Everyday we make decisions, every hour we are bound to make choices, and we can all conclude that LIFE really is like a big market of everything to choose from. Decision making always poised us to choose, whether it is aggreable to many people (the society that is) or just to ourselves.

It may be hard to balance something that is widely popular to what we believe in, but that’s the challenge of decision making, having to prove that what you have chosen is what’s best for you. Sometimes it may abruptly show the results of our choices, but sometimes it also takes time before we can see its effects. Nonetheless, everything we choose, should be what our heart says, consolidated with logical thinking. Although heart and mind doesn’t always sync, it is always better to consider both.

In our life we are only given one choice per situation, there are no such thing as neutral zone, we should always choose which one; left or right, one or two, etc. What really matter is that when we come up with a decision and we are ready to make our choice, it should have gone through deep contemplation and reverence, so that in the end, whatever the outcome may be, we can always say “I may not have the concurrence of anybody, but still I did a great choice”, and that is vindication. Having proved that even though you have made a “silly” or unpopular choice according to the society, you proved to have made the better CHOICE


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