An Inspirational Journey

The journey of life is very complicated, very mysterious and truly magical. We all came to this world through the miracle of life and we all have to succumb to death, which is also one of life’s mysterious stages. The beginning maybe the most happiest and the ending is the most sorrowful part, but the journey in the middle is the most fulfilling and can be very inspiring to all the people that we touched and encountered in our walk through this life. It’s not important how many riches or achievements we gather throughout our stay in this transient world but the inspiration and lessons that we have imparted to people we have interacted and lived with.

Like the inspiration that Francis M left to many of us Filipinos and also people from other nations.His life really has touched so many lives and the way he lived it, have somewhat gave meaning and hope to so many people. His music will always be remembered for its truest showcasing of our society’s reality. A true patriot who strive to bring about change in our country through the music that he create. A musical genius who never fear to break through the basics and introduce something new. A real fighter who have fought his battle with utmost positivity and optimism. During his ordeal, he didn’t loose hope and still managed to smile and be happy, which is very hard for a person who is stricken with a serious illness. His fighting spirit and his attitude towards his battle with leukemia is an inspiration to many people who are also in the same situation, that no illness should hinder us to continue with our passion up to the very end. I may not be a die hard Francis M fan, but his life and music has been an inspiration to me. I am with him in his crusades and ideals for our country, to have societal equality and to have sustainable peace. His patriotism is truly an inspiration for us to act and make the changes we want to happen. His music will always live on and will be eternal, long until its purpose is served, to achieve what he always dreamed of “ONE LOVE”. May his positive outlook in life and great courage in facing life’s difficulties be an inspiration to many people that life is not about what we have acquired, but what others have acquired from us. Not how many possessions we can show but how many people was able to possess because of the help we have done for them. And that, its not important how we end up a battle but how we fought it.

Farewell to you Francis M, an ARTIST, a PHOTOJOURNALIST, a MUSICIAN, an INSPIRATION. Your inspiration will live on forever and the lives you’ve touched and have inspired will be proofs to that. God Bless your journey to meet our creator.


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