The Firsts

The firsts are always the sweetest and most remembered thing for everyone. In History we had First landing on the moon, First Olympic game, First People Power and many others. On a personal level there are first kiss, first crush, first relationship and many other firsts which still and will always occupy some part of our memories.

Just like other first, last Sunday (July 3) was also marked by different firsts. The Philippines’ first ever entry to the 2nd round of World Cup qualifiers and the first female Prime Minister of Thailand.


Last Sunday the Thai people have spoken, they have elected their first female Prime Minister in history. Defeating the current Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajjiva (who on the later day of the election already conceded to his opponent), Thailand is now back into the hands of another Shinawatra in the person of Yingluck Shinawatra, the youngest sister of the ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. With her Pheu Thai party getting 265 seats in the parliament, leaving only 159 for the democrats, Yingluck was proclaimed as the First Female Prime Minister of Thailand. She now shares the stage with other First Female Leader accross asia like Philippines’ Corazon Aquino and Indonesia’s Megawati Sukanoputri.

With the comeback of another Shinawatra into Thailand government, it now poised a question on whether it’s a vindication over Thanksin’s ouster. Many have said that the Thai people are really more favorable to Thaksin’s rule despite allegations of corruption. The other question is, will this be a signal for Thaksin’s comeback from his exile? And will he be given amnesty for all the allegations and cases leveled at him?

Well as to what was observed Thailand’s politics is also one interesting item to watch for. If we thought that it’s only here in the Philippines that kinship politics reign, well we’re not alone and I think it’s an ASIAN culture.

The Quest

“When it rains, it pours”. That was proven last Sunday on the 2nd leg of Round 1 World Cup 2014 qualifying match between the Philippine Football team Azkals against The Sri Lankan Red Braves. Playing at home, the Azkals get the greatest boost for them the win the round 1 and qualify for the round 2 of competitions. This is indeed a sweet victory since this is the first time in history of Philippine Football that our national team will be able to advance to the 2nd round. The rain didn’t hinder the wild roaring crowd in the newly refurbished Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila to cheer and support the team. Likewise it also didn’t cause much of a problem to the players because as the rain falls, goals poured, which nailed the Lankans into 4-0 match.

This victory is sweet not only for the win but for uniting the whole nation again. Now we have another sport to cheer and support aside from Pacman and boxing. The win should also be acknowledged to the efforts of De La Salle University who helped in renovating the Rizal Stadium into a world class football field. Years before, the stadium has been only used for track and field events because of the condition of the football field. But because of the conscientious efforts of Philippine Sports Commision and De La Salle, it was resuscitated into life and became word class football field again.

It really goes to show that when all are united into one goal nothing is impossible. We just need to believe that we can, and work together towards achieving it. As what the Azkaleros United slogan says, LOUD and PROUD, WE BELIEVE.

Now that our team is on for the 2nd round against the stronger Kuwait Al-Azraq, let’s continue to pray, believe and support the Azkals. Let us show the Kuwaitis, what Pinoy unity is all about. Let us show them the biggest roar loud and proud the Azkaleros way. So just WAIT there KUWAIT we’ll give you a battle. And we will brace for another first, a first round 2 win.
“A first will always be the sweetest, but not doing a follow through won’t lead us to the second”


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