We Can Always Defeat Our Fears

Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders, aerophobia for fear of heights, aquaphobia fear of the water, and claustrophobia for people who feared small spaces. These are some of the fears that humans are faced. There are many aspects in our lives that make us afraid or frightened. This is because life is full of surprises and challenges that make us worry and fear for its consequences. But that’s what makes life more exciting and more stimulating. I’ll bet if there are people who don’t fear anything because I know every one of us has something to fear about.

We may not all have phobias in some of the things around us, but everyday we are faced by fears. Stressful moments that worry us and make us more anxious are always present in our lives. We cannot help but accept the fact that life is not perfect and there will always be challenges that will threaten our comfort zone. But the important thing is how we react to those things that we are afraid of.

Most of the time, when we are faced by situations or circumstances that frightens us, we always tend to avoid facing it. Many of us will find ways and means to avert facing those situations and just play safe in their comfort zone. Yes we may delay those things but the more we delay facing that fear, the more we make it grow inside us. I think the greatest fear of a person is the fear to try and overcome it. We are always anxious to face uncertainties in life, and that’s the biggest problem, because the more we succumb to our fears the more it hinders us to win over it. We won’t be able to conquer those if we will not try. As what one slogan says, “Face your Fears”, because in doing so we are creating a force that somehow will help us get through and defeat it.

It is not impossible to triumph over our greatest fear only if we are headed on an idea that we can. Always think that in the end we will be successful in dealing with it and we will have a great end result. Most people think it’s hard to beat their fears because they’re afraid they might fail, but who cares, many battles are won on the second or even the third round, so why be afraid to try. It’s just a matter of choice; no one has gotten to the end without doing their first step. And that’s how it should be; defeating fear cannot be succeeded if we will continue to play safe in our comfort zones. We can never get to what we want if we’ll always be in status quo. Life should always be walked courageously (I will not say fearlessly, because fear will always be there). By taking on the courage and determination to get to what we want and by being positive that we can get to it, which is the greatest armament we could have to counter those fears. There’s no problem in choosing to stay in your comfort zone, but life is dynamic. It is a continuous drama that should always be dealt with dynamic efforts. We cannot always stay on where we are just because we are afraid of the consequences if we move on to something, and we cannot always be stagnant because life is always changing.

Defeating our fears may be easy said than done, but facing it is the first step to start with. We should not be afraid to face the circumstances aligned with our efforts to conquer those fears, and the best weapon, always trust yourself that you will succeed. If you are confident that you will be able to overcome it, then it will not be impossible to do. As I quote “The best way to conquer fear is, do not fear your fears”. It may be hard to comprehend but that’s the way it is.


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