PNoy on RH Bill : Stand Firm

After PNoy’s statement during his US visit with regards to his support for the RH Bill, he immediately gained opposition from the Catholic Bishops saying and I quote “The whole church is against it” (from Bishop Yniegez). Following this statement, news has been bannered again with the issue of RH Bill being a law. The House of Representatives is constant with their stand to make this bill a law, with the House Speaker saying this is a Priority Bill of the Congress. In the most recent developments, due to PNoy’s firm stand, the CBCP chairman in the name of Bishop Nereo Odchimar said the President could face excommunication from the church if he allowed RH Bill to be passed as a law. To this effect the president issued his statement as a response saying “We are all guided by our consciences. My position has not changed. The state’s duty is to educate our families as to their responsibilities and to respect their decisions if they are in conformity to our laws.” (From the official gazette).

I too am a practicing catholic; I graduated from a catholic high school and am devotee of Our Lady of Perpetual help and St. Jude Parish. But I don’t think it will compromise my catholic faith if I stand for the passing of the RH Bill. I can’t see the point why this is being opposed so much by the church when the only goal of this Bill is to give the people a choice on how they can plan their family. And I can’t see why they keep on equating abortion with contraception. If they are adhering to some natural family planning methods which aim to lessen the number of children in the family, why are they opposing the use of contraceptives which has logically the same goal? If they are contending that abortion is a mortal sin, yes I will agree to that, but equating abortion to contraception is I think logically hard to digest. How can you equate abortion which is killing of an already conceived fetus to contraception which is prevention or reduction of likelihood to conceiving a child? Another thing, RH Bill will only provide a choice and will not induce or force people to follow or use it. What is wrong with giving people a choice? Isn’t it embedded in our constitution the right to choose? Giving people an option would not mean all people will have to bite with that option. That’s why it’s called option, go for those who want, ignore to those who don’t.  Is it bad to give people choice to be responsible parents?

I believe this is the right time that the government should show its political will. The poverty that our country is experiencing today is not only attributable with the corruption in government but also with over population. The country’s economic resources will always be shortfall if the population will continue to rise up. Even though we eradicate corruption if the population will continue to surge our country’s resources will still not be enough to cover its population.

To PNoy I am with you in your stand for the RH Bill. Stand firm on this, Pinoys deserve to have a choice especially in terms of access to health care.

“Vox Populi, Vox Dei”


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