Twitter and The Heckler

Before the year ends, let me blog about the 2 main things that caught my interest this year 2010. This is the year of social media.

It was early this year that I got to know about twitter. Dati kasi puro Friendster and Facebook lang ang napagkakaabalahan ko (especially during idle times in office). When one of my friends talked about twitter I got interested to know what is it look like and how does it work. After registering my account, the first impression was parang boring kasi puro text lang ang mababasa unlike Facebook na may mga applications. Then it came election season, because of ABS-CBN’s new media campaign I started to get hooked up with twitter that led to addiction, masaya pala magtweet at makipagtweet. Because of it, I felt I was close with famous celebs and my idols because I am updated of everything about them. I remembered it was RG Cruz among ABS-CBN news persons that I first exchanged tweets. At that time he was at St Lukes The Fort, tweeting about the condition of First Gentleman who was confined there at that time. The height of my social media addiction is when I got to follow Ms. Ces Orena- Drilon and to my shock she followed me back (I was really star-strucked at that time). It was at the height of the election campaign that their news program Bandila introduced the segment Hot Seat wherein they guested election candidates and interview them using mostly questions tweeted by their followers in twitter and Facebook. Because of my innate interest in politics and current events, I make it a point to tweet questions to Ma’am Ces on every guests they have. Luckily my tweets and FB-posted questions landed on the screen of Bandila 5 times, the last being a video question using skype to Sen. Dick Gordon. It was a great experience for me having been seen on national TV, with my friends teasing me about it. After the election period and with the reformat of the newscast I still make it a point to tweet comment and questions and be part of their live interactive discussions.

More on the twitter addiction, it also pave the way to the resurrection of my interest in the world of blogging. Before knowing Twitter I already am managing my own blogsite, blogging about anything from current news items, poems that pops out of my brain and any subjects that comes out of my mind. But one retweet (I think from RG Cruz also, if i remember it right) got my attention. Title pa lang ng blog nakacaught na ng interest ko because I am not familiar of the word heckler, and I resorted googling it and found out what it means. From the first time that I read the post of The Professional Heckler I said in my mind, this is hilariously fun. From then on I started to follow TheProfessionalHeckler on twitter (which eventually became HecklerForever). Aside from the fun and laughter that his sarcastic humor brings, reading his blogs and following his tweets has also taught me to learn new words like borborygmus and pun. He is really in idol to me whom I can compare to Jose Rizal, being a linguist (having to know 17 languages #ikawna), he seemed to be like a doctor also (kasi laughter is the best medicine diba?. #mayganun #sipsip), prolific writer (#obviousba #bloggerngaeh #scriptwriterpa), and kaaway ng mga prayle (#galitsaanti-RH), sabi ko nga pagdating ng araw pede siguro syang maging national artist for the literature.hehehe (#levelupsapagsipsip). But seriously he is really one heck of a great man who can illicit laughter and wit thru the blogs he write. He is one intelligent person who is selfless in giving his time and effort just to make his followers happy, a certified heckling genius and a loyal sports enthusiast (#golakers :-)). I will always look forward to more heckling days with The Professional Heckler.

Up until now I still maintain my addiction to Twitter and The Professional Heckler blog. These 2 are my constant companion during my idle times in office (pero minsan kahit hindi idle hindi makatiis na magtweet at magcomment sa heckler blog. hehehe). I will never regret being part of the big world of social media because it has helped me learn new things. Twitter will always be part of my life and heckling will always solve my apetite. As I say, “Aanhin ko ang Blogger kung hindi naman si Heckler”. 🙂

“To err is human, to heckle is for this man ==> TPH”


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