Shake and Shout

For the past weeks and months, we have witnessed how the earth moved and shaked our minds. We were moved and touched by the tragedy that strucked those countries affected by the calamity. Dito sa Pinas, we have also experienced some magnitude 7.0 quake last Wednesday traced from Lubang Island in Mindoro. And last night another earthquake was recorded, this time in Myanmar and Northern Thailand registering intensity 7.0.

To many Pinoy’s concern, that was the night before the crucial game of the Philippine Football Team ASKALS. Marami ang nabahala sa kalagayan nila at marami ang nangamba na baka may mangyaring masama knowing they are in Myanmar that time and will be playing the next day. But news reports came that they are all in good condition and that Pinoy “FUTBOL” fans should not worry. In fact, the team attributed the quake as a sign of a big win the next day.

True enough, the sign was immortalized, as the AZKALS created another huge quake of celebration for winning the game against the Bangladesh Bengal Tigers today in Myanmar’s Aung San Stadium. The team came in fighting form as it’s a do or die game for them. They cannot afford a loose or even a draw, they badly need to win to qualify to the AFC Challenge Cup 2012 game proper. With the offensive game plan slated by the able German Coach Weiss, AZKALS go for the attack early on, giving a hard time for the Bengals to attempt at the goal. The roar came in 41st minute of the game when Ian Araneta scored a goal to give the team a 1-0 lead. Pinoys over twitter shouted and celebrated because its a clear indication sa pagpasok naten sa main tournament ng AFC Challenge Cup, we need to goal and ayun na pinagbigyan tayo ng 1 goal.The first half ended with the AZKALS leading 1 goal over the opponent.

At the start of the 2nd half, the team continued to dominate the game, clearing every opportunity for the Bengals, and on the 54th minute, muling niyanig ng AZKALS ang stadium sa goal ni Angel Aldeguer Girado (who said he cannot fill in the shoe of the injured Phil Younghusband). Pinoy crowds (over the stadium and twitter) again celebrated as the team continues to seal a slot for the main challenge cup. Sa puntong yun, tanaw na tanaw na talaga ang pagkapanalo ng team pero hindi pa rin sila nagpabaya and again on the 80th minute Aldeguer-Girado scored another goal to give the team a much safer lead of 3-0. And that score remained until the game ends and the AZKALS were proclaimed as the winners which indicates a slot on the AFC challenge cup main tournament in 2012.

Philippine FUTBOL has really come of age. It became another source of national sports pride for the country. Bringing inspiration to a country who gets a lot of inspiration from celebrities and sports heroes. They have proven that with Pinoy’s, given the teamwork and great faith everything will be possible. That we can dominate every game provided we work as one team, aiming for the same goal of bringing honor to our country. Sana’y hindi lang ito isang hype or fad na after several instances ay lilipas. Sana’y magpatuloy ang suporta ng lahat hindi lamang sa football ngunit sa lahat ng sport kung saan ang ating mga atleta ay nakikipaglaban para sa karangalan ng ating bayan.Isa rin itong pagmumulat sa ating pamahalaan na sana’y magbigay ng tamang suporta mga atletang lumalaban na dala ang pangalan ng ating bayan. Proper support from the proper government agencies are badly needed by these athletes. Although there are generous private sponsors who are helping these teams, the government should not forget they responsibilities in promoting and supporting sports in the country.

To the AZKALS, thank you for the great job, you made us Pinoy’s proud. To my fellow AZKALEROS and fellow Pinoy sports fan, let us congratulate ourselves for the great support we have given, We are all part of the game and we also won like them. See you on the next games.


“When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes areality.” – Joe Paterno

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Don’t Stop Believin’

I often hear and read of the phrase Patience is a Virtue and all the while I really value its meaning being an optimist and positive thinker. Whenever there are problems or circumstances which didn’t produce fast results, I have to always remind myself of that phrase and keep on waiting and working on its realization.But for others with the fast pace world we live in, it’s hard to be patient. Many are expecting that anything will bear fruit easily and fast, and not getting it will lead to disappointments and distress. Not only ordinary people are experiencing disappointments due to slow attainment of dreams, many stars and celebrities also have gone through the same stage of life.

The Star Power Dream

One Saturday I was able to watched the MMK story of Star Powers Grand Champion Angeline Quinto. Her story depicts, a young girl’s dream to be a singer. She’s a frequent singing contests participant who oftenly got runner-up prizes.Isang tao na nangangarap ng butiin subalit madalas ay nabibigong abutin. Sa istorya nya nilahad ang mga pagkakataon kung saan mistulang sumuko na sya sa pangarap nya dahil sa kanyang mga pagkatalo. Lalo pang nakadagdag sa bigat ng dinadala nya ang pagtalikod kanya ng kanyang ama at kapatid dahil sa pagiging talunan.

It even told how she rebelled to her parents because of her disappointments and failures. How painful it is for a son/daughter to be ridiculed by your own family just because you failed their expectations on you, and it gets a big toll on Angie. She carry that grudge on her heart that causes her to decide not to pursue want she really love, singing.

But certain events turned out that led her back to her old path. When Star Power came she again audition to try one more time. With the support of her adoptive mother, she again gained confidence to sing and prove to his father and brother that she’s not a failure, that she can make it this time. And true enough with her vocal prowess she was able not only to redeem herself in front of her family but getting admiration and accolades from the whole world who have watched her realize her greatest dream. At the culmination of the event, she was announced as the Star Power champion besting 4 other good singers.

The Micropone

Aside from Angeline, there are also other stars who have gone through long wait until they got to harvest the fruit of their patience and hard work. There is Charice, from being a runner up on a singing competition, to being a Youtube sensation and now on Glee television.

She’s was also a product of numerous singing contests who also experienced many losses and disappointments. But with the support of her mother, she didn’t quit until she got recognized and became the star she always dreamed of. Who would have imagined that a small girl who failed her quest in a Nat’l Singing tilt will be recognized and guested in Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah shows and now acting in Glee, and have music album in the US. Her patience and determination and long wait really transformed into a sweet fruit of victory.

The Crown

Another believer is Ma. Venus Raj, the Philippines’ representative to the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant. Before she got to compete on the pageant she was stripped out of the crown for alleged mis-representation of her birth details. But she fought for her crown to be back, and she never stopped until she got to be sent to Las Vegas as the countries delegate. Good enough, she awed many people and was favored for the crown. On the day of the competition, she made pinoy’s proud by landing a 4th runner up prize.

The Gloves

Lastly, who would have never knew the 8th division world champion in boxing Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao. His story is really a great manifestation of what patience and hardwork is all about, sabi nga sa tagalog, Kung Walang Tiyaga, Walang Nilaga. Everyone knows his story of being a poor boy in Mindanao, to being a taga-masa ng tinapay sa panaderia, to a multi millionaire boxing/actor/singer and politician today. His rugs to riches story is such an inspiration to many that Fame and Fortune is really hard earned, matched by dedication, determination, persistence, patience and faith in God. He may have lost several bouts but he did not stop on his dream of being a champion. He kept on working to be better and stronger and look at him now a WINNER.

There is really no easy way to success, sabi nga nila No Pain, No Gain. Every dream will always be realized we just have to keep on trying and keep on pursuing the dream that we want. Disappointments and failures will be encountered along the way, but don’t let those pain break us. Use those to make you stronger and better and wiser to hurdle the challenges and hindrances that’s blocking the path towards your dreams. As they also say, Quitters dont win, Winners don’t Quit, so don’t stop believing in your dreams. Work on it, persevere on it, and always pray for it. A dream that is matched with hard work, determination, perseverance and faith will always be a dream capable of reaching and realizing.


No finish line is too far for a person who continues to run“.

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Are you one of us?

A community of blogger have come up of an initiative to create a national bloggers association. This is aimed on promoting various causes and agendas for all bloggers and to form a collective action group that will address various concerns of all members.

A draft manifesto and further details of this endeavor is now available at this link To those interested bloggers who want to join this initiative please feel free to sign up as founding members.

Thanks you and hope you can be ONE of US.


“A community that Blogs together, creates a community of Blogger”


Prayer Really Works

It was a busy Wednesday in office doing my monthly reports when a chat window popped out. Nung una kala ko kung sino kasi di ko pa nakikita yung name, when I looked at it si Kuya Aries pala. I initially thought mangungulit lang, cause that’s his usual thing when he’s bored in their office at walang magawa. But to my surprise may good news pala sya. He annouced that he’s gonna be a father soon and he’s informing me na magiging ninong na ko. That thing is what we’ve waiting for a long time (yup pati ako nakikihintay. hehehe). He always shared with me his love life and love problems and he always wanted this. After series of false alarms, now her girlfriend’s pregnancy test indicated positive result. I can feel how happy he is that he is now an expectant father. They say the gift of life is the most rewarding thing a person could receive, more fulfilling than any other achievements. But before coming to the current situation it cost him also many disappointments and low points.  He even got separated from her girlfriend and it has tolled him so much. But prayers has always been present. I always encouraged him to be optimistic and positive that in time everything will work out right. That in perfect time he will resurrect from the low points that he had laid on before. That he will overcome all the obstacles that he hurdled. And true enough prayers had bear fruit for them, they got back in each others arms and now are expectant parents.

Oh how happy to see situations likes this. Couples who have gone through testing stage and still come out victorious because of their LOVE for each other and FAITH through prayers. It really boils down to LOVE and PRAYERS, that in every relationship it is really important to have FAITH that LOVE will make you through in spite and despite of any circumstances that faces you.

Prayers really work and it will always work, so keep on praying.


“Faith makes all things possible, Love makes all things easy” – Anonymous

Kapus ang Kapuso News Channel

Last February 28, the most anticipated airing of GMA’s all news channel began. Taking over QTV 11, GMA News TV11 promised to be an upfront to other news channels already airing on Cable and UHF channels. But having seen some pilot episodes, I think it didn’t live up to the expectation. Something is missing, as I would say in the vernacular “matamlay ang pagsisimula”.

I know GMA is regarded as one station who have great eye when it comes to news and public affairs program, having on its roster Jessica Sojo, Mel Tiangco, Mike Enriquez, Vicky Morales, Arnold Clavio, Kara David and Howie Severino. I will not discount the fact that they really are good in this field having won many accolades on their feat. But why did I find this new venture not that commending? Maybe because of the fact that it lacks some energy. Yes I agree, seasoned journalist of Kapuso network should have been pulled it off to energize it but I think having done that, leaves no clear distinction between GMA News TV 11′s and GMA 7′s News and Current affairs.

The anchors are so identified with GMA7 that it didn’t add excitement to GMANTV11. It in fact looks more like it’s still QTV11 with just additional news and current affairs program and new name and tagline. They still kept American Idol and other entertainment programs already available with the defunct QTV. Although magandang bagay naman na ginawa nila itong predominantly tagalog format para mas malapit sa masa as compared to the dominant english format of ANC, hindi naman nila nagawang lagyan ng kakaibang hatak ang GMANTV11 kasi its almost channel 7 na rin. Siguro dapat lagyan nila ng boundary or distinction between GMA7 and TV11. Put some fresh faces as anchors so as not to saturate the public with the same anchors seen in channel 7. Put an identity to GMA News TV11 different from GMA News of Chanel 7. Another expectation not met is it being a 24/7 news channel on free TV. On its plugs, I expect it will be a non-stop round-a-clock news TV since their slogan is “Oras-oras. Alam Ko” but they didn’t made it a 24-hour news channel.

Pero sabi nga nila, there are birth pains. Hindi lahat nakukuha sa umpisa, siguro in time as days go by GMA News TV11 will find its right format and style. They are just starting anyways, Good Luck!!!


“To be educated, a person doesn’t have to know much or be informed, but he or she does have to have been exposed vulnerably to the transformative events of an engaged human life.” – Thomas More

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