Manny Pacquiao gives Bradley his 1st loss

BlFMTGvCMAAbbym_reuters“Zero loss no more”

Manny has again made history for himself; after losing to a controversial split decision in 2012, Pacman was able to avenge himself and came out victorious in their rematch. With this win, he became he first boxer to give Timothy Bradley his first ever loss.

Days before the fight, boxing analyst are split on whose gonna win between the 2 fighters. Some are saying Manny will reclaim the title because of the urge to redeem himself while others bet on Bradley because of his current stance.

But come fight night, Manny’s determination to win was very evident. One can easily see in him the urge and hunger to win and avenge his controversial loss. Although Bradley tried to match Pacman’s speed, Pacquaio definitely outclassed Bradley in this rematch. You can see how Manny smartly prepared to win the fight. And the spirit of a champion is definitely radiating in him.

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Philippines ranked 8th in World Happiest place list

After being declared as the Selfie Capital of the World, Philippines’ social media domination continues. In a recent study by Jetpac Travel Guide in tune with the celebration of International Happiness Day, some 150million Instagram posts were check and graded according to their “smile scores”. And the result of the study showed that Latin American countries has the most happiest people. Brazil got the top stop with the score of 60.8 followed by it’s neighboring countries in the South America.

While the top 5 was dominated by the Latins, Asia wasn’t left out of the top 10 as our very own Philippines ranked 8th with the score of 44.8, the only Asian and South East Asian country to enter the top 10. I would like to attribute the result with the culture since Philippines like most of the Latin American countries where all colonized by the Spaniards back then.

This is not the only time where Philippines was dubbed as one of the happiest as there were other surveys before where it also placed in the top 10. This only proves that it’s really more fun in the Philippines hence we can always smile at everything.

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Michael Martinez made history, placed 19th in 2014 Sochi Olympics Finals

michaelchristianmartinezfinalssochi2014“There’s a bright future waiting for him”

He may not bagged any medal in the Men’s Figure Skating event last night, but Filipino Winter Olympian Michael Christian Martinez is still a pride worth of our honor and respect. The 17-year old figure skater, Philippines’ and South East Asia’s first and youngest representative to the Winter Olympics Figure Skating event showed gallantry and determination coupled with gracefulness as he impressed the world of figure skaters. Olympic commentators can’t help but praise him for his performance in the finals. Although he fell in one of his routines, he redeemed himself in the later part of the program, showing great skills on ice.

His Free Program performance was given 119.44 score by the judges, which was added to his Short Program score of 64.81 totaling to 184.25. And that total final score earned him top spot in the 1st batch of performers (1-6 performers).

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Michael Christian Martinez moves to the Sochi 2014 Finals

“And he made history”


Lone Filipino representative to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia has made history not only for the Philippines but for the South East Asian region as the 1st Filipino to be qualified in Men’s Figure Skating Finals. 17-year old Michael Christian Martinez performed last night in the Men’s Figure Skating Short program, along with other 29 figure skaters from different countries.

Performing to the music of Romeo and Juliet, Martinez wowed the crowd for his mellow dramatic performance. Charismatic performer as described by the event commentators, the Pinoy skater really got the attention of the crowd, evident by several roars and applause. He was also praised for his flexibility which is really his ace in the competition.

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Pinoy talents topped WCOPA 2013

wcopa2013winnersPinoy Pride is shining bright and soaring high again.

In the recently concluded World Championship Of The Performing Arts held in Hollywood, California USA, the Philippine flag was raised to the highest level again as we dominate its 2013 Grand Championship.

Dubbed as the Olympics of the Performing Arts, WCOPA is an annual event showcasing different talents from all over the world. And for this year Filipino’s again proved that we are the nation to beat when it comes to talent competitions.

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Want to travel the World? Visit the Philippines

Who would not want to travel the world and see the beautiful spots each country has to offer? I know everyone of us wants to go places and experience the beauty and wonders of other countries. But what if you can find it in one place or one country?

I was happy to find this pictures in Facebook showing different tourism sites in the world which are akin to what we have here in the Philippines.

Not only are the great places compared to the rest of the world but also Catholic Churches. Churches that boasts great architectural works of art and are considered heritage sites.

Because of the sudden popularity of this campaigns which was also  imitated by other Asian Countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, I took time to make my own version. And this is my contribution to our campaign #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines.

Philippines is really rich in wonders and beautiful tourist spots that are just there to be discovered. So if you want to travel the world consider visiting the Philippines and experience what fun really means. People, places, foods and many others, Its More Fun In the Philippines.

It’s More Fun in the Philippines Int’l TV Commercial shown

Following the much celebrated new tourism campaign It’s More Fun in the Phillipines, DOT finally unveiled its international TV commercial. Shown in CNN, the TV commercial which lasted for 50 seconds, shows different memes created by Pinoys decribing their take on what is more fun in the Philippines.

Although the interval of transition between the images is a bit fast to read the captions, still it’s a good one in terms of its appeal and on being cathchy.

This is really getting to be a promising renewal of our tourism industry. With the success of WOW Philippines then, I know international tourist will continue to be WOWed because it’s really more fun here. And with the help of every Filipino netizens who are ambassadors on tourism to the world, I know that this campaign will bear fruit and become a succesful one.

Two Pinoys in Britain chosen as Olympic Torch Bearers

Two UK-based Filipinos were among the thousands chosen to bear the Olympic torch in a torch relay slated across the British Isles for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. Reymund Enteria and Steven Cheung who are currently based in the UK will represent not only themselves but the pride of the our country in the quadrennial games.

Enteria, is an OFW working at Raphael Medical Centre in Tonbridge, Kent as an Occupational Therapist. He also works as a cook at Waitrose in Tonbridge and taking on other part time jobs. He was able to get the torch bearing sting when he saw an advertisement for torch bearer nominations. At that moment he felt the urge to submit his name and share his story hoping it will inspire people who will read it.

After receiving confirmation from the Olympic committee that he got the job, he felt very happy and proud. He said he will dedicate his run to all the OFWs, his family and all fellow Occupational Therapists and health workers in the Philippines and abroad.

“Di ko po talaga ma-explain kung gaano ako kasaya sa pagkakapili ko po bilang isa sa mga runner ng 2012 Olympics. Hanggang ngayon di pa rin ako makapaniwala na tatakbo ako on behalf of the Filipino overseas worker. I feel proud and privileged at habang buhay ko itong maalala…Gusto ko po sanang punuin ng mga Pilipino yung 300-meter stretch para ipakita na we Filipinos are united as one,” he said.

Another one who was picked as torch bearer was Steven Cheung, a 22 year-old Filipino-Chinese based in UK and working as a Youth community leader. He was nominated by several groups in Waltham Forest for his contributions in youth empowerment in the area. And was chosen by the LOGOC to represent the young people, the Filipino and Chinese communities in Britain for the torch relay. Aside from being a torch bearer he was also tasked as an Olympic Youth Ambassador.

“Proud na proud ako being Filipino and also as an Olympic torchbearer and represent my community in this journey. It’s a once in lifetime opportunity to be involved in the Olympics….As an Olympic Ambassador and torch bearer, I hope to continue to inspire future generations,” he said.”

Pinoy Olympic torch bearers proud to represent Filipinos | ABS-CBN News.