Supreme Court issued SQAO against RH Law

The Supreme Court today has issued a Status Quo Ante Order against the implementation of the RA 10354 or the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012.

In a 10-5 (For and Against) decision, the Supreme Court temporarily stopped the implementation of the RH Law for 120 days with oral arguments set on June 18, 2013 at 2:00 PM.

The SC Justices that voted for the Ante Order were Presbitero Velasco Jr., Teresita de Castro, Arturo Brion, Diosdado Peralta, Lucas Bersamin, Roberto Abad, Martin Villarama Jr., Jose Perez, Jose Mendoza, and Bienvenido Reyes. On the other hand those who dissented were SC Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno, Antonio Carpio, Estela Perlas-Bernabe, Mariano Del Castillo, and Marvic Leonen.

Meanwhile, the Malacanang through its Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said “We will observe the SQA resolution issued by the Supreme Court and we are confident that government will be able to defend the merits of the Responsible Parenthood Law.”

12 of 2012 : Nite Writer’s Yearender

2012yearender2012 has been a colorful and fruitful year for the country. This is the year when our stock market reached it’s highest record all time, prompting good vibes for future investors. It is also marked by landmark bills and laws that has been passed and passed onto controversies, like the Anti-cyber Crime Law, Sin-Tax Bill, and the controversial Reproductive Health or RH Bill. This is also a momentous year for the government with the signing of the Bangsa Moro Framework Agreement and the success of #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines campaign. Truly this is a great year our country will not forget.

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RH Bill ratified by both Senate and House of Representatives

RHBicamPhotoAfter meeting on the Bicameral Conference Committee today, a final draft of the Reproductive Health Bill has been finally created and later ratified by both houses of congress.

Present at the RH Bicameral Conference Committe were Senators Pia Cayetano, TG Guingona, Tito Sotto, Allan Cayetano, Bongbong Marcos, Kiko Pangilinan, Koko Pimentel, Ping Lacson and Ralph Recto for the part of the Senate. For the House of Representatives the Bicam contingents were Reps. Edcel Lagman, Antonio Tinio, Janeth Garin, Dina Abad, Teddy Baguilat, Kaka Bag-ao, Mel and Cesar Sarmiento, and Danny Suarez.

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On RH Bill and my allergy with shrimps

RHLawIt was a long waited victory for the supporters and proponents of the controversial Reproductive Health Bill. Last night both houses of the Philippine Congress (Senate and House of Representatives that is) have passed the bill on its 3rd and final reading paving the way for the Bicameral Conference Committee to consolidated both versions of the measure.

With this developments, the main opponents of this bill still don’t want to stop in rallying against it. Some anti-RH legislators have opened an idea of taking it up to the Supreme Court once it has been signed and ratified into law by President Aquino III. It seemed that they are really against giving people a chance to choose the best reproductive health care method they need. And with that I can’t help but compare it with my allergy on crabs and shrimps.

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Senate and House of Representatives passed RH Bill on Final Reading today

RHBillPassedIt was a long and sweet victory.

After almost 15 years of being pending at the house of congress, the controversial Reproductive Health Bill or commonly known as the RH Bill has finally been passed on both the Senate and House of Representatives.

Voting today, the Senate passed the bill on its 2nd and 3rd reading. This is after President Aquino’s move last week to certify it as an urgent bill, which made it possible for the Senators to immediately vote on the 3rd reading after they finished voting on the 2nd. The measure was voted today on 2nd reading at the score of 13-8 in favor of the Yes votes. They then proceed to the 3rd and final reading which also produced the same number of votes.

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RH Bill passed 2nd reading at the House of Representatives

RHBillPassedon2ndreadingAfter more than 5 hours of nominal voting the Yes votes have it.

At the vote of 113-104-3 (Yes-No-Abstain), the House of Representatives finally passed House Bill 4244 or most commonly known as the Reproductive Health Bill on the 2nd reading. The bill was already passed earlier yesterday via “viva voce”, but with the motion of Rep. Toby Tiangco to put it to nominal vote to confirm the viva voce vote, Deputy Speaker and presiding officer Erin Tañada acceded after it gets the needed votes who affirmed the motion.

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Sotto’s last speech found translated

After being “cyber-bullied” for his plagiarist speech against RH Bill, Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III is still not yet free from social media critics.

During today’s last part of his Turno En Contra speech against RH Bill, Sotto proudly announced his use of Filipino language to erase any doubts that it will be a plagiarized piece again. But to his dismay, critics found again yet another bullet against him.

Parts of his Tagalog speech today was found to be just a translation of a speech delivered by US Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Critics in social media immediately shared disappointments with Sotto for this new blunder.

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House of Representatives voted to end RH Bill Debate

After decades of debates in the congress, the controversial RH Bill has finally passed the 1st stage. What supposed to be tomorrows voting was held today in the House of Representatives. In voting via Viva Voce, the members of the House of Representatives finally voted to end the debates on the RH Bill and move to the 2nd stage which is the stage of amendments.

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