And That Was History

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After not winning the game in Mohammad Al-Hammad Stadium in Kuwait last July 24 against the mighty Kuwaiti Al-Azraq Football team for the Leg 1 of the Round 2 2014 World Cup Qualifiers, the AZKALS are back home to play the Leg 2.

Last night in the hope of upsetting the Kuwaiti team and clinching the Round 2 to advance for the group stages, the Philippine Football Team ‘The Azkals’ fight it all out in front of a wet and wild home crowd. Staged again in the 13,000 seater Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila, the Azkals played hard ball in the hope of beating the powerhouse Kuwait. Shouldering the pressure of winning, the team pressed on and put more solid defenses on the numerous attacks by the arabs. Several attempts from the Kuwaitis have been cleared by the Azkal defenders and the golie Neil Etheridge.

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With the speed and nice ball handling and coordination by the Kuwaitis, the Azkals also had a hard time attacking the goal. Several offenses have been fired by the Pinoys but the Kuwaiti team also showed great defense clearing all those attacks. But it was the long range kick to the goal by Staphan Schrock that ROCKED the stadium and give the Azkals a burning hope for the win. With Philippines leading 1-0 at the half, they continued pressing the defense and looking for opening to launch another attack to score. But it seems Kuwaitis are really skillful, after the 61st minute of the game the pinoy crowd suddenly went silent with the goal from Yousef Nasser of Al-Azraq equalizing the game to 1-1 (and 1-4 on aggregate).

With just minutes more to play, it is then highly impossible for the Azkals to snatch a win, more over when another goal was scored by the Kuwaitis on the 83rd minute resulted from an own goal by Rob Gier who failed to kick the ball away from the goal. And on that moment the history has ended. Our quest for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is now over.

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We may be victorious to advanced for the world cup dream but what’s more important is that we were able to reach round 2 this time. No Philippine team ever, has reached this far and it’s far far great achievement already. Another fact is that we were able to give a great match against the more skilled and much higher ranked team in the world of football. Imagine Kuwait is ranked 92nd and we’re at 162nd and yet the Kuwaitis still had a hard time playing with us, and with that I am still proud of our team Azkals. They have brought another inspiration to our country and to our people.

Because of them we now have another sport to cheer, to watch and to unite for, and that’s more than enough to ask for. Because of football a nation who is clouded with political divisions and even religious animosity has been united even just for couple of hours. Because of PINOY FUTBOL Filipinos are now in full support of fellow Filipinos. And because of the Azkals we are more proud now that we are Filipinos, because we know in unity we can achieve something that seemed to be impossible then. So keep the fire burning, keep the hopes alive, continue the battle, prepare for the fight. Pinoys we are proud of each other, WE BELIEVE

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“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

“Victory isn’t defined by wins or losses. It is defined by effort. If you can truthfully say, ‘I did the best I could, I gave everything I had,’ then you’re a winner.” - Wolfgang Schadler

School Homecoming

Speaking in front of an audience was never my forte but I always dream of it cause I want to impart inspiration to those who will listen to whatever I have to say. Last April 1, I was given the opportunity to address the graduating class of Gagalot-Taytay Elementary School (my former Elementary School). I was never surprised as I have long envisioned it will come to that point. (I think I’m a clairvoyant.kidding.) When I was told the theme of the commencement exercise, I felt relieved cause that was the topic I really want to be speaking about “Youth’s Role in Social Transformation”.

The preparation towards the day is quite intense, thinking of what to wear, how should I look like, while at the same time preparing for the “script”. Writing the speech is something more arduous (although I love the theme), I find it hard to make the speech short and concise, taking into consideration also that my audience are grade school pupils. I want as much as possible to use simple words that the kids will enjoy to listen to avoid them from falling into sleep. Weeks have past and I have yet to finalize my rhetoric, not until the day before the event. At the night before the graduation I have finally came out with the final version of the speech that I will be reading in front of them.

On the day itself all the anxiety disappeared. It was a nice homecoming having been welcomed by the school principal who used to be my Grade 1 teacher. During the ceremonies I can’t help but be nostalgic on the days when I’m still studying there. Seeing the kids on the graduation gowns and cap, I suddenly felt “Am I that Old”. But I just convinced myself, no “I am the youngest graduation speaker to have stood in this stage” (lol).

After all the rites and ceremonial process on that day, then came my turn to take the stage. After being introduced by the Emcee, I then held the rostrum and started to deliver. With my script being held in front of me, I just suddenly broke into my innate talkative nature and forgot to follow what I have strenuously written. All the bubbles of nervousness popped out as all the words just came out of my mouth unstoppable. And after (I think) 20 minutes of talk, I’ve concluded my “lecture”.

Seeing the smile of my parents who was there watching in front of me and the smiles of the parents, the teachers of the students, I just felt, “mission accomplished”, my job is done. I may not have uttered the most brilliant words during that day but I know in simple talk I have made them believe that they can do something to fuel the change that our country needs. That the torch of hope is still burning and that hey only need to hold onto it and share it to others so that light will spread.

Below is the transcript of the speech I have delivered.

District Superintendent Dr. Merandilla
Mayor Filo Guera and Members of the Municipal and Barangay Councils
Principal Ma’am Myrna Dorado
Faculty Members
Graduating class of 2011
Ladies and Gentlemen

Good Afternoon!

Before I start let me first congratulate all the graduates and their parents. At bago ako magsimula may ipapagawa muna ako sa inyo. Mga graduates pede bang lapitan nyo ang inyong mga parents at bigyan nyo sila ng isang mahigpit na yakap at matamis na halik. (ok thank you, pede na ulit kayo umupo)

It’s an honor for me that after 17 yrs, I’m standing here again on this stage to speak in front of you. It was in 1994 when I was also standing here delivering my valedictory speech in front of my fellow graduates of Batch ’94. Di ko na nga maalala yung speech ko nun, and unfortunately nawala na rin yung copy ko. 17 yrs may be long enough, pero sa bilis ng takbo ng panahon at mga pagbabagong nagaganap, masasabi kong ang mga araw na yon ay parang kailan lang.

As I looked back on those days, I saw that many changes and transformations have already transpired. Nung mga panahong yun hindi pa kame covered court kaya tiis kame sa init ng araw during our graduation and any events na ginagawa dito. Hindi pa rin sementado yang kalsada naten kaya lupa yung nilalakaran namen para lang makapasok. In fact sa loob ng classroom eh nakapaa kame at ung mga tsinelas ay iniiwan sa labas para hindi magkadumi ang classroom. Yung ibang school buildings din ay hindi pa nakatayo and wala pa kameng sementadong bakod nun, kaya madali magcutting class, pero hindi ko naman po yata ginawa yun or hindi ko lang maalala. hehehe. Kaya masasabi ko na maswerte kayo ngayon. You are experiencing more convenient school environment than what we have before. May bumubyahe nang sasakyan kaya pag tinatamad kayong maglakad pede na kayong sumakay. Nung kame walang choice kundi maglakad, pero masaya naman kasi we walk in groups kaya kulitan din pagpasok at paguwi. Isa pa alam ko mas malalaki na ang mga binibigay sa inyong baon ngayon tama ba? Siguro mababa na yung 10pesos na baon ninyo sa isang araw? Nung panahon ko ang pinakamalaki kong naging baon is 2 pesos. Kung sabagay mura pa kasi nuon ang mga tinda, yung isang tasa nga ng lugaw namen sa canteen ay bentsingko lang, tapos may tinapay na tig singkwenta lang. Nauso din samen nuon yung mga tornohan, ngayon ba may gumagawa pa sa inyo nun or alam nyo ba kung ano yung tornohan? Uso samen yun dati eh, mangongolekta araw araw ng bentsingko yata tas yung maiipon ibibigay dun sa sasahod ng torno per week. It’s some sort of learning how to save from our baon na rin at yun ang nagturo saken pano magmanage at magpahalaga sa pera. Kung inaakala po ninyo na mayaman kame hindi po, siguro medyo nakakangat sa iba pero hindi po kame mayaman at hindi rin po kame pinalaki sa luho. Nagpapsalamat nga po ako sa mga magulang ko kasi tinuruan nila kame ng kapatid ko na maging kuntento sa kung anong meron kame. Although nag-aabroad po ang tatay namen nuon, naibibili lang po kame ng bagong damit pag pasko or may special occasions lang. At masasabi ko po na tumatak talaga saken yung aral na yun kasi hanggang ngayon ay nadala ko pa rin. Tulad ngayon na kahit medyo maganda na yung sweldo ko, bumibili lang po ako ng mga gamit na talgang kelangan ko. Hindi ako yung tipo ng tao na bumibili dahil lang sa uso yan or dahil may ganyan yung kaibigan ko. Bibili lang ako pag gusto ko nang bilhin yung gusto ko at pag talagang kelangan ko ung bagay na un. Kaya kayong mga gradutes kung kaya nyo magipon from your baon gawin nyo kasi hindi madaling kitain ang pera. Siguro yung iba sa inyo hingi lang ng hingi no, tas yung iba nagagalit pa sa nanay or tatay pag hindi napagbigyan. Lagi ninyong tandaan hindi nila pinupulot ang pera, pinaghihirapan nila yun, malalaman nyo rin yan pag nagtatrabaho na kayo. Ok tama na nga sa mga reminiscing part baka magkaiayakan pa tayo dito. Lets go down to the business now, bakit ba kayo andito at bakit rin ba ako andito.

Graduation maybe as sweet as a candy, but it doesnt end here. The journey to learning is a never ending process, especially that we are living in a community of people who are expected to work with each other. Yes indeed its a moment of celebration for you and your parents as you have just finished the initial process in the ladder of education, but it doesn’t end here. This is another start to a more complex stages of studies that you need to endure and work hard again. As what Dr. Jose Rizal said ‘Ang Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Bayan’, you, including us youths of today are entrusted a task to build this country, to make efforts in tranforming our weakenign society. And what’s the best way to achive that is through Education. We need to educate ourselves so that we can share our talents and skills to our community. Each one of us is an important unique part of our society, we cannot propel our country into the progress that we dream if we will not contribute on its realization.

Siguro iniisip nyo na bata lang kayo at wala kayong magagawa, at siguro iniisip nyo na yung achievements nyo ngayon na nakatapos na kayo ay magagamit nyo lang para sa sarili nyo at sa pamilya ninyo, ngayon pa lang sinasabi ko sa inyo, kailangan kayo ng ating bayan. Lahat kayo, lahat tayo ay may responsibilidad para sa bawat isa sa ating pamayanan. diba nga may kasabihan tayo na ‘No man is an island’, ibig sabihin nun, dapat tayo magtulungan at makibahagi sa bawat isa kung gusto naten maaiangat ang ating pamayanan. Lahat tayo ay dapat makilahok kasi kung palagi na lang tayo hindi kikibo at hindi kikilos, yung para bagang tanggap na lang ng tanggap ng kung anong meron, hindi talaga tayo uusad. Sabi nga ni Maria Ressa sa isa nyang tweet or sa isang article yata un, wala raw karapatan magreklamo sa hindi magandang serbisyo ng gobyerno ang mga taong hindi naman bumoboto. Para lang din yan yung mga todo mangarap na sana manalo sa lotto pero hindi naman tumataya, di ba walang nangyayari at nanatiling pangarap na lamang. Tamang tama lang na sa edad ninyo ay matututunan nyo na ang concept ng ‘Social Responsiblity’ (narinig nyo na ba yung term na yun?) Kung hindi pa, madali lang yun maintindihan,isipin nyo na lang ang isang laro na pang grupo. Diba para manalo ang grupo nyo dapat lahat kikilos, lahat may parte kung anong gagawin, kasi kung may isa dyan na hindi ginawa yung parte nya, kahit gaano katalino or kagaling ang mga miyembro ng team nyo, hinding hindi kayo mananalo. Ganun din ang social responsibility, lahat tayo dapat nagtutulungan lahat tayo dapat ginagawa ang parte naten para maisakatuparan naten yung pagbabago na matagal na naten minimithi. napakasimple lang naman kung pano gawin yun eh, wag magpasaway. Ako aaminin ko minsan nagpapsaway din ako, especially sa Manila pag nakasakay ako sa bus, tapos pag bababa na ko, hindi ako ititigil sa lugar kung saan ako pumara kasi may tamang babaan. Minsan naiinis ako sa drive, kasi imbes na bababa ako dun sa dapat kong puntahan paglalakarin pa ko. Pero tama naman yun driver diba, sinusunod lang nya yung batas na may tamang babaan. Alam ko marami dito ang minsan ganyan din yung pagiisip na para maging pabor or komportable saten eh magpapsaway sa kung ano yung tama at dapat. Isa pa sa basura, nagkalat na nga ang mga basurahan at may nakalagay pa kung nabubulok at hindi nabubulok pero nagtatapon pa rin sa kung saan saan at sa hindi tamang lalagyan ng basura. Pero may dahilan dyan, dahil dun tayo lumaki, yun ang sistemang kinagisnan naten at yan ang pinakasagabal kung bakit hanggng ngayon pangarap pa rin ang pagunlad naten. Kung napapanood nyo yung hearing ng corruption sa AFP,(nanonood ba kayo ng balita?) sabi nung isang general na nakakurakot ng milyon milyon, kaya daw nya ginawa yun kasi yun na daw yung dinatnan nya, yun na daw yung sistema na inabutan nya, kaya sumunod na lang sya. Bakit daw nya iibahin eh nakikinabang naman sya. Oo nga naman, bakit nga naman nya pipigilan yung ganung sistema eh dahil dun nagiging kumportable ang kanilang pamumuhay. Hindi na nya inisip na maraming naghihirap na Pilipino dahil sigruo hindi nya naisabuhay yung concepto nang social responsibility. At yan ang hamon sa inyo mga graduates, dahil bata pa kayo, kaya nyo pang baguhin ang sistema, kaya pa naten baguhin kung anong dinantnan naten para yung mga susunod sa atin tamang sistema na yung susundan nila. Diba napakagandang buhay ang nagaabang sa mga magiging anak at apo naten na maunald na pamayanan na yung kalalakihan nila, na disiplinado na ang lahat at nagtutulungan. Lahat nman yan nasa isip lang eh, tignan nyo ngayon ang Lucban, sino pang magaakala na maipapatupad nila ang zero plastic campaign nila. Alam ko nung unang nipropose yan eh tiyak marami rin ang kumontra na kesyo ang hirap mamimili na walang plastic bag at kung ano-ano pa, pero ngayon lahat sila bayong at paper bags na ang ginagamit, at nagawa nila yun kasi lahat ng mamamayan ay nakiisa at nakilahok para sa pagbabago na yun. Wala naman talaga imposible kung magkakaisa at makikilahok ang lahat eh. Sana nga dito saten gawin rin yun eh (maari po kaya yun Mayor). Kasi napakalaking bawas sa basura at tulong sa ating kalikasan talga kung mababawasan ang paggamit ng mga plastic.

Maraming bagay talaga ang magagawa naten para sa pagbabgo ng ating bayan at marami rin tayong magagawa para sa ating mga kababayan kung gugustuhin lang naten. Hindi po sapat na dahilan na, mahirap lang kame hindi ko kayang tumulong. Kilala nyo ba si Kuya Ef, si Efren Peñaflorida, ung CNN hero last year. Diba hindi rin naman sya mayaman at bata pa rin sya nung sinimulan niya yung Kariton Classroom nya. Pero dahil sa determinsyon at paniniwala at pagnanais nya na tumulong at baguhin ang kapalaran nung mga batang hindi nag-aaral sa lugar nila eh nagtagumpay sya sa hangarin niya. Kung maikwento ko na rin po, currently ako po ay head ng isang organization na noon ay inakala kong hanggang pangarap lang din. Matagal ko na po kasi talaga pangarap na magkaron ng isang charity foundation na tutulong sa mga nangangailangan. Syempre nung bata pa ko at nagaaral pa lang, kala ko hindi ko kaya kasi hindi naman nga kame mayaman inisip ko na hindi ko kayang abutin yung pangarap na yun. Nung nagkatrabaho po ako, nanatili yung pangarap na yun, hanggang isang araw ng December 2007, nagiisip ako, ano kaya magandang Christmas gift na hindi para sa sarili ko pero para sa mga ibang tao. Kasi po sa manila dami ko nakakasalubogn sa kalye na mga nananamilos, mga taong grasa at matatanda na parang inabandona na ng kanilang mga pamilya. Tapos sa hilig kong makinig nga radio (DZMM), lagi ko naririnig kay Karen Davila yung World Vision na sa halagang 400 per month daw ay pede ka na kumuha ng isang batang scholar. Naisip ko kumuha kaya ako ng isa, kasi ang mura 400 pesos tas mapagaaral mo na yung isang bata. Kinausap ko yung ilang barkada ko sa office namen, sabi ko kuha tayo ng scholar sa World Vision, tig 100 tayo (nagtipid pa rin eh no). eh pumayag naman sila. Tapos nalaman din nung ibang ka-opisina namen yung balak namen na project ayus sumali na rin sila kasi sabi sabi nila gusto din nila ng mga ganung charirty work, at the same time mura lang naman. Ayun nagstart sa 6 hanggan sa umabot ng 30 yung members namen nun taon na un, so bago magpasko ng 2007, imbes na 1 bata lang, 6 na bata po yung na-sponsor namen. Hanggang ngayon continuos pa rin yung pagdami ng memeber, merong nawawala pero mas marami naman yung pumapalit, kaya for 3yrs ng org namen may nagawa na po kame ng 3 outreach programs, 2 sa bahay ampunan at 1 sa home for the aged plus yung tuloy tuloy na scholarship program namen dun sa 6 na bata. Tapos this coming school opening at may nakaschdule kameng back to school outreach program sa isang public elementary school sa Pagsanjan,Laguna. Yung High School batch naman po namen, nagkasundo rin nun nag reunion kame na kumuha ng 1 scholar sa Liceo, yung scholar po namen eh 4th yr na sa pasukan. Ganito po yung sinasabi ko na ang pagtulong at pakikilahok sa pagbabgo ng ating pamayanan ay hindi tumitingin sa edad at kalagayan sa buhay. Maaring bata lang, pero kung maraming bata naman ang magututulungan ay marami pa rin pagbabagong maisasakatuparan.

Isa rin po itong hamon sa ating mga magulang, dahil kung ang mga kabataan ang pag-asa nang bayan, ang mga magulang naman po ang pagasa ng ating mga kabataan. Kasi kayo po ang magiging ehemplo or modelo nila. Diba sabi nga kung anong ginagawa ng mga matanda ay syang ginagawa ng mga bata, kaya dapat po ipakita naten sa mga anak naten,na sang-ayon tayo sa pagbabago, na kaisa tayo sa paghuhubog ng ating pamayanan. Kasi kung magulang na mismo ang pasaway ano pang aasahan naten sa mga anak diba. Tulad nung sa Willing Willie (napanood nyo po ba?), no offesement po sa mga fans ni Willie, ako naman eh natutuwa rin minsan sa kanya. Pero minsan nga lang eh sumosobra na. Napanood nyo po ba si Jan-Jan, yung batang pinagsayaw na parang macho dancer sa Willing willie. Yung magulang mismo ang nagturo ng mga ganung bagay dun sa bata, so pag laki nun iisipin nun na tama lang yung ginagawa nya kasi yun ang pagapapalaki sa kanya ng magulang nya eh. Mahalaga po ang tungkulin naten sa ating mga anak kasi tayo ang lagi nilang nakakasama. Dapat tayo ang magtuturo sa kanila kung ano ang tama at mali at dapat nakikita nila na isa tayo sa mga nagsusulong ng pagbabago dahil para rin yun sa kanila. Sabi ko nga po, lahat tayo at parte ng formula ng pagbabago, kung ipagwawalang bahala naten yun ay mananatili nalang tayo sa kasalukuyan naten kalagayan.kaya kung hindi pa po tayo nag-uumpisa para maging socially responsible, umpisahan na po naten. Sabi nga sa bagong staion id ng ABS-CBN (napanood nyo na po ba) BIDA BEST ngayong tag-araw, kaya umpisahan na po naten maging BIDA BEST MAGULANG para sa ating mga anak at para sa ating komunidad. Kasi ang pamayanang nagkakaisa nagtatamasa ng ginhawa.

I think I have talked long enough (baka inaantok na kayo). let me just sum it up. Education is an empowerment to every individual. It gives us wisdom and intellect to make us competitive in this world. But this intellect that we acquire should not only be use for our personal gains. We live in a society and we share with the world’s resources, so it is nothing else but fair to share also our skills and talent to our fellowmen who are also part of the community we live in. We are responsible for ourselves and our love ones but we also have social responsibility to our fellowmen. Social change and transformation may look impossible for some but with our collective efforts and joined hands we can reach the change that we longed wanted. Just push for it, keep on trying, keep on moving, cause the only thing that can stop us from changing is to stop wanting to change. As what Michael Dell of the Dell Corporation said “It just takes hard work and a dream. Most who finally leave this school never imagine that they’re going to change the world. Yet every one of you will. How you change the world, is all up to you to decide”. So decide to change the world and it will change, work to change the world and it will. We just need to focus on the change the we want and work on it. Live to inspire and live to encourage. As what the singer Jim Paredes said “If you can inspire yourself, You can inspire Others”. So be the inspiration of change and be the change that the our country needs.

Again congratulations to all the graduates, last bit of advice, BE A READER, read, read read. You can learn so many things in reading and through reading you can be informed of whats happening in our society so you will know how you can respond to the call of social responsibility.

Thank you very much and again Good Afternoon.

“Speak not to make an Impression but to give an Inspiration.”

SONA Naman Maisakatuparan

“Ang sa Pilipinas ay sa Pilipinas”

Delivered in pure Filipino (which is first in history), the 2nd State Of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno S. Aquino III lasted for about 53 minutes with several interruptions caused by the applause of the audience and his own coughing. Earlier on, I’m hoping that his speech will not be another State of the Nagging Address against the past administration, and good enough it came out as a tempered bashing and not the usual Arroyo bashing speech.

During the whole SONA, for me the highlight of his speech was his bold declaration about the Spratlys. With the recent controversies clouding the territorial dispute of the highly contested Spratly Islands, the SONA is the right time for the President to take our countries stand over the disputes. He hit it right to announce to the whole country that we will fight for our right and sovereignty over that island which is really due to us. And it’s a good signal to international community that we are determined to settle the issue in any ways we can and that we cannot just be bullied by a larger and more powerful country. For me this is a good sense of nationalism and pride that all Filipino should have, and for that I say good job PNoy.

Another most applauded part also of the SONA is the announcement of the newly appointed Ombudsman in the person of the Retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales. These gained praises from the gallery and spectators since the platform of Aquino presidency is the fight against corruption. Now that the country has a new Ombudsman with high integrity and perceived independence, many believed that the fight against corrupt officials will now prosper. On the speech PNoy said many are asking him why is it too personal for him to catch after the corrupt and he said in verbatim “Totoo po: Personal talaga sa akin ang paggawa ng tama, at ang pagpapanagot sa mga gumagawa ng mali sino man sila. At hindi lamang dapat ako ang namemersonal sa usaping ito. Personal dapat ito sa ating lahat, dahil bawat Pilipino ay biktima nito”. This is somehow a challenge also to all Filipinos, that every bad actions should be dealt with punishment. That a wrong act even how longer it stays and accepted by people is still wrong and needed to be corrected. That people should learn the concept of accountability and not just forgive and forget. Because if we will just let every wrong actions to pass it will be repeated again and again many times.

Other achievement that he reported to his ‘Bosses’ are the gains in agriculture. From more than million metric tons of rice imports, it is now down to 600 thousand plus metric tons. That means we are improving in our rice productivity and it’s forecasted that by 2013 we will no longer import because by then we will be rice sufficient. The developments in roads and infrastructures and cleansing of DPWH. The innovations and experiments being handled by the DOST particularly the Mono Train project in cooperation with the University of the Philippines and other things.

Towards the end part he called on everyone to stop the culture of Negativism and highlight the Positive things that we see. He asked everyone to be thankful even to the smallest good deeds done to us. This somehow draws inspiration as it signaled that the government is really committed in bringing change to this country. That we can now have a government whom we can trust and whom we can rely our future on. A government who will be ready to address the problems that we have. And a government who will be moving forward to change the culture of governance and change the ways we were used to have.

As what he said in the early parts of his speech, this is the time to stop the ‘WANG-WANG’ culture not only in the streets but also in every aspects of living. That the wang-wang mindset should be stopped not only in the government side but also in the mindset and culture of every Filipino. And with this simple analogy I think he was able to convey to every Filipino that the change is coming and is already happening.

“Buhay na buhay na ang Pilipinas at ang Pilipino.” – Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III

Napagtripang Kanta

Dahil sa sandamakamak na mga issue na pumaimbulog sa harapan ng ating mga telebisyon at mga pahayagan. Kasabay pa ng marami ring trabaho sa opisina dahil sa umpisa na naman ng isang panibagong quarter di maiiwasan ang ma-stress at mapuno ang isipan ng napakaraming bagay, Information Overload baga. Dahil dito napagtripan kong gawan ng sarili kong version ang titik ng isang kanta na napakinggan ko sa radyo.

At ang resulta…..kayo na ang bahalang humusga. hehehe.

“Angels Broth Me Hear”

Eats bin a long en winding jerni but i’m finely hear tonight
Pickin up the pieces, en wokin buck into the light
Into the sunset of your glory, were mah heart en few chore lice
There’s knotting like dot peeling, when i look into your ice…

My dreams came through, wena high found you
I found you, my miracall…

If you could sea, waraaaay sea, dot chore the answer to mah preheheher
And if he you could peel, the tenderness i pea hill
You wood know, it wood be clear, dar angels broth me hihihear…

Standing hear bee four you, pills like i’ve bin born again
Every breath is your love, every heartbeat speaks your neheym…

My dreams came through, right hear in prohohohont of you
My miracall…

If you could sea, waraaaaay sea, you’re the answer to my prehehehers
And if he you could peel, the tenderness i pea hill
You wood know, it wood be clear, dar angels brought me hihihihear…

Broth me hear to be with you,
I’ll be forever grateful (oh forever Faithful)
My dreams came through
When I high found you
My miracall…

If you could sea, waraaaaaay sea, you’re the answer to my prehehehers
And if he you could peel, the tenderness i pee hill
You wood know, it wood be clear, dar angels broth me hear…
Yes they broth me hear…
If he you could peel, the tenderness i pea hill…
You wood know, it wood be clear, dar angels broth me hear…

Ayan sana eh naintindihan nyo ang mga titik sa kantang yan. Kung hindi eh, ulitin nyo nlng basahin at sabayan nyo na rin ng kanta kasabay ng nasa link na ito

Enjoy Listening and enjoy singing.:-)
“Sa mga oras na punong-puno ang isipan nakakagawa ng makulit na Libangan”

The Firsts

The firsts are always the sweetest and most remembered thing for everyone. In History we had First landing on the moon, First Olympic game, First People Power and many others. On a personal level there are first kiss, first crush, first relationship and many other firsts which still and will always occupy some part of our memories.

Just like other first, last Sunday (July 3) was also marked by different firsts. The Philippines’ first ever entry to the 2nd round of World Cup qualifiers and the first female Prime Minister of Thailand.


Last Sunday the Thai people have spoken, they have elected their first female Prime Minister in history. Defeating the current Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajjiva (who on the later day of the election already conceded to his opponent), Thailand is now back into the hands of another Shinawatra in the person of Yingluck Shinawatra, the youngest sister of the ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. With her Pheu Thai party getting 265 seats in the parliament, leaving only 159 for the democrats, Yingluck was proclaimed as the First Female Prime Minister of Thailand. She now shares the stage with other First Female Leader accross asia like Philippines’ Corazon Aquino and Indonesia’s Megawati Sukanoputri.

With the comeback of another Shinawatra into Thailand government, it now poised a question on whether it’s a vindication over Thanksin’s ouster. Many have said that the Thai people are really more favorable to Thaksin’s rule despite allegations of corruption. The other question is, will this be a signal for Thaksin’s comeback from his exile? And will he be given amnesty for all the allegations and cases leveled at him?

Well as to what was observed Thailand’s politics is also one interesting item to watch for. If we thought that it’s only here in the Philippines that kinship politics reign, well we’re not alone and I think it’s an ASIAN culture.

The Quest

“When it rains, it pours”. That was proven last Sunday on the 2nd leg of Round 1 World Cup 2014 qualifying match between the Philippine Football team Azkals against The Sri Lankan Red Braves. Playing at home, the Azkals get the greatest boost for them the win the round 1 and qualify for the round 2 of competitions. This is indeed a sweet victory since this is the first time in history of Philippine Football that our national team will be able to advance to the 2nd round. The rain didn’t hinder the wild roaring crowd in the newly refurbished Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila to cheer and support the team. Likewise it also didn’t cause much of a problem to the players because as the rain falls, goals poured, which nailed the Lankans into 4-0 match.

This victory is sweet not only for the win but for uniting the whole nation again. Now we have another sport to cheer and support aside from Pacman and boxing. The win should also be acknowledged to the efforts of De La Salle University who helped in renovating the Rizal Stadium into a world class football field. Years before, the stadium has been only used for track and field events because of the condition of the football field. But because of the conscientious efforts of Philippine Sports Commision and De La Salle, it was resuscitated into life and became word class football field again.

It really goes to show that when all are united into one goal nothing is impossible. We just need to believe that we can, and work together towards achieving it. As what the Azkaleros United slogan says, LOUD and PROUD, WE BELIEVE.

Now that our team is on for the 2nd round against the stronger Kuwait Al-Azraq, let’s continue to pray, believe and support the Azkals. Let us show the Kuwaitis, what Pinoy unity is all about. Let us show them the biggest roar loud and proud the Azkaleros way. So just WAIT there KUWAIT we’ll give you a battle. And we will brace for another first, a first round 2 win.
“A first will always be the sweetest, but not doing a follow through won’t lead us to the second”


Today marks the 1st year of Benigno S. Aquino III presidency. It’s been a year since Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo turned over the driver seat to the bachelor Noynoy. His ascendance to the presidency is brought by high hopes of fight against corruption and good governance. I will not be ashamed to admit that I am one of the yellow armies who campaigned eagerly for the presidency of then Sen. Noynoy Aquino. And I was very happy that the “people’s campaign” triumphed and with over 15 million votes Noynoy was elected.

Photo by AP / Pat Roque

During his inaugural speech in front of huge crowd in Quirino grandstand, you can feel the high hopes from people who are tired of an administration who cannot do anything to uplift the lives of its citizens. And with his famous “Kayo and Boss ko” line, people are overwhelmed by the changes that could really happen under his leadership.

But after a year of driving towards his “daang matuwid”, are we getting any better or we’re still living the same government we had in the past.

In my opinion yes, it may have been not so good first year, but hey there’s still 5 more years to go. It’s been a year but there’s still a long way to go for the Aquino III presidency. Although there are flaws in the way the country is being managed the past year, I think laying the ground for good governance and future development is under way. Yes WE are Noynoy’s boss,but in every management setup a “boss” doesn’t only sit on his chair and wait for results, but he/she is part of the collaboration in attaining the organization’s growth. Just like in running a country, the burden does not lie only on the shoulders of the president but on every citizens who comprises the larger part of the equation.

In his “Ulat Sa Bayan” this afternoon he laid down some of the gains of his 1 year tenure in Malacanang. Of course the usual “Bashing” of former administration is present which for me should be stopped at the soonest time. Yes it is really necessary to find accountability on the anomalous deeds by former boarders of the palace but it should not make the present government neglect its duty to address the current and more pressing problems burdening our people. I admire PNoy’s dedication to really curb the corruption in all departments and agencies because that is really the reason why he was elected the promise of good governance but he should also not forget that a house cannot only stand by its cleanliness, the tenants should be working also towards the growth of its household. Another thing that PNoy should deal seriously is his “non-performing close friends”. The “KKK : Kaibigan, Kaklase, Kabarilan” if he’ll continue to deal with them softly will be his downside and pain in the ass. He should learn to separate his friend from being “friends” and friends from being “government appointees”.

As I’ve said I’m one of the eager yellow armies who joined the people’s campaign for Noynoy, but being yellow army will not hinder me from criticizing any act of this administration that I think is not parallel to what it has promised. But I will not also be just a criticizer but a collaborator. A collaborator voicing out and suggesting views and opinions on how our country can move forward and how the government can address our problems.

I am still with high hopes and optimism that our country will finally step to that stage of development that we long to achieve. This is a challenge not only to Pres. Aquino but to all of us Filipinos. This is our country and this is our home. Do everything to make our home a better place to live not only for ourselves but for the next generations of Filipinos that will come.
“It’s not enough to understand how everybody in the room thinks. You have to decide which ones in the room are right, and stand with them. A leader is not a mediator or an umpire or a convener or a facilitator.” – Maria Ressa