Positivity and Optimism

Life as they say is a journey…a journey full of challenges, mishaps and problems, and it is a fact because there is no perfect life. Pains, heartbreaks and disappointments are always there to challenge our stability and resiliency. And oftentimes people succumb to these challenges and remain in status-quo.

They are afraid to take on new challenges for they are afraid to suffer the same fate. They don’t want to venture into new prospects because they might end up with the same results. But how can we possibly know if what awaits us will be the same as the former if we will remain in status-quo?


Life should always be dealt with positivity and optimism, for life doesn’t end when we loose one time. Every opportunity is always an opportunity to counter the results of the past, and turn it into a better present or future it might be. There will always be threat of loosing, because there will always be an opportunity to win.

Isn’t it more fulfilling to loose one time and win after, rather than having nothing to loose and at the same time nothing to win at all?

It just takes great faith and belief in oneself, for life is a walk of faith. Accept the past with no regret, deal with the present with great courage, and look forward to the future with the promise of success.

Never doubt your beliefs and never believe your doubts.


6 thoughts on “Positivity and Optimism

  1. I’m about to leave the country for a greener pasture so to say. I gave up my stable position in public service. See, at this point, I am afraid, happy, and excited. I bet you know why. For a first timer OFW, I needed to read this post because it gives someone in my position, courage to face this new challenge — with optimism.


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