Who Wants to be the Next Chief Justice?

Following the approval of JBC for the live coverage of the interviews for the Chief Justice nominees, many have claimed it as a victory for transparency. Yes, having it covered live will enable people to view the full selection process for next Chief Justice of the country, but it is really healthy to do that?

I would like to think that indeed we need a new Chief Justice that is transparent and has nothing to hide. Someone who have the integrity and untainted character. But can we get it by merely televising the proceedings of their interviews? On that point I would like to differ.

I don’t think beaming it live to every household will ensure an independent, credible and transparent head of the judiciary. In fact, I would think it will cause another damage to the system. Imagine an aspiring Chief Justice being interviewed live in national television, do you think they will give the most sincere and most truthful answers to the questions? I doubt they fully will, because once they know there are cameras they will project their best so that public opinion will go their side. They will just look like politicians campaigning in-font of the camera for people’s vote which is not good for the judiciary. Yes, I agree that people should know better the next Chief Justice but doing it live I think is unnecessary, because the pressure will be different that may cause unsincere answers.

If we want to have a glimpse or full knowledge on the selection process, why not just record the interviews and play it on new programs or upload it on the SC website for people to view. But doing it live would be like choosing a Chief Justice from a reality game contest.

Choosing the next Chief Justice should be done in the most serious way, because this is a chance for us to have a renewal of the justice system. And transparent as it may look like, live coverage of its selection process would tend to jeopardize the selection of the best judiciary head we could have. Because I will always believe that anything done in front of a camera will tend to have a certain drama.