2011 was marked by different events that rocked our world. And since we are now living in the online world and internet generation, I choose to give a rundown of 2011 events through hashtags. These hashtags are not necessary those that trends in twitter but hashtags which I think can be attributed to things, events, and people that defined 2011. So here are the list in random order.

1. #HelpJapan – This hashtag is one of twitter trends during Japan Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear leak tragedy. This event proved that the world is one in helping people in need. It also showed and inspired the world on how disciplined the Japanese are despite the calamity that they’re experiencing then. Who would have not been touched by the pictures of homeless Japanese who calmly fall in line to get their aides. No looting, no panic buying but only disciplined actions we saw during their trying times.

2. #ArabRevolt – I’m not sure if this is a previous twitter hashtag, but I made it part of the list because of the impact of protests marches in the Arab countries of Middle East and Northern Africa. Protests which led to the ouster of Egyptian President Mubarak and death of Libya’s Moammar Ghadaffi. Indeed it is rightful for the “PROTESTERS” to be called as Time’s People of the Year.

3. #AZKALS – This is probably one of the most talked about hastags. With the rise of the Philippine Football team the AZKALS, the country was treated to a new ride in sports. This gave the country new inspiration in sports and hopes of a brighter future for those aspiring football players. Because of this new craze, the names Phil and James Younghusband, Niel Etheridge, Ian Araneta and the small but terrible Chieffy Caligdog suddenly gained public recognition. And the AZKALS fever heat-up more with their friendly game with the team of football superstar David Beckham of the LA Galaxy here at Rizal Stadium in Manila.

4. #Cyberbullying – This is also one hot topic in social media especially with the ‘fame’ of Christopher Lao. Who would have forgot this guy who claimed was ‘not informed‘ that he is driving a car on a flooded area. Many have tagged him as dumb and stupid in twitter and facebook pages, which poised others to cry cyberbullying in defense of Lao. For me this instance defined people’s power over social media and cyber world.

5. #DeathofBinLaden – After years of military operations to capture this most wanted terrorist, at last the US President finally announced the capture and death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden on May 1, 2011. At first there were disbeliefs, as no photos or body of Bin Laden to prove the claim, but through the explanation of the US Defense Dept. as to the reason of not showing any photos of the dead terrorist, people finally accepted that indeed Osama has been laid then.

6. #RoyalWedding – The people’s fascination with fairy tales was proven to be alive when the whole world got hooked to the fairy tale wedding of the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Prince William to a British commoner Kate Middleton. Both traditional and social media converged in witnessing the Royal Wedding of the decade.

7. #Pedring and #Sendong – Two of the worst typhoons that landed in our country that took millions of properties and thousands of lives. Pedring brought Central Luzon particularly Hagonoy and Calumpit Bulacan and some parts of Pampanga submerged into water for weeks. The local government blamed the dam administrators for flooding these towns but some experts looked at it as effects of river siltation.

Sendong on the otherhand can be marked as the worst typhoon this year killing more than a thousand people and leaving also thousands homeless. But what’s nice about this calamities is, we see how resilient we Filipinos are. That despite tragic moments in our lives we can still find time to smile and laugh. It also showed our ‘bayanihan’ character evidenced by different telethons and fund raising activities to help those affected residents.

8. #DeathofSteveJobs – I may not be affected directly of his inventions as I have yet to own an iPod, iPhone or iPads, but his contribution to modern computers is I think commendable, for his death to be part of this list. Although we are all aware of his sickness, his death still came as a surprise because he’s not yet that old to pass away. After the world was notified of his passing, the world became one in mourning and remembering this man who materialized his ‘different thinking’ to forward technology. He will always be an inspiration to those entrepreneurs and technology inventors to think differently.

9. #ShamceySupsup – After the noise created by 2010’s Ms. Universe 4th runner-up Venus Raj, came a louder noise and greater hope for the crown, as Shamcey Supsup became an early favorite for this years title. Topping almost all online polls, Pinoy’s eyes were all fixed to their television set as Shamcey strut her way in the MIss Universe pageant in Brazil. With her intelligent answer to the final question, almost every Filipino believed this is the right time for the country to end its title drought. But after announcing her 3rd runner-up win, many shouted foul and got ballistic. Shamcey definitely awaken our sense of pride and belief in our capabilities to excel.

Aside from Shamcey, there are also other Pinay beauties who have brought honor and pride to our country like, Diane Necio who was a semi-finalist and People’s Choice awardee of the Miss International 2011, Gwendolyn Ruais who was crowned 1st Princess in Miss World 2011, and before the year ends, Athena Imperial was named Ms. Earth-Water 2011 in Miss Earth 2011 competition held in Manila.

10. #LakasPinas – Pinoy athletes are living heroes who are always giving pride and glory to our nation. Who would have not been proud of the achievements of Manny Pacquiao (except his last fight in my opinion) in boxing alongside the fellow Pinoy boxing champs Nonito Donaire and Brian Viloria. Another sports hero is the Philippine Dragon Boat team who won the world championship despite lack of support from the government. And last but definitely not least is the heroic efforts given by the SEA Games athletes who competed in Palembang Indonesia. Truly this athletes are treasure of a country worthy of support and value.

11. #ArroyoArrest – After being denied travel to seek medical treatment in Singapore which the world felt like seeing a live teleserye at NAIA fiasco last Nov. 15, former president and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was served arrest warrant in her hospital suite at St. Lukes The Fort. This arrest was the culmination of different political events that happened earlier this year including the suicide of former DND Sec. Angie Reyes, the resignation of former Ombudswoman Merci Guttierez, the suprrise resignation of Migz Zubiri which gave Koko Pimentel faster way to get to senate and the latest the impeachment of SC Chief Justice Renato Corona.

12. #NBALockout – For quite sometime NBA and basketball fanatics (like me for TeamLakers) were anxious with regards to whether there will be a new season of the league. With the disagreements between the player union and the team owners, the NBA have been locked out for months and kept its fans waiting. But later this year the fans didn’t wait in vain as an agreement was achieved and the season was opened. Truly there is fruit in patience and faith.

from PEP.ph

13. #RAMGEN – With the different crimes and murders that happened in the country including the 2 killings in 2 SM branches involving crimes of passion and the rape slay case of Given Grace Cebanico of UP Los Banos, the Ramgen case was probably the most talked about. Not only because it involves high profile personalities but the nature of crime which is rooted from sibling rivalry. It became more controversial as the main suspect being indicted to the crime Ramona Bautista (the sister of Ramgen) flew the country to Turykey (the home of his husband). Until now the case is still ongoing with Ramgen’s girlfriend Janelle Manahan being the star witness.

It was indeed another colorful, tragic, controversial, and prideful year for all of us. But what’s more important is the way we addressed each moment and instances that came to our lives. The camaraderie and fellowship we showed in times of need and the prideful moments when a fellow countrymen is carrying our flag in international competitions. We may not be a superpower country who can boast of nuclear and economic powers but the unity, pride and support we showed for each other is a sign that we are one family. Let’s use every lessons of the past year to be better citizens of the future.


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice” – T.S Eliot


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