Sunday TV Mass

As a practicing Catholic Christian, attending mass has always been part of our family’s Sunday morning. Whenever I’m on our family home in Majayjay, Laguna, Sunday is family’s church day.

But ever since the church we used to go, turned into an anti-RH stage, I opted not to join my family in attending mass there.

Instead I just remain home and join a virtual mass on  the television. This concept of Sunday service is not new to me, having been introduced to it by my lola eversince I’m elementary when there is still no form of transportation to our town where the church resides. With that, whenever I cannot (or I don’t feel leaving the house to) go to church, I just sit infront of the TV and join the whole community in  celebrating the Eucharist.

Of all the TV Mass Ministries, the one that I really loved joining is Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite’s Rivers of the Living Water Ministry shown on Studio 23 from the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord in SM Megamall.

I like how this priest handles his homilies, very light yet insipiring, simple yet entertaining. He doesn’t involve politics in discussing the liturgy and in giving sermon. He uses stories and examples that people can easily identify to, and words that are not very hard to comprehend. He makes it so simple and entertaining so the people won’t get bored. While it is usual for many people (including me sometimes) to fall asleep during the homily, Fr. Mario can keep the congregation awake and alive with his witty stories and commentaries about the subject. I think if he pursued entertainment career over priesthood, he can do good in comedy.

He is one example of what church authority should be. Instead of defying his flock because of difference in opinion, he welcomed everyone with wide arms. He is not an imposing pastor but and inspiring shepherd to his flock. And this is what other bishops and priest should emulate. A priest who draws Catholics closer and not pushing them further.

I love what he said on last Sunday’s homily, that the Church belongs to God and not to the priests, bishops or pope. That should remind those anti-RH priests and bishops to be the pastor they ought to be and mentor its flock not not just leaders who imposes their people on everything they want.

“As priests uphold their people in prayer, so their people are to uphold them with prayer and love, for he cannot work without his people.” – Arthur Middleton


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