The Jamba Juice Experience

A friend who works and lives in Taguig likes to explore what her place has to offer. On her road to her self imposed “healthy living” commitment she discovered a store which offers refreshing and healthy juice drinks which one can definitely enjoy. Here’s her story about her first encounter with Jamba Juice.


The Jamba Juice

I was on the YM with a friend and we were discussing healthy living. He mentioned that he needed to drink fruit shakes and head down to Jamba Juice. I said “there is one here in Manila that has just opened but I haven’t gone yet, though some friends were at the opening several weeks ago”. He said, “its a good juice bar” and that I should check it out. Well, I did and here is my Jamba Juice experience.BHSBonifacio High Street, the main street retail complex in The Fort has expanded. It is called BHS Central.

read more of her experience via The Jamba Juice Experience.



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