MGB Halloween Special : The Return

After years of absence in Philippine Television, the most awaited TV event every Halloween season came back last Sunday via the ABS-CBN Sunday’s Best TV Special “Kababalaghan”. Hosted by seasoned broadcaster and former MGB (Magandang Gabi Bayan) host Kabayan Noli de Castro, the show brought back memories of the defunct magazine program aired during the 90’s.

Known for it’s scary stories, last Sunday’s TV special lived up to the tradition of MGB’s Undas Specials way back years. As one of the most anticipated episodes of the former magazine show, this year’s Halloween special proved that Pinoy’s still love to be frightened in-front of their television during this time of the year, as evident by the the show being a trending topic on Twitter.

The show opened by the signature intro of Kabayan, it then laid down different stories of scary places and images and the classic exorcism experiences. What I liked about this special is the way it evolved in terms of videography. The video quality is nice compared to the previous halloween episodes of MGB. It’s digital quality suits best to dramatize the featured horror stories and experiences. Camera shots also are great and the editing on how the story flows is also commendable. Of all the stories, what I liked most were the first and the last stories.

The first story tells about a a haunted house where 3 sets of paranormal experts investigated and discovered that the ghost was actually the former owner of the it. What amazed me and made me believe was when they (paranormal experts) described the image they saw on the house to a cartographer. Then after finishing the drawing, the 2 drawings are very identical with little difference on the hair and after showing it to the residents of the house they compared it to the picture of the former owner who passed away and it matched.

The other story that captured my attention was the last story of the child who is being haunted by his ‘kid ghost friend’. That segment also featured the exorcism power of a priest who helped the family get rid of the spirit. At the end they were able to triumph over the haunted spirit and start to live peacefully without the burden of being haunted again. As the cliche goes, it’s a triumph of ‘Good versus Evil’.

What I don’t like was the concentration of exorcism stories. If I’m not mistaken there are 3 or 4 stories about students and people being possessed by bad spirits. Compared to previous MGB halloween specials which showed different stories and angles of paranormal activities and horror experiences, last Sunday’s evolved more on exorcism stories and failed to showcase other sides of paranormal and haunted stories.

But all in all it was still a good special, they pull it off since many really missed how MGB scared the viewers during every halloween season. It may not be as scary as the past episodes or it may not be as convincing as the previous ones, it still gave us some idea on what others can see that we can’t. And teached us that evil will always be defeated by good, we just need to be strong with our faith and belief with our God.

“Fear feeds the bad spirits, so counter your fears to counter those bad elements”


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