Mis-informing the Flock

After President Aquino’s public endorsement of the Responsible Parenthood/Reproductive Health Bill through his 3rd State of the Nation Address, the Hierarchy of the Catholic church with other Anti-RH Bill groups started again their offensives against it. It also came after congress announced that on Tueday August 7, 2012 the controversial bill will be voted on.

Yesterday several Catholic groups and Anti-RH Bill groups gathered in EDSA Shrine to (as they say) call on God to influence the mind of every Senators and Representatives not to vote for the bill. They also denied insinuations that the protest rally was done to pressure members of the congress to vote against the passage of the bill. And based on their statements and arguments it seemed that they are using the art of deception, lies and mis-information for people to back out support for this important bill in congress.

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Mark Barriga finishes his Olympic journey

After winning big in his first fight against the Italian Manuel Cappai and after fueling Filipinos hope for an Olympic medal, lone Filipino Boxer in the on-going London Olympics 2012 Mark Anthony Barriga finally finishes his Olympic journey.

Fighting in the Round of 16 against Kazakhstan’s Birzhan Zhakypov, Barriga wasn’t successful to get the ticket to the Quarterfinals. With 2 warnings given to Barriga in the 3rd round, 2 points was added to the Kazakh boxer that gave him the 1 point edge over our Pinoy Boxer. Total score after 3 rounds was 16-17 in favor of Zhakypov.

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