Text Message

A usual night working in office
A Tuesday that seems an ordinary drill
Striking the keyboard and staring at the screen
Real simple office night without special something
Then suddenly a moment came, that I didn’t expect
Heard a tone from my phone and so I checked it
No name registered, just a number on the screen
Curious to know the message, so I open
I read 2 words on the screen and it’s very evident
I know now who the sender, but I tried to play a trick
I asked for the name just to spice it up
And a reply came asking for a guess or wild shot
When I texted the name I used to call her
Then it started our conversation and my night has brighten
It was an unexpected smile on an ordinary night
Never knew an ordinary Tuesday will have a special delight
I really missed talking to her with our laughing banter
And that one text message brought back our memories together
We ended our conversation after many exchanges
We bid goodbye, with our happy faces
We can never really, forget each other
Because of the common day, we are sharing each year


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