Am I really worthless or it’s just that no one wants to know my worth
Am I really valueless or it’s just that no one cared to see my value
Am I really senseless or it’s just that no one bothers to feel my sensibilities

They say life is unfair, and it is true. We cannot please everybody and we cannot have anything we desire, mostly we are presented with situations that will puzzle us and leave us depressed after not having to define its meaning. Why are there situations where we are demanded to be puzzled, can’t we just be faced with black or white, A or B. Why are there people who cannot tell you what they really mean but instead leaving you hanging and puzzling what they want to incur. It may be painful for one side, but what’s the use of words and language if we will not use it to communicate. Assumptions can be very misleading and instinct can be very dragging, so why not say it so the puzzle will be solved. It may be challenging to solve a puzzle and very fulfilling after we have solved it, but in life’s realities it is not applicable. We should not leave other people puzzling over a thing that end results and outcome are needed.

It may be depressing but life must continue, because despite its unfairness it remains good. Life offers far more than to remain depressed and lonely. If you cannot please them, then please yourself. That’s the best way to counter it, cause although you wasn’t able to get what you desired, pleasing yourself with what you love will erase all those depressing moments that resulted from the puzzling events you once had. Smile, smile, smile share a contagious smile. (Sigh)