A Week of Mixed Emotions

The Mourning

This week started as an ordinary week for everyone. In the world of politics the same is happening with the ongoing investigation of the House of Representative and the Senate on the AFP corruption allegations on the merits of alleged bogus plea bargaining agreement of Gen. Carlos Garcia. Although there are new exposes and evidences coming up and new names implicated, it was not until tuesday Feb 8,2011 that the country was again shocked by a big news. Yes it was the 51st birthday of the president but the shocking news isn’t about him but the one allegedly involved in the corruption in AFP, the former AFP Chief of staff and DND Sec. Angelo Reyes who was found lying and blooded on his mother’s grave in Loyola Memorial Park Marikina. Official reports confirmed that the late general committed suicide by a gun shot on his chest damaging his heart.

The suicide incident followed amidst the ongoing senate and house of representative investigations on the alleged corruption in the AFP which implicates Angie Reyes as one who benefited from such. People close to him are implying the the investigation caused him so much shame and humiliation that led to him taking his own life. One of his close friends Rex Robles said he was able to talk to the former Sec during the course of the Senate investigation and told the he is very down and depressed at how the investigation went thru. He felt he was being singled out and that it was intended to character assasinate him. But the more damaging is his fear that his family will soon get involved.
Up to now the family and his close allies are still puzzling what really transpired that led to his suicide, because they knew the him as strong person and would not easily resort to being suicidal. Angelo Reyes will be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani and expected to be given the 19-gun salute as honor for his being former AFP chief and Sec.of Nationa Defense.

The Celebration

Just 2 days after the death of Angelo Reyes the gloomy news in the country was transformed into a festive and celebrating mood for the Pinoy everywhere. This is because the rising sports favorite Azkals won over the Mongolian team. Panaad Stadium in Bacolod is jam packed as Filipino Futbol fans cheered for our very own Azkals. With the inception of new coach Hans Micheal Weiss, the team is expected to be more on offensive attacks and continuing to solidify its defense.

The fans were not dismayed as the team played good ball on the field. on the 42nd minute of the game, the crowd went wild as the Azkals got their first goal courtesy of #13 Chieffy Caligdong. Fans over at Panaad and everyone watching on television celebrated the goal that went so precise under the legs of the Mongolian goalie. First half ended with 1-0 score in favor of the Azkals.

At the 2nd half, PH team’s defense continue to dominate the Mongols as they’ve got only 2 goal attempts compared to our team’s 8 goal attempts (2 successful). On the 61st minute of the game another goal could have been marked for the Azkals courtesy of James Younghusband but the referee waive it due to hand ball violation. But on the 93th minute seconds away from the final buzzer, Panaad goes screaming again as the crowd and fan favorite Phil Younghusband scored the 2nd goal for the team. This sealed in the Azkals win over the Mongolian team for the 1st leg of the pre-qualifying games of the AFC Challenge Cup. Panaad Stadium was highlighted by the fireworks display after the game and victory celebration was expected to came after in Barotac Nuevo, Bacolod to celebrate the team’s win. Next stop for the Azkals is their game in Mongolia, hope they will win again in this next game.

This week is really a roller coaster of emotions but as they always say we Pinoys are very resilient, we can adopt to anything that come our way, may it be sad news or good news. Like this week’s events, at the onset we were shocked and saddened by the news of the death of Angie Reyes, thereafter we were brought to high elation and festive mood by the victory of the Azkals.

It was really an emotionally charged week for our country, but the more important thing is, we should not forget that no matter how bad the news that is bannering in our eyes there will always be good news that will flatter our hearts and mind.

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day” – Author Unknown


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