One Kapamilya, I vote for ABS-CBN

When it comes to the choice of the best and most favorite Philippine TV station one name will always rose to my list and that is ABS-CBN. True to their commitment of giving “Service to the Filipino People Worldwide”, ABS-CBN continues to give their very best of what a TV station can offer to their viewers.

ABS-CBN remains to be the undisputed television station nationwide as they reap the ratings game on a national scale. Others may have edge in Metro Manila but ABS-CBN is slowly getting back on top the Mega Manila race.

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ABS-CBN, Big Winner in CMMA 2012

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. emerged as the big winner in the recently concluded Catholic Mass Media Awards 2012 held in the jam packed Star Theatre in CCP Complex, Pasay City last night.

Celebrities and news personalities from the 3 major stations in the country converged in CCP complex to attend the ceremonies which honors TV and Radio programs, Music and Films that exemplifies good Catholic values.

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Angelo Castro Jr. died at 67

After his much welcomed comeback on ANC’s The World Tonight in 2011 from being on sick leave for quite a while, veteran broadcast journalist Angelo Castro Jr. again left the long-running newscast and this time it will be for good.

Battling lung cancer for several years, he finally breathe his last this Thursday April 5,2012 at the St. Lukes Medical Center in Quezon City. He was 67 years old at the time of his death and is survived by his wife June Keithley (who is also currently battling breast cancer), his son Diego and other children.

Angelo had a long and flourishing career in the broadcasting industry. He started anchoring The World Tonight in ABS-CBN when it re-launched in 1986. He was also credited as one of the creators of ABS-CBN’s flagship news program TV Patrol. And was also the man behind some of the memorable documentaries and news specials done by ABS-CBN and ANC.

A great journalist and an icon in broadcast journalism, Angelo Castro Jr. will always be remembered as the man who always tells the stories and the state of The World Tonight.

The Comebacks

Our weekend was marked by comebacks of 2 sorts. One a comeback of an accused and the other a victorious comeback of a defeated reality contestant.

From Fugitive to Captive

After 10 long years of hiding in the US, former PAOCTF official and one of the accused on the Dacer-Corbito murder case Michael Ray Aquino cameback home on early morning Sunday. Escorted by the NBI agents from the US, Aquino was brought to his detention cell in NBI compound in Manila. On a press statement released by Aquino, he reiterated his innocence over the allegations against him with regards to the case and cleared the names of other accused and former bosses Sen. Ping Lacson and Former Pres. Joseph Estrada. He said he had no knowledge on the killing of Dacer and Corbito and that he don’t know who are the masterminds and that he is willing to face the courts to clear his name.

On the part of the Dacer family it came to them with no surprise that Aquino will not say anything about the case. They knew all along that as the protegee of Lacson he will not say anything against his former boss.

With only Mancao who strongly maintains his statement that it is Lacson and Aquino who did the job, the case might still take long years before it will be resolved. Just like the Visconde case which after many years have ended up on sad twist, Dacer-Corbito case might take the same course. With those involved still in power, Mancao and the Dacer family and the prosecution team should find more telling and convincing evidences that will prove those accused guilty beyond reasonable doubt. But until they come up with solid evidences where the defense will be caught defenseless, the case have long way to go, or (hope not) might be left unsolved.

Triumph of The Prayer

After a political climate in the morning, it’s time for entertainment atmosphere in the night, as the world awaits for the announcement of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 Grand Winner. During its performance night on Saturday, people were able to see how Pinoy talents have gone far. From dancers, to singers to magicians and acrobats, the show was able to provide Filipino viewers with the taste of how talented we Pinoys are. Early favorites are the tap dancing siblings, Happy Feet who have touching stories of poverty and their dream to help their families needs. The Madrigal Siblings who sang with great blending and nationalistic charm also caught mine and the viewers attention. Another “WOWer” are Rico the Magician and the dance sport duo NielBeth who were also praised and applauded by the audience. But for me that performance night was owned by the Male Diva, Marcelito Pomoy who did the song The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocceli. The way he belted the song seemed liked there are 2 person singing. His transition from a female to male voice is perfect, you cannot imagine it is sang only by a man.

And true enough during the results night on Sunday, the judges proclaimed Marcelito as the 2nd Grand winner of the reality talent contest. Garnering the most number of votes from the people, Marcelito proved that being defeated from another talent reality contest should not hinder one from dreaming on. He may have been eliminated from the stage of Talentadong Pinoy before, but his determination to conquer his dream led him to be the star of PGT stage.

His prayer also worked not only in winning the contest but with his dream of reuniting with his family who have been separated from him for a long time. This really proved that with great faith and continued prayer nothing is really impossible. And that if you want something to be achieved, just use the ABC’s of life, ACT, BELIEVE, CONQUER. A dream will continue to remain a dream until we act on it, believe that we can achieve it, and work hard until we conquer it.
Comebacks may be good or bad but the greater point is we continue to live.We are in control of our lives on how we want to live it.

Misinformed lang ba or Maangmaangan Na?

For quite sometime now, the issue on the RH Bill is still a hot topic everyone are talking about. Sa TV, sa Radio, sa newspapers and also in many online forums, itong issue na to ang umaani ng napakaraming hits. Pati nga sa loob mismo ng simbahan na supposed to be is a place of worship and prayer, RH Bill still is resounding. Catholic Bishops have branded the president as unchristian and the supporters as terrorists. One priest in Baguio City even slammed former Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros for her stand for the Bill and threatened pro-RH Bill parishioners not to attend mass because they might be forced to moved out of the churches.
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Is Kapamilya Network A Teleserye Network?

TV has always been part of my life. Whenever I’m in idle, I used to be in front of the television watching my favorite shows. Prior to the re-launched of ABS-CBN in 1987, I think our TV is set to either channel 9 or channel 7. I cannot vividly remember the shows I enjoyed watching then but I know Eat Bulaga was part of it and I can remember Harry Gaser and Cathy Santillan as the ‘in’ newscasters then. When ABS-CBN was re-launced which also gave birth to TV Patrol, from then on, the Star Network has become the star also of our TV at home, and from then until now I’m a certified Kapamilya follower.

ABS-CBN has always been part of my life being a TV addict. During my school days, TV was never taken away from me, as I was able review and do my assignments even in front of TV. Thanks to my mother (my father is an OFW then) she allowed me to multitask during those days. My frequent bonding with the television also made me dream of becoming a journalist and follow the likes of Kabayan Noli de Castro, Ted Failon, Korina Sanchez, Angelo Castro and CheChe Lazaro (but I never consider it as a lost dream, cause I consider myself a Netizen Journalist now. hehehe). From then until now I used to follow every news programs of ABS-CBN (with the exceptions of some Kapuso Documentaries). In fact even in social media specifically Twitter, I am a follower of mostly Kapamilya newscasters and reporters. Having said that, I am now dismayed by how the ABS-CBN management is treating the NCA department. Yes indeed, maybe they are gaining more money with the Entertainment department but is Kapamilya Network a Teleserye Network only?

Taken for Granted?

For quite sometime now, with the flooding of teleseryes in ABS-CBN’s primetime block, NCA programs are seemingly taken for granted as they are pushed on the midnight block which is formerly owned by the color stripes. While it is ABS management’s prerogative to give more airtime to the entertainment shows (as I’ve said earlier maybe it gives more profit) they should also consider that there are people who are NCA program fanatics and followers. Kung dati ay hanggang 2 or 3 teleseryes at entertainment programs lang ang naghahri sa primetime, ngayon ang primtime block ay may 5 teleserye na, may 1 koreanovela at isang showbiz oriented show pa. Yung paboritong news program ko nga na Bandila ay minsan ko nang tinawag sa twitter na “CROSS-OVER NEWSCAST” kasi nagkocross ng 2 araw. Magsisimula ng before midnight at matatapos after midnight. Because of that the weekly current affairs shows have no choice but to be aired on a very much later timeslot, thus making it un-synchronized with the networks programming schedule. If you will take a look at the programming line up, for example XXX is slated on Monday evenings but since primetime Mondays are dedicated to teleseryes XXX became an early Tuesday current affairs show. And with that late airing, many NCA followers are failing to watch the shows because before it come out on their TV sets, they are already making love with their respective beds.

It’s quite disappointing to see that it seems ABS-CBN management is taking for granted the NCA programs. Are they really only for the entertainment department just because it remits bigger revenues? As I look at the TV ratings then and now, NCA programs have really declined in audience share mainly because of the timeslot they are in. During those times that the weekly current affairs shows aired at 11pm, they dominate the ratings game vs GMA’s public affairs show. But currently, Kapuso News and Public affairs shows have beaten its Kapamilya counterparts with higher ratings. Ang dami pa naman magagandang shows and NCA department like Storyline, and Patrol ng Pilipino, but because of their timeslot many people were not able to watch. If only it will be put on an earlier time I believe its audience share and ratings will go up considering ABS-CBN’s large following.

I hope ABS-CBN’s top management (Ms. Charo and Mr. Gabby Lopez) will consider this. Can’t they see the trend, that putting shows on a later time is taking its toll on them? Say for example the teleseryes scheduled on the later timeslots, they are also suffering from low ratings and audience share Look at what happened to Imortal, when it was on an earlier timeslot it landed on rank 1 many times, but when it was transferred on later time, it succumbed to its Kapuso competitor. Sino nga naman ba ang maghihintay sa isang palabas na sobrang late na umere, lalo pa’t ang bilis na ng attention span ng mga viewers ngayon at marami naman ibang shows na kapareho ng format, so the initial reaction is ilipat na lang. Most specially when it comes to news programs, why would I wait for Bandila which will come out before midnight when there is Saksi already available at 11pm? Of course to an ordinary viewer, they will settle for Saksi cause they will be able to know the news, and at the same time they’ll be able to get to sleep early.

I am hoping the management will take notice of this, cause I’m really a loyal follower of their NCA programs and I’m disappointed that they are lagging behind Kapuso public affairs shows maybe because of its program scheduling. Sana ay maglaan ng panahon ang mga namamahala na tignan at silipin ang naturang aspeto na maaring nagiging dahilan kung bakit ang ibang network ay nakakaungos na pagdating sa national ratings at audience share. Of course what’s more important is the quality of the shows being offered to the viewer but how can the audience appreciate it if they are not able to watch it. ABS-CBN is dubbed as the Asia’s Most Admired Media Company, so I think it’s right time to address the issue on its timeslot so as to balance the admirations that it is capable of illiciting. The attention and support that they are giving to the entertainment department should be the same attention and support that should be given to the News and Current Affairs department. I once watched the Storyline episode featuring Maria Ressa and she said something (with regards here leaving the company) like “ABS-CBN is not gearing towards that”. I just assumed that it is something about managements support for the news department, but am not really sure and I hope I am wrong in assuming that. As what their slogan says “Panig sa Katotohanan, Panig sa Pagbangon ng Bayan”, I hope the ABS-CBN management will invoke their “Panig sa Entertainment pati na sa News Department”.


 “Always consider the holistic part, not only those part who earned so much”
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Twitter and The Heckler

Before the year ends, let me blog about the 2 main things that caught my interest this year 2010. This is the year of social media.

It was early this year that I got to know about twitter. Dati kasi puro Friendster and Facebook lang ang napagkakaabalahan ko (especially during idle times in office). When one of my friends talked about twitter I got interested to know what is it look like and how does it work. After registering my account, the first impression was parang boring kasi puro text lang ang mababasa unlike Facebook na may mga applications. Then it came election season, because of ABS-CBN’s new media campaign I started to get hooked up with twitter that led to addiction, masaya pala magtweet at makipagtweet. Because of it, I felt I was close with famous celebs and my idols because I am updated of everything about them. I remembered it was RG Cruz among ABS-CBN news persons that I first exchanged tweets. At that time he was at St Lukes The Fort, tweeting about the condition of First Gentleman who was confined there at that time. The height of my social media addiction is when I got to follow Ms. Ces Orena- Drilon and to my shock she followed me back (I was really star-strucked at that time). It was at the height of the election campaign that their news program Bandila introduced the segment Hot Seat wherein they guested election candidates and interview them using mostly questions tweeted by their followers in twitter and Facebook. Because of my innate interest in politics and current events, I make it a point to tweet questions to Ma’am Ces on every guests they have. Luckily my tweets and FB-posted questions landed on the screen of Bandila 5 times, the last being a video question using skype to Sen. Dick Gordon. It was a great experience for me having been seen on national TV, with my friends teasing me about it. After the election period and with the reformat of the newscast I still make it a point to tweet comment and questions and be part of their live interactive discussions.

More on the twitter addiction, it also pave the way to the resurrection of my interest in the world of blogging. Before knowing Twitter I already am managing my own blogsite, blogging about anything from current news items, poems that pops out of my brain and any subjects that comes out of my mind. But one retweet (I think from RG Cruz also, if i remember it right) got my attention. Title pa lang ng blog nakacaught na ng interest ko because I am not familiar of the word heckler, and I resorted googling it and found out what it means. From the first time that I read the post of The Professional Heckler I said in my mind, this is hilariously fun. From then on I started to follow TheProfessionalHeckler on twitter (which eventually became HecklerForever). Aside from the fun and laughter that his sarcastic humor brings, reading his blogs and following his tweets has also taught me to learn new words like borborygmus and pun. He is really in idol to me whom I can compare to Jose Rizal, being a linguist (having to know 17 languages #ikawna), he seemed to be like a doctor also (kasi laughter is the best medicine diba?. #mayganun #sipsip), prolific writer (#obviousba #bloggerngaeh #scriptwriterpa), and kaaway ng mga prayle (#galitsaanti-RH), sabi ko nga pagdating ng araw pede siguro syang maging national artist for the literature.hehehe (#levelupsapagsipsip). But seriously he is really one heck of a great man who can illicit laughter and wit thru the blogs he write. He is one intelligent person who is selfless in giving his time and effort just to make his followers happy, a certified heckling genius and a loyal sports enthusiast (#golakers :-)). I will always look forward to more heckling days with The Professional Heckler.

Up until now I still maintain my addiction to Twitter and The Professional Heckler blog. These 2 are my constant companion during my idle times in office (pero minsan kahit hindi idle hindi makatiis na magtweet at magcomment sa heckler blog. hehehe). I will never regret being part of the big world of social media because it has helped me learn new things. Twitter will always be part of my life and heckling will always solve my apetite. As I say, “Aanhin ko ang Blogger kung hindi naman si Heckler”. :-)

“To err is human, to heckle is for this man ==> TPH”