12 of 2012 : Nite Writer’s Yearender

2012yearender2012 has been a colorful and fruitful year for the country. This is the year when our stock market reached it’s highest record all time, prompting good vibes for future investors. It is also marked by landmark bills and laws that has been passed and passed onto controversies, like the Anti-cyber Crime Law, Sin-Tax Bill, and the controversial Reproductive Health or RH Bill. This is also a momentous year for the government with the signing of the Bangsa Moro Framework Agreement and the success of #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines campaign. Truly this is a great year our country will not forget.

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Jessica Sanchez, The People’s Idol, Pinoy Unity Ambassador

She may not have won the title of American Idol but Jessica definitely gained the stars of her own. Singing her way to the finals, she was able to once again raise the pride of the Filipino people. Being a Filipina-Mexican immigrant in the US, 16 year old Jessica made Filipinos glued to their TV screens every time she sings and competes in the American Idol stage. Her dreams and aspirations became source of inspiration to many people especially Pinoys here and in the U.S.

Since childhood she was already accustomed to performing in front of many people. At her early age she was already joining several singing competitions which helped her hone her vocal skills. She in fact also competed in America’s Got Talent but she wasn’t able to advanced into the finals.

During her American Idol journey, she became an early favorite, getting several standing ovation performances from the audience and the Idol judges. She also experienced some trips to the bottom 3 and her elimination in the Top 7 which was derailed by the judges 1-time saving power. From then on she proved to be the girl to beat as she became the only female contender in the top 3 and eventually entering the finals. Her ascension to stardom is really something that inspires aspiring singers and other dreamers, that dreams really do come true to those who are persistent and determined.

But what’s more notable about Sanchez’ journey is the unity that was again shown by the Filipinos. This is evident by the resounding online campaigns for Jessica for her not to be eliminated in the competition. It can be compared to how Pinoys are supporting every bouts of Manny Pacquiao. The competition which is ought to be among American’s only became another battle of races as Filipinos in and outside the U.S. went out their way to throw their support for Jessica. Indeed it was another shining moment for Pinoy Pride, because for some time we became united again to support a Kababayan. Just like with Pacman’s fights, several free viewings of the Idol Finale were slated in Manila and other parts of the country as a show of support for Jessica. Filipino community in the U.S. were also united in campaigning for her. Numerous voting parties were organized by the Filipino communities to attract more votes for her. It was indeed a united Philippines in support of the Filipina Jessica.

It’s really happy to see Pinoys united for the sake of another Kababyan. How I wish it’s always Pacquiao Day or Jessica Day, so we can always see this unity among us. Now that we knew that unity among Filipinos is not an impossible thing, hope we can try this everyday to push for the improvement and development of this country. Jessica maybe an icon or symbol of unity but can’t we, each one of us be that symbol or unifying factor for our own’s best interest? If we can do it with Pacquiao or Jessica, it’s not impossible to do it for our family and for the future generations of this country. Let our future became our inspiration to become unified in pushing for a better Philippines.


“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”- J.K. Rowling

Phillip Phillips is the 11th American Idol Winner

After several months of competition, American Idol winner was finally revealed. It was another guy this year as America voted for Phillip Phillips as the American Idol Season 11 Winner.

With the record breaking 132 million votes cast, this season could be said to be the most watched and most loved edition of the singing competition. Filipino-Mexican-American Jessica Sanchez settled for the runner-up title but was highly praised with her duet with the original Dreamgirl Jeniffer Holiday. Their duet of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” was given standing ovation by the idol judge and the thousand audience of Nokia Theater.

Jessica Sanchez’ fans who are mostly from the Filipino community hoped for an upset for Phillips but observers say the male contestants teen-girl fan base are so strong that he came out victorious because of their big support for him.

Early on, after the final performance of the Top 2 many have predicted that the way the 2 contestants are presented seemed an indication of whose going to win. And they were right, Jessica’s powerful voice cannot seemed to overpower the huge following of Phillips who was never became part of the bottom 3 in the entire competition.

Phillips performed with the classic rocker John Fogerty on “Have You Ever Seen the Rain,” then followed by “Bad Moon Rising” after, on the 2 hour finale show. It was also the first time that Phillips and Sanchez was paired in a duet of “Up Where We Belong”. Several artists also graced the American Idol finale like Rihanna, Chaka Khan, Neil Diamond, and Idol alumni Fantasia Barino and Jordin Sparks.

The show ended with the announcement that Phillip Phillips is the new Amercican Idol.

Jessica Sanchez tied Jasmin Trias’ Feat, enters Top 3

After her heartfelt rendition yesterday of Jennifer Holiday’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”, Jessica Sanchez did not really go as she now enters American Idol Top 3. This made her tie the achievement of fellow Fil-Am contestant Jasmin Trias in American Idol Season 3.

During today’s results night (Friday morning in the Philippines) who according to host Ryan Seacrest got more than 70 million of votes, Jessica Sanchez was proclaimed safe along with Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips. Sanchez now shares the feat of Trias of being part of American Idol Top 3, and now the second Asian-American to enter Top 3 of the singing competition. Jessica may be an early favorite but her road to Top 3 was also not very smooth as she was nearly eliminated in the Top 7. Thanks to the judges’ save she’s now in the Top 3 and still up there for the title.

Meanwhile it was Hollie Cavanagh who was brought home this week. After several trips to bottom 3, Hollie’s idol journey finally came to an end.

Jessica Sanchez’ Top 4 performance gets standing ovation anew

Jessica Sanchez’ latest performance became another revelation of the talent she really has. Singing in the Top 4 of American Idol Season 11, she again proved the judges and the American audience that indeed she’s the girl to beat in this competition.

The 2 rounds of singing this Wednesday evening (Thursday morning in the Philippines) showcased her vocal ability and exemplary singing prowess. Singing “Steal Away” by Etta James, Sanchez got great reviews from the 3 idol judges who can’t help but praise her great singing voice.

But it was her second song that blows it all away. Her rendition of Jeniffer Holiday’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” gave her another standing ovation from the idol judges. If you can remember, her last standing ovation performance was the duet with Joshua Ledet for Aretha Franklin and George Michael’s “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)” at the Top 8 Since then the judges have yet to stand again on their feet until tonight. It was a powerful performance for Jessica that the judges felt compelled to stand after her number.

Judge Steven Tyler again was all praises for Sanchez saying that is over the top performance for the 16 year old San Diego native. Jeniffer Lopez on the other hand said “It was a real moment” for her, and she was again wowed by Jessica’s powerful vocal ability. And lastly, Randy Jackson said that, again she slayed the song which is among the hardest songs in the world.

It was indeed another shining moment for Jessica Sanchez. Tomorrow will be the judgement day where Top 3 will be revealed. If she made it again, she will tie Jasmin Trias’ (another Filipino-American idol contestant) feat of being part of American Idol Top 3. And with her performance tonight I think Jessica can shout “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going…To Be Eliminated”.

Jessica Sanchez enters American Idol Top 5

After her emotion filled rendition of Luther Vandross’ Dance with My Father yesterday on American Idol Top 6 performance, Jessica Sanchez again captured the votes of America as she now enters this season’s top 5.

She may not got high praises for her Bohemian Rhapsody performance from the AI judges but she redeemed herself via Dance with My Father. The 3 judges Steven Tyler, Jeniffer Lopez and Randy Jackson are all praises for her rendition of this Luther Vandross hit. One even said that, that was the most beautiful version of the song ever heard in years. The emotions are just right and the quality of her voice was really perfect.

Meanwhile the night was the last for Elise Testone as she became the newest evictee of the singing competition. Getting the lowest number of votes from the whopping 58 million votes cast, the lady rocker bids farewell from the competition. Among the bottom 3 this week together with Elise were Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine.

Now the Jessica is in the top 5, I can really see that she will be in the finals. Hope all the Fil-Am community continues to throw their all out support for Jessica. And pray that she will become the first Asian-American Idol.

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Jessica Sanchez joins American Idol Top 6

After being almost eliminated last week for having the least votes from America, Jessica Sanchez was able to survive this week as American Idol bid goodbye to Colton Dixon. Sanchez was also a no show at the bottom 3 which was composed of Hallie Cavanagh, Ellise Testone and the eliminated Dixon. This is evident that after the shocking surprise last week, Jessica’s fans gave all their efforts to make sure their idol will be safe from elimination this week.

One proof of this is the Campaign for Jessica being done by different Fil-Am communities in the US to help Sanchez get the votes she needed to continue with her American Idol journey. Emmy Award winning producer Michael Carandang is also one of those people who is supporting this campaign for Sanchez and calling on all Fil-Ams to throw all their support for the 16 year old Fil-Mexican contestant.

Now that Jessica enters the top 6, Fil-Ams should continue the way they’ve voted for her. If ever they should double their efforts to assure that she will continue with the competition till the finals. Who knows, with the concerted efforts of the Filipino communities and their American friends, Americal Idol may have their first winner of Asian descent.

Jessica Sanchez slowly realizing her Sweet Dreams

After getting her 3rd standing ovation on her top 10 performance, Jessica Sanchez again proved to be the girl to beat in this season of American Idol. Escaping elimination again, she’s now another step closer to realize her dream of being the next American Idol.

The high praises she got from the AI judges on her rendition of Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams on the top 9 performance night made her safe and gave her a spot on the top 8.

Jeniffer Lopez was so amused at her performance, she  said she was left wanting more. Steven Tyler meanwhile lauded her sense of style and the quality of her singing. He said she’s definitely a star no matter what. And Randy Jackson said he’s always looking forward to her performance every night and he commended her maturity as a singer despite her young age. He also said she’s one of the best singers he heared in many years and that she’s unbelievably sensational.

Meanwhile on other notes, Heejun Han was the latest addition to the ranks of Americal Idol hopefuls who were sent home and finished their journey’s as idol contenders. After the nationwide votes, Heejun was announced as the person who got the lowest number of votes from the viewers. Together with him at the bottom 3 were Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine.