Durant suffered foul troubles in the 3rd which led him to the bench. That instance was used by the Heat to get back on the game after trailing to a double digit lead by the Thunder. Durant scored 25 points in the game with 6 rebounds and 0 assist. Meanwhile, James had 29 points, 14 rebounds and 3 assists, followed by Wade with 25 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists and Chris Bosch with 10 points and 11 rebounds.

It was not a good night for Heat’s shooting but they’ve filled it up through their defensive stops and rebounds. Free throw shooting also favored the Heat as they shot 31 of their 35 compared to Oklahoma’s 15 out of 24 free throws. Russel Westbrook also wasn’t a big help for the Thunder in this game contributing only 19 points.

Game 4 will be on Tuesday, June 19 (Wednesday morning in Manila) again in Miami.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Men and Women of our lives

They are half of the equation in giving life to a child. They are part of the whole who brought someone into life. They are the pillars of every home that make it stand and whole; they are our father’s. Daddy, Papa, Itay, Tatay, whatever they may be called, they are the most important man in our lives.

I am happy to have a father who never failed to be the good father a child can ask for. Although I grew up not spending so much time with him as he has to work abroad to give us a good life, still the love that he showed us was strong enough to hold us together. He  may have gone for more than a decade to be an OFW and he may have missed some important dates in our lives, but he was still a father who showed that distance is not a big factor to care and to love. And for that I salute him, for being the best father me and my brother have. God was very graceful in giving us a father who teaches us to brave but not arrogant, to be strong but caring, to be frugal but generous and to be a good person who always have a hand to lend to those who are in need. And I will make it a commitment that in the future I will not only follow the way my father led in bringing us up but, I will do better and double it up to become the best father to my child.

But not all children shared the same experience. There are those who grew up literally without father and there are those who have one, but seemingly nothing at all. In this kind of situations, the woman of the house takes charge. Those are the mothers who acted also as fathers to their kids. Single moms who tirelessly working to give a good future to their children. Lucky still are those kids who may not have the father by their side but have their mothers who are trying very hard to fill up the missing part. Equal praises and honor should be given to them for standing up strong for their children.

Let not this day be the only day to show our love for our fathers and single mothers. Make them feel that we appreciate everyday all their efforts for us. And let us always show them the love and respect that they deserve. To all the fathers and single mothers, this day is for you and all the days of your lives we will honor you.


“He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”  – Clarence Budington Kelland