2012 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition : The Finale

After more than a month of competition with 11 competing countries (Philippines is the 12th country but not in competition), it was last Saturday (March 17, 2012) that the winners for this year’s Philippine International Pyromusical Competition were finally announced at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay, City.

Mall of Asia was again full packed, evident by the large number of people piling up the gates to the venue near the Manila Bay seaside area. The finale was ushered-in by a mini concert and musical program which includes performances by Barbie Almalbis and Never Stranger.

Then after the presentation of Italy’s entry which is not quite impressive, the winners were finally announced and were as follows;

2nd runner up : Netherlands

1st runner up : Australia and Finland

Grand Winner : Canada

Towards the end of the show, the Philippines exhibited its pyromusical piece with songs from ABBA, Whitney Houston and Manny Pacquiao.

It was a nice competition this year, my first time to see several entries in close sight. And I am very elated that Netherlands’ entry placed in the top 3 which for me is really very deserving of a prize. Hope to watch this competition again in the coming years and I hope that the Philippines (despite our hosting) will be one of the competing countries in the future.

2012 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition Experience Part 2

Last night, together with my friends, we trooped again to Mall of Asia to watch another edition of this year’s Pyromusical competition. It was the night for Australia and Canada to show off their expertise in Pyrotechnics accompanied by music.

Manila Bay seaside was again jam packed with people wanting to experience another night of beautiful fireworks display. Families having picnics, couples having dates, and many other kinds of people just there to have a fun night.

The show started as scheduled without anymore physical obstructions to delay it. Because of the last weeks performance of Netherlands, I made it the base standard in viewing last nights participants.

First to present was Australia. Nice start for them, it felt like watching the new year fireworks at the Sydney Opera House. They’ve managed to pull-off a nice show evident by the kid beside us who can’t help but repeatedly utter “Mommy, ang ganda, worth ang paghihintay naten”. But towards the end, they weren’t able to sustain the magnificent of their presentation. Music became a bit dull and not so lively as their start. So to compare it with Netherlands, I will still go with Netherlands for the prize.

Canada came next after an hour and it turned out very disappointing. I’m not sure who’s got the problem but I think the organizers has to own it. Canada started as a surprise to many spectators. The speaker system failed that’s why people were caught off guard when Canada started to present their show. We were surprised that fireworks suddenly float in the air without hearing any music at all. At first we thought it was just a test display but were wrong that is their main production. Their presentation ended with barely no music as accompaniment. And for that it’s unfair for me to judge their work.

Next week will be the last night of this year’s Pyromusical and it was Italy and the Philippines’ chance to show-off. This will also be the day for the announcement of winners and I hope The Netherlands will place a prize if not be the grand winner.