The Day Called Valentine’s

Flowers, chocolates, heart shaped objects, cakes, red colored prints, these are some of the common things we usually see around when this day comes. Couples wearing partner shirts, walking and strolling around with matching holding hands, restaurants filled with lovers having their lunch date or dinner with candle lights. So sweet to see and so envious also for someone who is alone on this 14th day of the 2nd month of the year. But come to think of it, isn’t just economics to have this as part of the annually celebrated occasions? Isn’t just part of the business minded people’s gimmick for them to earn? I may sound bitter but I’m just pointing a theory, because having this day celebrated would mean huge earnings for the flower shops, great sales for the chocolate and cake factories, large income for the restaurateurs and we cannot discount the fact that it’s also a great day for hotels and motels all around. Yes they all benefited from this day and I bet they’re wanting to make everyday valentines day just to sustain their cash registers with great sales.

Ok ok, I’m really sounding bitter here (maybe yes, haha) but on the other side, this day is really a celebration of love for those who have already found their partners. It can be tagged as the culmination of something special with their relationship. Although many can say why not make everyday a valentine’s day, for the couples yes that’s possible but celebrating it on a calendared or specific date would add to the magic and sweetness of their relationship. It’s like you’re one with the whole world in celebrating your love on that very special day.

Well for those who have no special “one” to celebrate this day, lucky for us we don’t have to spend extra amount from our income on flowers and restaurant treats (hahaha). Kidding aside, it may look that heart’s day is only for those romantically attached, but single persons can also enjoy this day by giving their self a treat, or giving other single friends a treat, it’s just a matter of perspective. Let your mother’s or fathers, brothers or sisters, single girl friends and boy friends be your valentine. It wasn’t said that valentine’s are only for couples, it can also be for groups. So to those who claim this day as Single Awareness Day, let it be Singles Making It Lovely and Entertaining Day.

“Let the world know that you’re in-love and let your love know he/she is always part of your world”


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