Shake and Shout

For the past weeks and months, we have witnessed how the earth moved and shaked our minds. We were moved and touched by the tragedy that strucked those countries affected by the calamity. Dito sa Pinas, we have also experienced some magnitude 7.0 quake last Wednesday traced from Lubang Island in Mindoro. And last night another earthquake was recorded, this time in Myanmar and Northern Thailand registering intensity 7.0.

To many Pinoy’s concern, that was the night before the crucial game of the Philippine Football Team ASKALS. Marami ang nabahala sa kalagayan nila at marami ang nangamba na baka may mangyaring masama knowing they are in Myanmar that time and will be playing the next day. But news reports came that they are all in good condition and that Pinoy “FUTBOL” fans should not worry. In fact, the team attributed the quake as a sign of a big win the next day.

True enough, the sign was immortalized, as the AZKALS created another huge quake of celebration for winning the game against the Bangladesh Bengal Tigers today in Myanmar’s Aung San Stadium. The team came in fighting form as it’s a do or die game for them. They cannot afford a loose or even a draw, they badly need to win to qualify to the AFC Challenge Cup 2012 game proper. With the offensive game plan slated by the able German Coach Weiss, AZKALS go for the attack early on, giving a hard time for the Bengals to attempt at the goal. The roar came in 41st minute of the game when Ian Araneta scored a goal to give the team a 1-0 lead. Pinoys over twitter shouted and celebrated because its a clear indication sa pagpasok naten sa main tournament ng AFC Challenge Cup, we need to goal and ayun na pinagbigyan tayo ng 1 goal.The first half ended with the AZKALS leading 1 goal over the opponent.

At the start of the 2nd half, the team continued to dominate the game, clearing every opportunity for the Bengals, and on the 54th minute, muling niyanig ng AZKALS ang stadium sa goal ni Angel Aldeguer Girado (who said he cannot fill in the shoe of the injured Phil Younghusband). Pinoy crowds (over the stadium and twitter) again celebrated as the team continues to seal a slot for the main challenge cup. Sa puntong yun, tanaw na tanaw na talaga ang pagkapanalo ng team pero hindi pa rin sila nagpabaya and again on the 80th minute Aldeguer-Girado scored another goal to give the team a much safer lead of 3-0. And that score remained until the game ends and the AZKALS were proclaimed as the winners which indicates a slot on the AFC challenge cup main tournament in 2012.

Philippine FUTBOL has really come of age. It became another source of national sports pride for the country. Bringing inspiration to a country who gets a lot of inspiration from celebrities and sports heroes. They have proven that with Pinoy’s, given the teamwork and great faith everything will be possible. That we can dominate every game provided we work as one team, aiming for the same goal of bringing honor to our country. Sana’y hindi lang ito isang hype or fad na after several instances ay lilipas. Sana’y magpatuloy ang suporta ng lahat hindi lamang sa football ngunit sa lahat ng sport kung saan ang ating mga atleta ay nakikipaglaban para sa karangalan ng ating bayan.Isa rin itong pagmumulat sa ating pamahalaan na sana’y magbigay ng tamang suporta mga atletang lumalaban na dala ang pangalan ng ating bayan. Proper support from the proper government agencies are badly needed by these athletes. Although there are generous private sponsors who are helping these teams, the government should not forget they responsibilities in promoting and supporting sports in the country.

To the AZKALS, thank you for the great job, you made us Pinoy’s proud. To my fellow AZKALEROS and fellow Pinoy sports fan, let us congratulate ourselves for the great support we have given, We are all part of the game and we also won like them. See you on the next games.


“When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes areality.” – Joe Paterno

*Credits to the owners of the photos courtesy of, Yahoo Sports and

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