Jessica Sanchez slowly realizing her Sweet Dreams

After getting her 3rd standing ovation on her top 10 performance, Jessica Sanchez again proved to be the girl to beat in this season of American Idol. Escaping elimination again, she’s now another step closer to realize her dream of being the next American Idol.

The high praises she got from the AI judges on her rendition of Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams on the top 9 performance night made her safe and gave her a spot on the top 8.

Jeniffer Lopez was so amused at her performance, she  said she was left wanting more. Steven Tyler meanwhile lauded her sense of style and the quality of her singing. He said she’s definitely a star no matter what. And Randy Jackson said he’s always looking forward to her performance every night and he commended her maturity as a singer despite her young age. He also said she’s one of the best singers he heared in many years and that she’s unbelievably sensational.

Meanwhile on other notes, Heejun Han was the latest addition to the ranks of Americal Idol hopefuls who were sent home and finished their journey’s as idol contenders. After the nationwide votes, Heejun was announced as the person who got the lowest number of votes from the viewers. Together with him at the bottom 3 were Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine.

Do we need to be poor to understand their needs?…Just an opinion

It’s been quite sometime that political ads A.K.A infomercials are running on our national TVs. Different formats, different gimmicks but the only purpose is, for them to be recognize, so as to gain popularity and get more voters for them in the coming election. As I observe those infomercials, the main agenda or common plot is always poverty, that they came from the poorest of the poor then rose to fame and fortune. They keep on claiming the rugs to riches story as to make it feel that they’re one of those poor pinoys who are experiencing how helpless and how hard it is to live in this country. (Siguro mas maganda kung itagalog ko na lang ito para mas maconvey ko ang aking opinion). Para sakin lang po, hindi sapat ng dahilan ang pagiging mahirap dati para maramdaman ang pangangailangan ng ating mga kababayang mahirap. Hindi kailangan nakatulog tayo sa kalye para malaman naten na kelangan ng mga kapababayan naten ang pabahay. Hindi rin kelangan maligo muna tayo sa maduming tubig para malaman naten na kelangan ng mga kababayan naten ang malinis na tubig. Sentitivities to people’s needs does not necessarily mean having to experience those things. Kasi kung ang rason pala para maramdaman naten ang lahat ng bagay eh yung maexperience sya eh di ibig sabihin para malaman ng isang tao na masakit ang mapaso ng apoy kelangan muna nating masunog? Or pano yung mga rape victim na humihingi ng katarungan, kelangan mo bang marape muna para maramdaman yung sakit at hirap na dinanas nila, di ba hindi naman? Hindi ba mas nakakatuwang isipin na yung mga taong hindi nakaranas ng ganung hirap eh sya pa ang mas sensitibo sa pagtulong sa kanila. Mga taong hindi man naging salat sa buhay pero buong pusong tumutulong at tumutugon sa pangangailangan ng mga mahihirap nating kababayan. Hindi ba mas masarap na yung ginagastos sa mga kabikabilang infomercials para ipagsabi na galing sila sa hirap eh itulong na lang sa mga mahihirap. Hindi ba kung totoong galing ka sa hirap eh manghihinayang kang gastusin ang pinaghirapan mong pera para lang ipagsabi ang mga sinasabi mong accomplishments. Kasi ang totoong mahirap at pinaghirapan ang tinamasang yaman eh manghihinayang gumastos sa mga bagay na hindi naman naaayon sa imeediate na pangangailangan (subalit siguro nga masyado lang sobrang ang mga kayamanan nila). Para po sa akin, yes it’s a plus point that you’ve experienced those things to know how it really feels, because you have hands on experience on the matter, but we cannot also categorically deny that those who did not experienced those things are not sensitive enough to feel for them. Our less fortunate people don’t only need people who have been there, but people who may not been there but have sensible heart to understand how they felt and are sincere to help them uplift their situation. Hindi naten kelangan maging mahirap para malaman kung ano ang paghihirap na dinadanas ng ating mga kababayan. ang kelangan lang eh may puso kang tutugon at didinig sa kanilang pangangailangan.

This is just an opinion…

“Aanhin mo ang galing sa hirap na kung gumastos naman ay parang wala nang bukas”