Supreme Court upholds constitutionality of RH Law

scupholdsrhlawAfter passing into law last December 2012, RH Law is yet to be implemented because of several petitions filed on the Supreme Court questioning its constitutionality. But it seemed heaven is again favoring its faithful RH advocates as the Supreme Court upholds its constitutionality just today.

In a press briefing held at the Supreme Court office in Baguio City today, SC spokesperson Justice Theodore Te, declared “RH Law is NOT UNCONSTITUTIONAL” with exception to some provisions in Section 7 and 23. Te also said that the SC unanimously voted for the RH Law’s constitutionality except for some provisions that were struck down where there were dissenting opinions.

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Misinformed lang ba or Maangmaangan Na?

For quite sometime now, the issue on the RH Bill is still a hot topic everyone are talking about. Sa TV, sa Radio, sa newspapers and also in many online forums, itong issue na to ang umaani ng napakaraming hits. Pati nga sa loob mismo ng simbahan na supposed to be is a place of worship and prayer, RH Bill still is resounding. Catholic Bishops have branded the president as unchristian and the supporters as terrorists. One priest in Baguio City even slammed former Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros for her stand for the Bill and threatened pro-RH Bill parishioners not to attend mass because they might be forced to moved out of the churches.
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