Majority? Decision

After 12 rounds of boxing the judges decided 114-114, 116-112, and 115-113 in favor of the reigning champion Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquio. Of course it was another proud moment for the Filipinos, which on the early rounds of the bout seemed a disappointment. With the greatness of Marquez I myself expected an upset for Pacman. But when Michael Buffer annouced it was Pacquiao can’t help myself but clap in elation and jubilation.

But celebration felt incomplete as there are questions on the result. I know I should be proud of the honor Pacman has given again to our country but it didn’t felt so much right, because seeing the fight early on until the end, I already conceded to Marquez and admitted that Pacman may not always win.

This sentiments was shared by many others on social networking sites. Some of my twitter friends also expected a win for Marquez. While others are affirmative of the judges decision. Over at Las Vegas the audience went booing the Pinoy Champ after the announcement of the decision. And some of the boxing analyst also commented it should have been Marquez. Although at the later time after the bout coach Freddie Roach showed the CompuBox result that indeed Manny thrown and landed more punches, it didn’t erased the questions and controversies.

Evidently, what we saw was not the quality of the fight Pacquiao showed in the past. It seemed it was a different Pacman inside the ring. The speed and the foot works are not so Pacman, while Marquez showed a valiant fighter really worth of, if not a win but at least a draw.

But in all fairness to Pacquiao, it was all the judges call. Although he too may not expect a win evident on his gesture after the bout, the judges already decide and retained his title. As for me, not being totally proud of his win doesn’t follow I am not proud of the fighter and not proud as a Filipino. Of course I’m still proud of all the accomplishments in sport being offered by Pacman to our nation, but all I can say is I cannot ultimately be proud of the result of this particular match, and I don’t think it will make me less of a Filipino to honor Marquez stance on this fight.

May it be boxing mafia that have something to do with it, or the boxing business which is worth multi-million dollars that dictated it (since a loss for Manny will loose the chance for Pacquiao-Mayweather fight), what’s more important is that Manny should learn from this experience and carefully study his options. As what one analyst said, his extra curricular activities have taken its toll on him. From this time on he should really choose which career path he really want; Boxing, Showbiz or Politics. As what the saying goes, “You can never serve 2 masters at the same time”.

Indeed it was another controversial fight for Manny but Pinoy Pride still lives on. He is still the most successful fighter the Philippines ever produced and we will all be grateful and proud of all the honor and pride he has given our country. Congratulations to Pacquiao and congratulations also to Juan Manuel Marquez, he earned from me more respect with the quality of fight he has shown.

“It may not be a convincing win, so what we should do is to convince ourselves that indeed it was a win”


7 thoughts on “Majority? Decision

    • hahaha, no bearing ung foot stomping na un, ginawan lang na issue para masabi lang na hindi deserving sa panalo. eh di sana nagreklamo na ung team pacquiao ung andun palang sa ring. tsaka si pacquiao din naman ay naaapakan si marquez that’s part of the game kasi di mo masyado controlado ung galaw ng paa. hehe


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