A World without Filipinos

I came across with this photo on the Facebook and when I read it, I felt so proud being a Filipino. This photo is a screenshot of an article from an Arab newspaper mainly talking about the contribution of Filipinos in the world’s labor force.

It’s very prideful to know that we Filipinos especially Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) contributed so much and are valued players in the workforce of other countries. As the title of the article goes “Imagine a World without Filipinos”, it certainly proved how other countries need Filipino workers in order for them to function well. And that it clearly showed that Filipinos really play a big part in moving world economies.

There is no doubt that in spite of the poverty or lack of big opportunities here in our country, the skills and talents of our people is at par with the world. That we are vital resources to other nations who we think are far more developed than our country but in reality it is Filipinos, the Filipino work force who contributed in achieving those developments.

Yes, having more OFWs indicate labor problems and unemployment in the Philippines. But to think that the World will be handicapped without Filipino workers in their surroundings is a testament that Filipinos are not only individuals who went out of the country due to lack of opportunities in their own country, but individuals who are working in foreign land because they trust our abilities, capabilities and skills which they cannot find in other nationalities.


“Because everything we say and do is the length and shadow of our own souls, our influence is determined by the quality of our being.” – Dale E. Turner