God Blessed the Broken Road

Dreams do come true and Love really find its way to each others hearts.

When I first heard this song Bless the Broken Road by the Rascal Flatts, my initial reaction was “Ahh just another gospel song”, because of its melody and rhythm. But after I read the lyrics and played it again, I was moved by its meaning. Then I relalized why Kuya Alan picked this song as one of his favorites.

Last Monday I had the chance to attend the “wedding of the year” (hehehe) of Kuya Alan and Ate Glenda at Hotel Ponte Fino in Batangas City. It was such a nice event I would regret if I didn’t come. We saw how they love each other so much and it’s really an inspiring moment seeing couple being united as  one in marriage.

But before they came to that moment, they first went to a very special love story. Who would have expected that 2 person both from Batangas City will meet and fall in-love in a foreign land. Kuya Alan is working in Korea while Ate Glenda is in Japan. But still the universe conspired for them to meet in Japan and know each other. What’s more touching about their story is they both came from a long hiatus of non-relationship, that’s why they are each others firsts. Like the lyrics from the song, “Every long lost dream led me to where you are, Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars, Pointing me on my way into your loving arms, This much I know is true, That God blessed the broken road, That led me straight to you”. God really blessed their roads and led straight to each others hearts. What a nice love story indeed and being a friend of Kuya Alan and witnessing their union is for me a wonderful experience.

It made me realized that true love really exist not only in fairy tales but in real life. That every unsuccessful attempt to find love will eventually fall into its right time no matter how long it takes. That every disappointment is a blessing in disguise to lead you to a greater and more precious gift of love. That dreams really do come true to those who believe and work for it’s attainment. I am lucky to have known Kuya Alan and now Ate Glenda. They are now one of my idols and inspiration when it comes to love and relationship. They have proved that God will really lead you to that person in the right time at the right place no matter how unconventional it is.

“In true Love the smallest distance is too great and the greatest distance can be bridged” – Hans Nouwens


8 thoughts on “God Blessed the Broken Road

    • hehehe.maganda talaga story nila. 🙂 darating din yan. tignan mo nga sila kuya alan at ate glenda sa japan pa sila nagtagpo. 🙂 keep believing, have faith. 🙂 andyan lang yan. baka bukas magtagpo na kayo 🙂


  1. Ay ang ganda naman nito. Very inspiring talaga ang weddings, lalo na ang true love once you found it. Pinaka-gusto ko yung sinabi mong “That every disappointment is a blessing in disguise to lead you to a greater and more precious gift of love.” Says alot about your personality. ^_^


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