Osama Has Been Laid Then

After the hype on the Royal Wedding and the celebrations of Catholic world for the Beatification of Blessed John Paul II, another news maker did waves on international media. Last Monday (May 2,2011 Manila Time), the world was informed that the fugitive Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was killed in an operation conducted by US special forces in a compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan. In a televised announcement at the White House on Sunday Night (May 1, 2011 US time), President Obama said โ€œTonight I can report to the American people and the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden. After a fire fight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body,โ€.The news was said to have been broke through social networking site Twitter before breaking it on television.

Osama was accused of being the mastermind in the 9/11 tragedy that cause many lives of Americans. Because of that US have launched several tactical operation in locating the terrorist group leader. For many years he managed to escape the hands of the mighty US forces and was able to entertain media interviews which cause ire of the authorities hunting him. How can this man penetrate media wires and broadcast his propaganda when US military are trying so hard to capture him. But the many years of arduous search, and intelligence gathering bear fruit when they succumb him last Sunday. The seemingly great escapist was then held into the arms of US military forces and with firefights he was gunned down dead. According to reports, the operation started last August when intelligence officials discovered the compound while monitoring an Al-Qaeda courier. With months of planning and secret operations, they have came up with the raid last Sunday that killed the terrorist leader.

After the news have been heard, many have raised doubt (including me) as to the veracity of the reports. Is Osama really killed this time? Cause years way back there are also news that came out the Bin Laden have been already killed, but suddenly he will came out on video showing himself alive. But the US officials are firm that this time the Al-Qaeda leader is really dead. Asked for Osama’s body of proof, military officials said, they have to bury him immediately as per Muslim culture. Muslims are supposed to be buried 24hours after they have died. Asked for the burial site, they said Bin Laden was buried in some part of the Arabian sea and was given the necessary Muslim Burial rites.

But after this confirmations, many still find it hard to believe if indeed Osama was really been killed which prompts some people to ask the White House to show pictures of the killed Bin Laden, or videos of his burial. But the clamor didn’t worked. US Pres. Obama confirmed they will not show any footage or photos of Bin Laden for security issues. He said, the images are so graphic and sensitive that it may ignite some outrage from Bin Laden’s believer. They have just confirmed that based on DNA testings that were conducted, that indeed the dead body was the body of Osama Bin Laden.

The leader maybe indeed dead and now enjoying the splurge of water of Arabian sea, but terrorism is still at large. The group the Bin Laden has formed is still there and maybe just waiting for retaliation. This prompts countries including ours The Philippines to strengthen its National Security for possible retaliation of other terrorist groups linked to Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda. I don’t think his death signals a safer world versus terrorist attacks but rather a more vulnerable one because of the possible vengeance of those who share same ideologies as with Osama’s. I cannot stop people from celebrating his death but after celebrating, security officials should not let loose with their job of securing every nationals of every country. The real terror lies not only on it’s leaders but on the minds of its followers who can plot and launched another attacks for the sake of what they call ‘Ideologies’. So beware still and be vigilant, ideology didn’t die with the leader it is passed on to their followers.

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“Everybody’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s a really easy way: stop participating in it.” – Noam Chomsky

*Credits to the owners of the photos, taken from Google Search

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