Nite Writer’s 2011: A Look Back

Before we hug 2012, let me give you a rundown of the Nite Writer’s 2011. This year has been very fruitful for me and this blog space. It was this year that Nite Writer found its new home with WordPress from its silent residence in Blogspot. With the encouragement of a blogger and twitter friend, I was convinced to transfer home. And from then on, it was a year of excitement for this nocturnal scribe.

I must say this is a year of Fellowship. A year when I gained a lot of new friends from the blogging world, from Twitter world and Facebook community pages. I never expected my network would grow like that in a just a year, now I can really say I am friendly (What The Fun. LOL).

It was also a year of blogger events, as I have attended 2 great blog awards nights. The first was the Globe TATT Awards, which is very meaningful as it is my debut to the blogging/social media world. That was very memorable not only because I am with my twitter friend slash loveteam (from #quiztionatics and #teamaquarius) Angel (I’m thinking if I should change my name to Phil, LOL), but because I have met personally, friends from social network which I never expected I would. Sharing a room with the icons of social media and blogging was such an honor and a great achievement. Who would not be proud meeting THE Maria Ressa, who is an icon and idol in journalism. The event also facilitated my personal encounter with my idol in blogging, the man behind the name Professional Heckler, Loi Reyes Landicho and other social media personalities like Tonyo Cruz, Beth Angsioco, and THE Divine Lee. Indeed Globe TATT Awards was one of the highlights of my 2011.

Few weeks before 2011 bid goodbye, I was also lucky to be part of another prestigious blog awards which according to Otep Zablan, is one of the top 3 major-major blog awards in the country, the Saranggola Blog Awards. More than fielding my entries in 4 categories and hoping for a “debut-luck” win, getting to know new blogger friends and being part of it’s advocacy to promote Filipino writings is more than enough. The experience of my first SBA is all worthwhile and it also led me to become part of the U-Blog family.

This year also was marked by different Twitter and FB contests that I joined and won. Because of Close-up Philippines FB community, I was able to gain new friends and just before Christmas they gave me 2 movie passes (what a nice Christmas gift). And because also of this community, I was able to know other twitter and FB pages that runs online contest which I all joined like the Binalot contest which I won 2 free meals, the Samsung White Christmas wishlist contest and others. Because of this I can really say, I Love Social Networking.

All in all this year has been very good for me in terms of being connected to people. I may not be a fan of Nokia phone but I would barrow their phrase Connecting People, because this year I know part of Nite Writer’s goal which is To Write to Connect and Re-Connect with People is somehow achieved. From the previous average of 2-3 views per day on Nite Writer’s previous home, it now averages 30-35 views per day, which is not bad for a small blogger like me. And for 2012, I will continue to write stories and commentaries which are close to my heart. Stories that will not only inform but will inspire (I hope so, hehe) and anything that comes to my mind regardless if it’s popular or not. As a friend say, Write to Express not to Impress.

Thank you to all who have passed by this small space (I just hope whenever you pass by, you can leave any comments, violent or non-violent) and to all who have been part of my 2011. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate you all (Why am I sounding cheesy now? haha) and Nite Writer will continue till the next and the next and the next years to come.

“Every NOW is Tomorrow’s History, so I will Never get Tired of Telling a Story”


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