Kapus ang Kapuso News Channel

Last February 28, the most anticipated airing of GMA’s all news channel began. Taking over QTV 11, GMA News TV11 promised to be an upfront to other news channels already airing on Cable and UHF channels. But having seen some pilot episodes, I think it didn’t live up to the expectation. Something is missing, as I would say in the vernacular “matamlay ang pagsisimula”.

I know GMA is regarded as one station who have great eye when it comes to news and public affairs program, having on its roster Jessica Sojo, Mel Tiangco, Mike Enriquez, Vicky Morales, Arnold Clavio, Kara David and Howie Severino. I will not discount the fact that they really are good in this field having won many accolades on their feat. But why did I find this new venture not that commending? Maybe because of the fact that it lacks some energy. Yes I agree, seasoned journalist of Kapuso network should have been pulled it off to energize it but I think having done that, leaves no clear distinction between GMA News TV 11’s and GMA 7’s News and Current affairs.

The anchors are so identified with GMA7 that it didn’t add excitement to GMANTV11. It in fact looks more like it’s still QTV11 with just additional news and current affairs program and new name and tagline. They still kept American Idol and other entertainment programs already available with the defunct QTV. Although magandang bagay naman na ginawa nila itong predominantly tagalog format para mas malapit sa masa as compared to the dominant english format of ANC, hindi naman nila nagawang lagyan ng kakaibang hatak ang GMANTV11 kasi its almost channel 7 na rin. Siguro dapat lagyan nila ng boundary or distinction between GMA7 and TV11. Put some fresh faces as anchors so as not to saturate the public with the same anchors seen in channel 7. Put an identity to GMA News TV11 different from GMA News of Chanel 7. Another expectation not met is it being a 24/7 news channel on free TV. On its plugs, I expect it will be a non-stop round-a-clock news TV since their slogan is “Oras-oras. Alam Ko” but they didn’t made it a 24-hour news channel.

Pero sabi nga nila, there are birth pains. Hindi lahat nakukuha sa umpisa, siguro in time as days go by GMA News TV11 will find its right format and style. They are just starting anyways, Good Luck!!!


“To be educated, a person doesn’t have to know much or be informed, but he or she does have to have been exposed vulnerably to the transformative events of an engaged human life.” – Thomas More

Note: Credits to the owners of the photos, those were downloaded from Google search.


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