My First Airplane Ride

After many times of planning an out of the country vacation, finally it came to realization. Last June 9-12, I found myself, together with my high school friends at the heart of the Land of Smile – Thailand. Threatened to be cancelled due to civilian unrest in Thailand’s Metro Bangkok, we were able to push thru with the plan, and luckily we arrived at a seemingly peaceful Thailand’s Capital.

Before midnight of June 10, we arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. Of course enate to pinoys the fascination with pictures, at the onset of arrival we quickly took pictures of the scenes.

Due to travel fatigue we immediately get a cab to bring us to the hotel we booked in. The ride going to the hotel seemingly brought us back to manila because of the structures and landscapes that is very similar to what we usually see in the Philippine metro. The highways and buildings looks very much the same of what are available here, that’s why it feels like we didn’t go out of the country because we felt like we were home. At the hotel, we met our friend who flew in from Bahrain just to be with us. Of course picture moments again at the hotel lobby and on our suite, before going to sleep we enjoyed delightful chicken pizza to ease our hungry stomachs.

On the morning its breakfast time at the hotel. Sumptuous Thai breakfast was served and we were delighted by what we ate. After the breakfast feast, we started touring the city which weeks before was troubled by political-civilian turmoil. First stop was Chao-Praya river experience. It feels like we’re traveling Pasig river because of its resemblance. We were supposed to jump-off at some points of the tour, but we just opted not to because we were not so delighted and amazed of what we can experience on the stop over places.At the end of the tour is picture taking on one of their treasured temple then after that went back to the hotel. On the evening of that day we head towards the city’s shopping centers. We went to MBK Mall and Siam Paragon to dine and try Thai Foods then after that we headed toward Kaosan road where nightlife is worth the try plus the cheap goods for pasalubong. Then after head towards the hotel again to sleep.

The next morning (our last day) we headed towards tour of the Grand Palace, but before we got to enjoy the Grand Palace we detoured first in other minor temples of Bangkok and a jewelry factory. At the jewelry factory I realized that Pinoys are really everywhere because the crews of the factory know how to speak in Filipino primarily because of the frequent Pinoy visitors there and I was surprised about that. hehehe. After having lunch we go back to the Grand Palace where we witnessed the magnificence of Thailand’s treasure temples. We were amazed at the intricacies and elaborate architectural designs of their temples. After touring the temple we went shopping for our pasalubongs then head back to the hotel to prepare for our departure later at night.

After finishing preparing our things and having bought all the pasalubongs we checked out and prepared to go to the airport. It was a memorable travel for us, especially that our friend flew in from Bahrain just to be with us in this vacation. Bangkok memories will be treasured for the rest of our lives because this is my first travel outside of the country and my very first airplane ride. Im sure this wont be the last travel abroad and I will be looking forward to my ‘Second Airplane Ride”.

“Experience the world for as long as you can, it may be too late when you realized you can no longer travel”


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