Twitter and The Heckler

Before the year ends, let me blog about the 2 main things that caught my interest this year 2010. This is the year of social media.

It was early this year that I got to know about twitter. Dati kasi puro Friendster and Facebook lang ang napagkakaabalahan ko (especially during idle times in office). When one of my friends talked about twitter I got interested to know what is it look like and how does it work. After registering my account, the first impression was parang boring kasi puro text lang ang mababasa unlike Facebook na may mga applications. Then it came election season, because of ABS-CBN’s new media campaign I started to get hooked up with twitter that led to addiction, masaya pala magtweet at makipagtweet. Because of it, I felt I was close with famous celebs and my idols because I am updated of everything about them. I remembered it was RG Cruz among ABS-CBN news persons that I first exchanged tweets. At that time he was at St Lukes The Fort, tweeting about the condition of First Gentleman who was confined there at that time. The height of my social media addiction is when I got to follow Ms. Ces Orena- Drilon and to my shock she followed me back (I was really star-strucked at that time). It was at the height of the election campaign that their news program Bandila introduced the segment Hot Seat wherein they guested election candidates and interview them using mostly questions tweeted by their followers in twitter and Facebook. Because of my innate interest in politics and current events, I make it a point to tweet questions to Ma’am Ces on every guests they have. Luckily my tweets and FB-posted questions landed on the screen of Bandila 5 times, the last being a video question using skype to Sen. Dick Gordon. It was a great experience for me having been seen on national TV, with my friends teasing me about it. After the election period and with the reformat of the newscast I still make it a point to tweet comment and questions and be part of their live interactive discussions.

More on the twitter addiction, it also pave the way to the resurrection of my interest in the world of blogging. Before knowing Twitter I already am managing my own blogsite, blogging about anything from current news items, poems that pops out of my brain and any subjects that comes out of my mind. But one retweet (I think from RG Cruz also, if i remember it right) got my attention. Title pa lang ng blog nakacaught na ng interest ko because I am not familiar of the word heckler, and I resorted googling it and found out what it means. From the first time that I read the post of The Professional Heckler I said in my mind, this is hilariously fun. From then on I started to follow TheProfessionalHeckler on twitter (which eventually became HecklerForever). Aside from the fun and laughter that his sarcastic humor brings, reading his blogs and following his tweets has also taught me to learn new words like borborygmus and pun. He is really in idol to me whom I can compare to Jose Rizal, being a linguist (having to know 17 languages #ikawna), he seemed to be like a doctor also (kasi laughter is the best medicine diba?. #mayganun #sipsip), prolific writer (#obviousba #bloggerngaeh #scriptwriterpa), and kaaway ng mga prayle (#galitsaanti-RH), sabi ko nga pagdating ng araw pede siguro syang maging national artist for the literature.hehehe (#levelupsapagsipsip). But seriously he is really one heck of a great man who can illicit laughter and wit thru the blogs he write. He is one intelligent person who is selfless in giving his time and effort just to make his followers happy, a certified heckling genius and a loyal sports enthusiast (#golakers :-)). I will always look forward to more heckling days with The Professional Heckler.

Up until now I still maintain my addiction to Twitter and The Professional Heckler blog. These 2 are my constant companion during my idle times in office (pero minsan kahit hindi idle hindi makatiis na magtweet at magcomment sa heckler blog. hehehe). I will never regret being part of the big world of social media because it has helped me learn new things. Twitter will always be part of my life and heckling will always solve my apetite. As I say, “Aanhin ko ang Blogger kung hindi naman si Heckler”. :-)

“To err is human, to heckle is for this man ==> TPH”

Christmas Rush

Days before the much awaited season of the year, holiday rush is already felt everywhere. Shopping malls and bazaars are full of people. The streets are loaded with cars that causes huge traffic. Christmas parties are all over the place. I too am one of those people who at the last minute crams for Christmas shopping. As early as September I’m planning to do my Christmas shopping so as to avoid long queues in malls or bazaars and to smoothly choose gifts that I will give to my friends and love ones. But up until the Christmas week, I ended up being one of those people who rushes into shopping areas to buy gifts and giveaways. Good thing I made a gift list that makes me shop easier and smoothly.

“Do what should be done at the very time you felt like doing it”

My First Airplane Ride

After many times of planning an out of the country vacation, finally it came to realization. Last June 9-12, I found myself, together with my high school friends at the heart of the Land of Smile – Thailand. Threatened to be cancelled due to civilian unrest in Thailand’s Metro Bangkok, we were able to push thru with the plan, and luckily we arrived at a seemingly peaceful Thailand’s Capital.

Before midnight of June 10, we arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. Of course enate to pinoys the fascination with pictures, at the onset of arrival we quickly took pictures of the scenes.

Due to travel fatigue we immediately get a cab to bring us to the hotel we booked in. The ride going to the hotel seemingly brought us back to manila because of the structures and landscapes that is very similar to what we usually see in the Philippine metro. The highways and buildings looks very much the same of what are available here, that’s why it feels like we didn’t go out of the country because we felt like we were home. At the hotel, we met our friend who flew in from Bahrain just to be with us. Of course picture moments again at the hotel lobby and on our suite, before going to sleep we enjoyed delightful chicken pizza to ease our hungry stomachs.

On the morning its breakfast time at the hotel. Sumptuous Thai breakfast was served and we were delighted by what we ate. After the breakfast feast, we started touring the city which weeks before was troubled by political-civilian turmoil. First stop was Chao-Praya river experience. It feels like we’re traveling Pasig river because of its resemblance. We were supposed to jump-off at some points of the tour, but we just opted not to because we were not so delighted and amazed of what we can experience on the stop over places.At the end of the tour is picture taking on one of their treasured temple then after that went back to the hotel. On the evening of that day we head towards the city’s shopping centers. We went to MBK Mall and Siam Paragon to dine and try Thai Foods then after that we headed toward Kaosan road where nightlife is worth the try plus the cheap goods for pasalubong. Then after head towards the hotel again to sleep.

The next morning (our last day) we headed towards tour of the Grand Palace, but before we got to enjoy the Grand Palace we detoured first in other minor temples of Bangkok and a jewelry factory. At the jewelry factory I realized that Pinoys are really everywhere because the crews of the factory know how to speak in Filipino primarily because of the frequent Pinoy visitors there and I was surprised about that. hehehe. After having lunch we go back to the Grand Palace where we witnessed the magnificence of Thailand’s treasure temples. We were amazed at the intricacies and elaborate architectural designs of their temples. After touring the temple we went shopping for our pasalubongs then head back to the hotel to prepare for our departure later at night.

After finishing preparing our things and having bought all the pasalubongs we checked out and prepared to go to the airport. It was a memorable travel for us, especially that our friend flew in from Bahrain just to be with us in this vacation. Bangkok memories will be treasured for the rest of our lives because this is my first travel outside of the country and my very first airplane ride. Im sure this wont be the last travel abroad and I will be looking forward to my ‘Second Airplane Ride”.

“Experience the world for as long as you can, it may be too late when you realized you can no longer travel”

Fruits of Sentiments (Poem Collection Vol.3)

Another collection of Poem Migrated from my Friendster profile blog page.


Sa’king tahimik na mundo
Nasanay mabuhay nang mag-isa
Bawat araw kinakaya nang walang inaasahang kasama
Sa iyong pagdating mundo ko’y nagising
Nagkaroon ng ingay at nagliwanag ang kulay
Ngayong natagpuan ka ligaya’y umaapaw
Tibok nang puso’y laging mabilis
Ngiti sa labi hindi maalis
Dahil ikaw ang kape ko
Na sa’kiy nagpapainit
Salamangkerang bumihag sa puso kong nananahimik.

Magkapiling Pa Rin

Nangagarap na muling makapiling ka
Nananabik na muling mayakap ka
Umaasang muling magkikita, at muling mahagkan ka
Ngunit ano mang mangyari
Di man tayo magkatabi
Sa’king puso ikaw mananatili
Laging tandaan ako’y nandito lamang
Sa puso ko lagi kang iingatan.


Sa bawat araw na dumadaan
Pangarap ko’y ikaw
Marinig lamang ang boses mo
Oh anong ligaya ko
Ngiti sa labi ang iyong hatid
Nagpapatibok ng pusong umiibig
Di man tayo nagkikita lagi kang inaalala
Pinapangarap na muling ikaw ay makasama
Muling pagsasaluhan masayang tawanan
Magdadamayan kung may iyakan
Mahal kita at mahal mo ako
Sabayan natin ang ikot ng mundo

Malungkot na Puso

Tinamaan na naman ng biglang kalungkutan
Animo’y dinudurog ang pusong luhaan
Di maipaliwanag itong nararamdaman
Siguro’y nananabik lamang na ikay masilayan
Ngunit handang magtiis at handang maghintay
Lahat ay kakayanin pagkat ikay mahal
Hanggat sinisigaw ng puso koy ikaw
Patuloy na mamahalin kung iyong nanaisin
Kung dumating ang araw na hindi mo na kaya
At pagmamahal sa’kiy naglaho na
Iiyak na lang at tahimik na magluluksa
Tatanggapin ng maluwag nitong damdaming nagdurusa
Pagkat mahal kita, kaligayahan mo ang nais
Babaunin ko na lamang mga halik na kay tamis
Mga yakap na kay higpit at ngiting walang kaparis
Na minsang pinagsaluhan bunga ng ating pag-ibig


Kalungkuta’y nanumbalik sa pusong nananabik
Nangangamba’t di mawari ang puso’y humihikbi
May luha nang pananabik at pangungulila
Nananalanging sana’y muli kang makita
Sanay mapawi itong kalungkutan
Sa mga tinig na malambing na nais mapakinggan
Animoy musika sa puso, nagbibigay kasiyahan
Tinig na aking mahal at patuloy na minamahal

Fruits of Sentiments (Poem Collection Vol.2 )

Another collection of Poems migrated from FS Blog page. Enjoy!!!


Gusto kong umiyak
Ngunit wala nang luha
Pusong nasasaktan manhid na
At walang pakiramdam
Bakit ba ako nahulog
Sa matamis mong mga ngiti
Kung sakit nang damdamin lang nman ang sukli


Im With You

Hear me through my music
Feel me through the wind
When the sun is shining
That’s the time I’m smiling
When the day is raining
That’s the time I’m crying
I’m with every weather of the day
I’m with you everyday


Gabing puno ng usok
Nag-iisa sa sulok
Naglalakbay ang diwa habang tumatangis
Mga talang nakasilip sa bintana
Tila nag-aanyayang
Ngumiti ka naman at pahirin ang luha
Di natatapos ang mga bagay sa isang paalam
Buhay ay punong-puno ng pag-asa
Manalig ka lamang


Fiery angel who came without notice
The fruit that snow white ate
You are to my eye
Star that glitters
Lighting my every nights
A sweetest cake in my every dreams
A dagger in my heart
You made me bleeding

Fruits of Sentiments (Poem Collection Vol.1)

I recently visited my profile in Friendster, then realized I have my Blog Page there. Below are one of my Poem collections migrated from the FS Blog page.

Lord I’m Grateful

A grateful heart is all I have
For all the blessing that I have got
Your saving grace and merciful heart
Has given me a whole new life
Lord I’ll shout and praise your name
I’ll tell the world the works you’ve made
All the miracles that you have done
Clearly shown you’re mighty one
You are truly my God who lives
You’re my counsel in every feat
You are my beacon that shines so bright
Lord my bestfriend, savior of our lives
With every beat on my heart I will rejoice
I will sing praises with all my voice
Everyday I will thank you Lord
And forever you will be my joy
Lord I’m grateful
Lord I’m grateful
And forever I will love you Lord

Bago ka Lumisan

Sa iyong pag-alis
May nadaramang sakit
Pusong minsan nagliwanag
Nagayon nababalot na ng ulap
Nakakalungkot na ako’y iiwan na
Di mapigilan pagpatak ng luha
Damdaming sumisigaw ba’t di pagbigyan
Isang halik man lang bago ka lumisan
Bakit ba kailangan pang lumisan
Di ba maaring manatili na lamang
Sa’king tabi ika’y iingatan
Pag-ibig na alay ating pagsaluhan
Ngayong nag-iisa kasama ay gitara
Sa kwartong tahimik pinangarap kang makasama
Kung pinagbigyan lang sana
Abot langit ang ligaya

Bakit Ba

Nang una kang makita di ko inakala
Na ika’y lilisan at ako’y iiwan
Mga araw na pinagsamahan puno ng kasiyahan
Sana’y maulit kahit minsan man lang
Wala nang saysay ang buhay
Kung di ka kapiling
Walang humpay ang pagdurusa
Ngayong puso’y nag-iisa
Bakit ba kaylangan pang lumayo
Bakit ba kailangan pang iwanan
Bakit pa tayo pinagtagpo
Kung magkakalayo rin naman
Ngayong nag-iisa ay alaala ka
Masayang tawanan sa tuwing uwian
Sa jeep na sinasakyan di ko maiwasan
Na pangaraping katabi pari’y ikaw lamang

The Beat

Going to sleep with smile on my lips
Mirrored by the smile earlier seen
Sparkling eyes so enticing
Nice aura that is radiating
The earth is shaking and vibrating
Moment when one can say
“Im ready to get hurt again”
Why is this feeling always roam
Trying to test our heart and soul
It really feels good to know your inlove
But it also tends to get you hurt


The True People Power

Had a chance to visit my friendster profile recently, and realized I have blog entries pala sa FS profile ko. Below is one of the Blogs I’ve migrated from Friendster Blog.

We have had EDSA I which toppled the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. We also had EDSA II which evicted the “accused plunderer” Joseph Estrada from office. Then there was what they call EDSA III aiming to remove the small lady in Malacanang but unfortunately didn’t succed (probably because there were no clear purpose). After all, what have we got? Did this parliament of the streets changed the lives of the Filipinos, and how did it made us politically mature?

Before the surfacing of “Hello Garci” scandal, I didn’t thought Philippine politics would be more exciting yet more degrading. When this scandal came out on media in 2005, political scenario in the country has been very annoying, left and right political bickerings between pro-administration camps and the opposition. From then on different protest rallies are staged asking for the resignation of President Macapagal-Arroyo. There were also coup attemps but non have succeded. Many issues also have became hot topics and some were the Impeachment and Charter Change.

Opposition parties have filed several impeachment complaints against the president in the hope of removing her from office, but Arroyo allies managed not to make it happen. With that, pro-admin lawmakers move their way to change the constitution and it went all the way into converting the Lower House into a constituent assembly, but same as impeachment it also din’t worked.Different investigations in aid of legislation as they say, have been done, sacrificing their main duty of law creation and passage.

Isn’t irritating to know that our lawmakers which we elected to create relevant laws to uplift our standard of living are very busy quarrelling to push their selfish motives and agendas. Yes we need critics and fiscalizers in the government so that we may protect it from abusive officials, but it shouldn’t be OA and exaggerated to the point that they’re forgetting their true duty and mandate, and that is to create and pass relevant laws. But who is to blame? We should realize that these people wont be there if not for our votes. So it is high time that we realize the importance of our votes. Yes we may have succeded in changing leadership by parliament of the streets twice, but its effects are short lived. Now is the time to use our true power, the parliament of pen, our VOTING POWER.

Now that election is forthcoming, let’s not waste this opportunity to correct our past mistakes. Voting the right people is the most powerful thing we can do to start the change. We should be very critical and keen in choosing the candidates who will be serving the government. We should vote for those people who have the passion to create significant laws that will truly uplift our lives and not just to criticize and investigate in “aid of legislation”. I recently watched a news item regarding the upcoming election, and I remember a certain religious leader turned politician calling for people to vote for candidates who will push the impeachment against the president, how disappointing. Instead of aiming to create relevant laws they’re longing to install lawmakers that will impeach the small lady in Malacanang, isn’t disgusting? Can we entrust our votes to people whose main purpose in getting to Senate or House of Representative is to impeach a president and not to make laws which is their sworn duty? I am not campaigning against the opposition nor am i campaigning for the candidates of the administration, but my point is, let’s be more descerning. Try to know the candicates well and study their credentials astutely, so that when the election day comes we will have the best candidates installed in our goverment. Candidates who will serve to their best and for the best of our people. Its not yet too late to start and change the course of our country, and no one can make it happen but YOU, I, we all Filipinos who still believe that someday Philippines will rise to its former glory.

Mabuhay ang Malaya at Mapanuring Pilipino

God bless us all