Lens Talk with Wowie Pascual

This is the start of Lens Talk series featuring Photographers and their noticeable amazing captures.

For its initial offering, Lens Talk features the works of Wowie Pascual. I first came across with his works through the Facebook group page Pinoy Photography Organization and from there I became a fan of his photography.

Sir Wowie was a Fine Arts graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He said he likes capturing people’s moments and great landscapes. He was an OFW for 12 years working as an Interior Designer for the Ministry of Defense in Kuwait. And currently he’s back in the country for good, doing Freelance Photography.

He learned photography a lot during his stay in Kuwait as a hobby to counter homesickness. He joined different photography organizations like Pindot Pinoy Photographers and Digital Photographer Philippines. He dreamed to excel in the field like his teacher Manny Librodo and his idol in paintography Maricris Fabi Carlos.

Asked What’s the best thing about photography, his responses were:

“The best thing about photography dito ko mailalabas ang mga nararamdaman ng taong o subject ng nakukunan ng lente ko. Sabi nga ni Dino Lara, it’s not how good you take picture but how good you feel about the pictures you take.

Although this adventure has just begun for me, my photography has taken to levels I would never have dreamed. Not only does the PAINTOGRAPHY process overcome many of the current limits of technology and equipment, it has opened up a new plateau of discovery where vision and persona can magically transform into a new dimension of time, light, and color.

My background is in Fine Arts and Design. As a Game designer, I tend to look at the world in both a digital and artistic way. People consume art as a form of escapism, and its proven that people tend to enjoy escaping into somewhat stylized environment because it allows them to overlay their own emotional context and make it more personal.”


Below are his works; Be amazed, Be captured and listen to what his lens has to say. Enjoy.


“Ako ay may lobo lumipad sa langit, di ko na nakita pumutok na pala”

Sino nga ba sa atin ang hindi nagkagusto sa mga makukulay na lobo. Halos lahat ng mga dumaan sa pagkabata ay nakahiligan ang mga ito. Hindi ba’t napakasarap pangarapin na lumipad kasama ang mga lobo?

Ang photoblog na ito ay kalahok sa Saranggola Blog Awards 2011

The Bangkok Feel

These photos were captured during my trip last June 2010 in a city very akin to Philippine ambiance. Almost the same structures, almost the same settings and almost the same looks of people.

Prior to the trip, the city was under state of emergency due to political turmoil. But upon arrival no traces of past trouble remained. As how they marketed it to the world, Amazing Thailand is really magnificent. Through these pictures I hope you could also feel what I have felt.

The Grand Palace

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Lights and Day Light

Who would never love seeing different colors of light flickering our eyes and delighting our senses during night time. And who would never awe the greatness of sights during day light.

Here are collections of photos I took during our trip to Hongkong and Macau. Enjoy!

Victoria Harbour Hongkong at NightWynn Hotel and Casino, Macau

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There’ll Always be a Child in Us

When we say theme parks, one of the words that will always come out of a child’s mouth is Disneyland. It is always part of a child’s wish to have meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse inside the Disneyland Theme Park. And Like other kids, it was also one of my childhood dreams, which I’ve come to realize last week as I got the chance to travel to Hong Kong Disneyland.
Below are the photos, I’ve taken while strolling inside the fantasy land.

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Two, One, Zero

Here’s another Len’s Talk photo series that I found from an FB group page Pinoy Photography Organization. I liked the story that the pictures tell and I hope you’ll like it too.

Photo by Wowie Pascual

Photo by Jubert Gilay

Photo by Jojo Magbitang
“Every Picture tells a story that only picture lovers can see”

Wala Yan sa CAMERA, nasa KUMUKUHA

“If the eye captures the beauty, it’s the camera that will do the talking. Let’s Talk when Lens Talk.”

I’m browsing my FB account when I encounter this photo. This was taken by Kenneth Velasquez using not SLR but Digicam. That statement caught my attention to copy the photo and be posted here. (thanks for his permission).

Beautiful Photos are really in the eye of the Photographer. It’s not all about the camera that you use but the way you capture a subject using any possible capturing device.

This is only the initial salvo for this page. Watch out for more interesting and captivating photos.