Prayer Really Works

It was a busy Wednesday in office doing my monthly reports when a chat window popped out. Nung una kala ko kung sino kasi di ko pa nakikita yung name, when I looked at it si Kuya Aries pala. I initially thought mangungulit lang, cause that’s his usual thing when he’s bored in their office at walang magawa. But to my surprise may good news pala sya. He annouced that he’s gonna be a father soon and he’s informing me na magiging ninong na ko. That thing is what we’ve waiting for a long time (yup pati ako nakikihintay. hehehe). He always shared with me his love life and love problems and he always wanted this. After series of false alarms, now her girlfriend’s pregnancy test indicated positive result. I can feel how happy he is that he is now an expectant father. They say the gift of life is the most rewarding thing a person could receive, more fulfilling than any other achievements. But before coming to the current situation it cost him also many disappointments and low points.  He even got separated from her girlfriend and it has tolled him so much. But prayers has always been present. I always encouraged him to be optimistic and positive that in time everything will work out right. That in perfect time he will resurrect from the low points that he had laid on before. That he will overcome all the obstacles that he hurdled. And true enough prayers had bear fruit for them, they got back in each others arms and now are expectant parents.

Oh how happy to see situations likes this. Couples who have gone through testing stage and still come out victorious because of their LOVE for each other and FAITH through prayers. It really boils down to LOVE and PRAYERS, that in every relationship it is really important to have FAITH that LOVE will make you through in spite and despite of any circumstances that faces you.

Prayers really work and it will always work, so keep on praying.


“Faith makes all things possible, Love makes all things easy” – Anonymous


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