Makati: Accident Prone City?

Last Jan 25,2011 is the birthday of the late former Pres. Corazon Aquino, but the nation was bannered by news not about the celebration of her birthday but by another tragedy. A Newmann Goldline bus exploded in EDSA – Buendia Ave. At first there were claims that it might be mechanical error on the part of the bus, but as investigators looked in they’ve discovered that IED (Improvised Explosive Device) was used to cause the explosion triggered by a cellphone. Six people died and several were injured from the tragic event.

While the family of the bus blast victims are still mourning and searching for justice, 2 days later, another tragedy happened again in Makati, 10 construction workers of Eton Residences died by falling from 38th floor down to the 7th floor of the building. Based on the statements made by the investigators, the said people were riding a service elevator or gondola when it collapsed and fell down. Makati City officials meanwhile have immediately aided the victims and their families. The management of Eton residences also have offered financial help to the families of the victims.

Two tragedies in a week in the same city? Very sad for the victims or should I say to the families of the victims and very creepy for an observer like me, especially that the city’s battlecry is “Ganito Kame sa Makati”. If that’s the case I wouldn’t want to share the what they have in Makati, which seems to be an accident prone city.

If we’ll try to look back, this city had been in the news several times involving accidents, tragedies and mishaps. On Feb 2005, a Royal Transit bus exploded in EDSA – Ayala Ave (near SM Makati) and was tagged as Valentine’s Day Bombing. It has left 4 people dead and left 60injured. This tragedy was linked to a muslim extremist based in mindanao.

Another tragic accident happened on this central business district is the Glorietta Blast in 2007. Shoppers and mall goers were shocked that this popular & posh mall complex in Ayala Avenue exploded. The blast intially killed 11 people and injured more than hundreds. Based on the initial reports the explosion was caused by accidental ignition of an LPG tank. There were speculations also that the blast was caused by terror bombings, but rigorous investigations brought to the conclusion that the main reason was an explosion of methane gas deposit.

Not only accidents have made this city in the news, there were also scandals and revolt. Notable for this are the Oakwood Mutiny and the Manila Peninsula Siege caused by the disgruntled military officials who cried corruption in the Armed Forces. Led by then Lt. 2nd Grade Antonio Trillanes and Gen. Danny Lim, this uprising caused damage not only to the government and country’s image but also damage to physical properties. Manila Peninsulas main door was wrecked when an armored tank forcibly entered the hotel lobby.

The military officers involved were held captives and was jailed for the case of rebellion. Lucky for Lt. Trillanes the incident became his vehicle for running and winning a senate seat. While he was jailed he is a seating senator of the republic until the current Pres. Noy Aquino granted him conditional pardon.

Lastly on the list of Makati’s mishaps is the gas leak of FPIC pipeline in Bangkal, posting danger to the nearby West Tower condominium and its tenants. FPIC worked on digging the pipelines to source out where the leak is so that they can repair the damaged pipes. The incident prompted the residents of West Tower condo to issue writ of kalikasan against FPIC, for the damages it caused them. It also prevented Bangkal residents from celebrating the new year with fireworks.

Makati may be progressive and one of the riches cities in the metro but why is it that they are hounded by many accidents. Could it be prevented by tightening their security? Could it be that the local government didnt implement tight measure to possible avoid this things. Or could it be just plain accidents? I may not have the right to adhor their officials but as an spectator and a frequent visitor of the city, I think I can say my view. As what their patriarch say “Ganito Kame sa Makati, Sana Ganito rin sa buong bansa”,but knowing this kind of accidents in their city, I might want to shout “Wag naman Sana”.

“Accidents can be prevented by avoiding unsafe circumstances”


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