The Comebacks

Our weekend was marked by comebacks of 2 sorts. One a comeback of an accused and the other a victorious comeback of a defeated reality contestant.

From Fugitive to Captive

After 10 long years of hiding in the US, former PAOCTF official and one of the accused on the Dacer-Corbito murder case Michael Ray Aquino cameback home on early morning Sunday. Escorted by the NBI agents from the US, Aquino was brought to his detention cell in NBI compound in Manila. On a press statement released by Aquino, he reiterated his innocence over the allegations against him with regards to the case and cleared the names of other accused and former bosses Sen. Ping Lacson and Former Pres. Joseph Estrada. He said he had no knowledge on the killing of Dacer and Corbito and that he don’t know who are the masterminds and that he is willing to face the courts to clear his name.

On the part of the Dacer family it came to them with no surprise that Aquino will not say anything about the case. They knew all along that as the protegee of Lacson he will not say anything against his former boss.

With only Mancao who strongly maintains his statement that it is Lacson and Aquino who did the job, the case might still take long years before it will be resolved. Just like the Visconde case which after many years have ended up on sad twist, Dacer-Corbito case might take the same course. With those involved still in power, Mancao and the Dacer family and the prosecution team should find more telling and convincing evidences that will prove those accused guilty beyond reasonable doubt. But until they come up with solid evidences where the defense will be caught defenseless, the case have long way to go, or (hope not) might be left unsolved.

Triumph of The Prayer

After a political climate in the morning, it’s time for entertainment atmosphere in the night, as the world awaits for the announcement of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 Grand Winner. During its performance night on Saturday, people were able to see how Pinoy talents have gone far. From dancers, to singers to magicians and acrobats, the show was able to provide Filipino viewers with the taste of how talented we Pinoys are. Early favorites are the tap dancing siblings, Happy Feet who have touching stories of poverty and their dream to help their families needs. The Madrigal Siblings who sang with great blending and nationalistic charm also caught mine and the viewers attention. Another “WOWer” are Rico the Magician and the dance sport duo NielBeth who were also praised and applauded by the audience. But for me that performance night was owned by the Male Diva, Marcelito Pomoy who did the song The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocceli. The way he belted the song seemed liked there are 2 person singing. His transition from a female to male voice is perfect, you cannot imagine it is sang only by a man.

And true enough during the results night on Sunday, the judges proclaimed Marcelito as the 2nd Grand winner of the reality talent contest. Garnering the most number of votes from the people, Marcelito proved that being defeated from another talent reality contest should not hinder one from dreaming on. He may have been eliminated from the stage of Talentadong Pinoy before, but his determination to conquer his dream led him to be the star of PGT stage.

His prayer also worked not only in winning the contest but with his dream of reuniting with his family who have been separated from him for a long time. This really proved that with great faith and continued prayer nothing is really impossible. And that if you want something to be achieved, just use the ABC’s of life, ACT, BELIEVE, CONQUER. A dream will continue to remain a dream until we act on it, believe that we can achieve it, and work hard until we conquer it.
Comebacks may be good or bad but the greater point is we continue to live.We are in control of our lives on how we want to live it.