Erap to run as Manila Mayor in 2013

After his publicized transfer of residency from San Juan to Manila riding his Jeep ni Erap, former President Joseph ERAP Estrada declared his intention to run for the Mayoral post of Manila.

Addressing the media and some Manila residents in his new house in the spacious compound at 589 Manga Avenue in Sta. Mesa, Manila he confirmed his plans of running for Mayor of Manila in the coming 2013 midterm election. Together with him in his jeep was incumbent Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno who was said to be considered as his running mate after he joined Erap’s Partido ng Masang Pilipino party.

Long before his confirmation, several news reports have already floated about Erap’s plans for Manila Mayorship because of his frequent visit in the city doing some charity works.

Now that Erap annouced his planned candidacy in Manila, it will be a duel between him and the current Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim who was then a political ally until their falling out. In a statement Lim said “Good Luck” to Erap on his plans to run against him in the coming election.

As for me the result of this election in Manila will gauge how mature and educated Manila voters are.

The Comebacks

Our weekend was marked by comebacks of 2 sorts. One a comeback of an accused and the other a victorious comeback of a defeated reality contestant.

From Fugitive to Captive

After 10 long years of hiding in the US, former PAOCTF official and one of the accused on the Dacer-Corbito murder case Michael Ray Aquino cameback home on early morning Sunday. Escorted by the NBI agents from the US, Aquino was brought to his detention cell in NBI compound in Manila. On a press statement released by Aquino, he reiterated his innocence over the allegations against him with regards to the case and cleared the names of other accused and former bosses Sen. Ping Lacson and Former Pres. Joseph Estrada. He said he had no knowledge on the killing of Dacer and Corbito and that he don’t know who are the masterminds and that he is willing to face the courts to clear his name.

On the part of the Dacer family it came to them with no surprise that Aquino will not say anything about the case. They knew all along that as the protegee of Lacson he will not say anything against his former boss.

With only Mancao who strongly maintains his statement that it is Lacson and Aquino who did the job, the case might still take long years before it will be resolved. Just like the Visconde case which after many years have ended up on sad twist, Dacer-Corbito case might take the same course. With those involved still in power, Mancao and the Dacer family and the prosecution team should find more telling and convincing evidences that will prove those accused guilty beyond reasonable doubt. But until they come up with solid evidences where the defense will be caught defenseless, the case have long way to go, or (hope not) might be left unsolved.

Triumph of The Prayer

After a political climate in the morning, it’s time for entertainment atmosphere in the night, as the world awaits for the announcement of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 Grand Winner. During its performance night on Saturday, people were able to see how Pinoy talents have gone far. From dancers, to singers to magicians and acrobats, the show was able to provide Filipino viewers with the taste of how talented we Pinoys are. Early favorites are the tap dancing siblings, Happy Feet who have touching stories of poverty and their dream to help their families needs. The Madrigal Siblings who sang with great blending and nationalistic charm also caught mine and the viewers attention. Another “WOWer” are Rico the Magician and the dance sport duo NielBeth who were also praised and applauded by the audience. But for me that performance night was owned by the Male Diva, Marcelito Pomoy who did the song The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocceli. The way he belted the song seemed liked there are 2 person singing. His transition from a female to male voice is perfect, you cannot imagine it is sang only by a man.

And true enough during the results night on Sunday, the judges proclaimed Marcelito as the 2nd Grand winner of the reality talent contest. Garnering the most number of votes from the people, Marcelito proved that being defeated from another talent reality contest should not hinder one from dreaming on. He may have been eliminated from the stage of Talentadong Pinoy before, but his determination to conquer his dream led him to be the star of PGT stage.

His prayer also worked not only in winning the contest but with his dream of reuniting with his family who have been separated from him for a long time. This really proved that with great faith and continued prayer nothing is really impossible. And that if you want something to be achieved, just use the ABC’s of life, ACT, BELIEVE, CONQUER. A dream will continue to remain a dream until we act on it, believe that we can achieve it, and work hard until we conquer it.
Comebacks may be good or bad but the greater point is we continue to live.We are in control of our lives on how we want to live it.

The True People Power

Had a chance to visit my friendster profile recently, and realized I have blog entries pala sa FS profile ko. Below is one of the Blogs I’ve migrated from Friendster Blog.

We have had EDSA I which toppled the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. We also had EDSA II which evicted the “accused plunderer” Joseph Estrada from office. Then there was what they call EDSA III aiming to remove the small lady in Malacanang but unfortunately didn’t succed (probably because there were no clear purpose). After all, what have we got? Did this parliament of the streets changed the lives of the Filipinos, and how did it made us politically mature?

Before the surfacing of “Hello Garci” scandal, I didn’t thought Philippine politics would be more exciting yet more degrading. When this scandal came out on media in 2005, political scenario in the country has been very annoying, left and right political bickerings between pro-administration camps and the opposition. From then on different protest rallies are staged asking for the resignation of President Macapagal-Arroyo. There were also coup attemps but non have succeded. Many issues also have became hot topics and some were the Impeachment and Charter Change.

Opposition parties have filed several impeachment complaints against the president in the hope of removing her from office, but Arroyo allies managed not to make it happen. With that, pro-admin lawmakers move their way to change the constitution and it went all the way into converting the Lower House into a constituent assembly, but same as impeachment it also din’t worked.Different investigations in aid of legislation as they say, have been done, sacrificing their main duty of law creation and passage.

Isn’t irritating to know that our lawmakers which we elected to create relevant laws to uplift our standard of living are very busy quarrelling to push their selfish motives and agendas. Yes we need critics and fiscalizers in the government so that we may protect it from abusive officials, but it shouldn’t be OA and exaggerated to the point that they’re forgetting their true duty and mandate, and that is to create and pass relevant laws. But who is to blame? We should realize that these people wont be there if not for our votes. So it is high time that we realize the importance of our votes. Yes we may have succeded in changing leadership by parliament of the streets twice, but its effects are short lived. Now is the time to use our true power, the parliament of pen, our VOTING POWER.

Now that election is forthcoming, let’s not waste this opportunity to correct our past mistakes. Voting the right people is the most powerful thing we can do to start the change. We should be very critical and keen in choosing the candidates who will be serving the government. We should vote for those people who have the passion to create significant laws that will truly uplift our lives and not just to criticize and investigate in “aid of legislation”. I recently watched a news item regarding the upcoming election, and I remember a certain religious leader turned politician calling for people to vote for candidates who will push the impeachment against the president, how disappointing. Instead of aiming to create relevant laws they’re longing to install lawmakers that will impeach the small lady in Malacanang, isn’t disgusting? Can we entrust our votes to people whose main purpose in getting to Senate or House of Representative is to impeach a president and not to make laws which is their sworn duty? I am not campaigning against the opposition nor am i campaigning for the candidates of the administration, but my point is, let’s be more descerning. Try to know the candicates well and study their credentials astutely, so that when the election day comes we will have the best candidates installed in our goverment. Candidates who will serve to their best and for the best of our people. Its not yet too late to start and change the course of our country, and no one can make it happen but YOU, I, we all Filipinos who still believe that someday Philippines will rise to its former glory.

Mabuhay ang Malaya at Mapanuring Pilipino

God bless us all