Call Her "INA"

It is very rare that we find a person whom we can share all our emotions and anything that we feel. A person whom we can laugh and cry at the same time, someone who tolerates your insanity but still finds time to give sensible advises. Someone who will support all your crazy decisions but will tell you what would be its consequences. I’m lucky to have met someone like that, a straight forward, frank (often misunderstood as arrogant), humorous, funny insane, caring and true, and her name is Ina.

Its a long story to share how our friendship started, and to cut it short our friendship led to me being the Godfather of her daughter Cybille. We may have opposite personalities but the thing that jells us is our insanity, we are both crazy in our own ways. We often laugh at the crazy things that we do and make fun of all our misfortunes. In fact I’m encouraging her to video document all the misfortunes that she always encounter on the streets of Manila. I bet you’ll crack and burst into so much laughter once you’ve heard all her experiences in and out of their home. She’s really a comic relief to any stressful moments and to every situations you’re in.

But in spite of her jolly character and humorous facade, she’s soft-hearted, deeply emotional and a contending dramatic actress (hahaha), cause when it comes to serious matters she will be very emotional and sensitive especially with regards to matters of the heart. The seemingly comedienne far excel-lance will become the best actress in her own right when it comes to heart talks. She’s not afraid to show her emotions and so brave to unleash what’s inside her heart and that’s whats admirable about her.

That’s her, a loving mother to her child, a caring daughter to her parents, a concerning sister to her siblings and for me a true friend, and I call her INA, Insane, Natural, Amiable.


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