10 of 9/11

World Trade Center 9/11/01 attack memorial photo

World Trace Center Twin towers on Fire.Photo from Flickr by Cyril Attias

Today, the world, specially the United States, commemorate a dark day in their history. It was a decade ago when the famous Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York fell down as 2 hijacked commercial planes crashed on it.

I was in 3rd year college then, and as a regular viewer of news programs, I regularly surf channels when I know news shows are on. It was in NBN Channel 4 that I first knew about the incident. NBN4 have a tie-up then with Fox News so every primetime evening they are showing Fox News Programs.

At first I thought it was a simple case of a burning building being shown on TV, but moments later when a plane flying around the world trade center building suddenly crashed on the other tower, changed my view of the things. On that very moment the seemingly simple news turned out to be a world history breaking in front of my eyes. Different local news programs also picked up that incident and confirmed that indeed it was terror attack. It was also reported that other series of attacks have occurred in other parts of the US. One in the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia and the other in Pennsylvania which was supposed to be heading towards The White house or The Capitol Compound.

Who would have known that a country such as United States, known for its power would be trespassed by terrorists. With its highly skilled intelligence agencies and the ‘superpower’ country that they are, it was really unexpected to see such event.

Days later US most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden admitted via a video recording that he was the one responsible for attacks. Due to that then US President George W. Bush launched its War on Terror program aimed at capturing Bin Laden and giving justice to the 2 thousand lives taken by that act of terrorism.

Now after 10 years what does it changed? What lessons have been brought about by this massive terror actions? The US may have already killed the main perpetrator (as Bin Laden is already dead), but are they now safer from another threat of terror attack?

This 9/11 incident is not only about the US and their war against terror. Every human being who are advocating a peaceful living here on this world are all part of this scenario. We may not be Americans but we are all humans. We Filipinos are also poised with this imminent threat of terror specially that links to the Al-Qaeda terror group are traced in Mindanao. And we have also experienced many incidents involving terrorist groups in the country and they’re still continuing to terrorize.

I think what we should learn from this is to be vigilant. To look after the welfare of each other. To cease everyday as our last because the rage of terror will always be there waiting for another opportunity. Terrorism is not only about Osama Bin Laden. Yes he may have died, but his group is still alive and anytime they can attack again. The quest for peace doesn’t end by merely killing the mastermind, but killing the root of it’s existence. Because it doesn’t matter how many terror leaders are killed if the core still exist, terrorism will continue.
“Fighting terrorism is not unlike fighting a deadly cancer. It can’t be treated just where it’s visible – every diseased cell in the body must be destroyed.” – David Hackworth


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