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Warning : The next post you are going to read contains campaign materials. Reader participation is highly advised.

“And the TATT goes to…”

With the rise of social media and the popularity of different social networking sites, Globe Telecom has come up with its first ever Globe TATT Awards.

Geared towards recognizing greatness and excellence in social media, the award is divided into different categories such as, The One, Ballbreaker, Stylisimo, Indie Rocker, Wordslayer, Artiste, Techie Junkie, Thought Mover, Video Slinger and The Advocate. Each finalists on the said categories were screened and will be judged by the TATT council composed of people in the likes of Gang Badoy and Maria Ressa, which will comprise the 70% of the finalist’s score. The remaining 30% will come from the people and their followers (20% online popularity, and 10% for public votes done on the Tattoo website).

After looking at all the finalists I’ve chosen to vote for finalists from 3 categories; The Advocate, Thought Mover and Wordslayer for the reason that these are people I’m following on twitter and for my belief on their convictions, causes and endeavors.

For THE ADVOCATE it’s Elizabeth Angsioco (@bethangsioco) of the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines. I first knew her through her stint in Boy Abunda’s The Bottomline, and from there I was able to know how passionate she is with her advocacy specifically the RH Bill. Her intelligence, eloquence, passion and energy have convinced me to vote and campaign for her.

For the #THOUGHT-MOVER it’s Tonyo Cruz (@tonyocruz) of www.asiancorrespondent.com and www.tonyoCcuz.com. He is one blogger that I idolize because of his great writing skills. No wonder he became finalist because of his famous ideas such as #sentisabado and #tonyoasks. He also carries with him great passion for his causes and advocacy that is why although my crush Bianca Gonzales is one of the contender for thIS award I’m giving my vote and conviction to him.

Lastly for the WORDSLAYER is no other than the Heckler himself Loi Reyes Landicho (@hecklerforever) of the famous and award winning http://professionalheckler.wordpress.com. First time I’ve read his blog I already subscribed to it. His humor is so infectious that you cannot resist to look forward to his upcoming post. I think much has been said and written about him, and I believe the twitterverse and online community will agree with me that he really deserved all the awards and accolades he has achieved and will be achieving. His really a friend of the words and twin of humor, and for that I’m giving him my vote.

Now it’s up to you to exercise your rights. But I would encourage you to vote for these people as I believe they embody the true social media greatness. So what are you waiting for, vote now. Just go to http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/tattawards/vote and look for their names on their corresponding categories.

*Credits to the owners of the photo
“I only campaign for causes, advocacies and people I truly believe in”


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