Lahar 4×4 Racing More Fun In The Philippines

mtpinatubo1It was an exciting weekend, after 9 months I was back to trekking/mountain climbing again. That weekend trip was a long-time plan, we had the tour purchased last year but since our schedules didn’t jive, it took several months before we came up with the tour date. And on Saturday (March 2, 2013) the date we long waited for happened, a trip to Mt. Pinatubo.

Mt. Pinatubo is known for its eruption in 1991 which was named as the 2nd largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century. It originally stands 1,745 meters before the eruption and currently measured at 1,486 meters. It is located in Central Luzon bordering the 3 provinces of Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga.

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Dreams Will Come Through in El Nido

It was a sunny Saturday morning, I woke up beside my still asleep girlfriend in a nice cottage. I kissed her on the forehead to wake her up for us to take our breakfast. She opened her eyes, smiled and said “Love You Habibi, kain na tayo?” We left the bed and went to the dinning area. After we had our breakfast we take a walk on the beautiful white beach and we were mesmerized and amazed at the beautiful bluish water of EL Nido Apulit Island. Can’t help but tell to myself “You made the right choice to make your wedding proposal here”. Yes it was last night that my girlfriend became my fiancee, and El Nido Apulit Island resort is our witness.

As we are strolling the island and enjoying the wondrous scenery, we suddenly heard a loud noise. It seemed like a big siren moving towards our location. It became louder and louder so we ran to our cottage. Before we got inside I slipped and fall on the ground and when I’m about stand up, I heard a voice saying “Uy gising na, male-late ka na. Ang lakas lakas na ng alarm clock mo di ka pa magising”. And I suddenly woke up and realized that all was just a dream. What a nice dream that put an un-erasable smile on my face.

It is really my dream to go to Palawan especially El Nido, but budget wont allow me yet to have it achieve. From the many articles, pictures and also testimonies from friends who have gone there, I really made it a point to add it to the list of the must go places as it is really a romantic place to go to. Pristine water, nice white beaches and green environment, everyone will really enjoy staying in that paradise island. And with the help of this contest from El Nido Resorts, I’m hoping that my El Nido dream will be realized because I believe that in El Nido dreams will come through.

It’s More Fun in the Philippines Int’l TV Commercial shown

Following the much celebrated new tourism campaign It’s More Fun in the Phillipines, DOT finally unveiled its international TV commercial. Shown in CNN, the TV commercial which lasted for 50 seconds, shows different memes created by Pinoys decribing their take on what is more fun in the Philippines.

Although the interval of transition between the images is a bit fast to read the captions, still it’s a good one in terms of its appeal and on being cathchy.

This is really getting to be a promising renewal of our tourism industry. With the success of WOW Philippines then, I know international tourist will continue to be WOWed because it’s really more fun here. And with the help of every Filipino netizens who are ambassadors on tourism to the world, I know that this campaign will bear fruit and become a succesful one.